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Mind your languages with Microsoft LINQ


Not SQL?

I go along with Uffe's post, and feel a need to add that - having looked at several of the examples - they're remarkably similar to SQL. What's the point in getting a large herd of developers to learn a similar-yet-different "almost SQL" that is probably not much easier to learn than real SQL?

FTC sides against Net Neutrality


Re: Do you Brits know what the FTC is?

To: Brent Gardner

It's not completely clear what the tone of your post is but I think you have nailed a common truth, namely that many Brits take an interest in and are quite aware of the inner workings of other nations, particularly the US, while many (dare I say most by far) Americans know very little about the workings of other nations. I'm not trying to be inflamatory; I think it's just how things are.