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Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app

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"But only by tracking our every move can Google and its competitors deliver information we didn't know we wanted"

Surely you mean "we didn't know we didn't want"


BT and O2 ink deal to build mega 4G network

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4G - Why?

Why would we need 4G? to watch crap films or play pointless games or even "interact" with some no hoper who cannot make friends face to face.

What I would like is good solid voice and maybe 3G wherever I go in the UK, within 20km of Cardiff (4G in the centre) I can't even get voice on large lengths of the railway line.


Steve Bong's 3D printing special Xmas showcase

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I hope this article is a send-up, if not why would anyone want a model of the underside of a dead rat?


No GPS in the iPad Mini Wi-Fi: People are right to criticise

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"Online only maps"

'cmon, get a grip, Google Maps has had a "Download map" function for months, works fine on a HP Touchpad running ICS, also no GPS on board, but a BT external GPS logger.

Cheep cheep.....

Skype for Windows 8 is coming: Always on, always in your contacts

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No mention of the crappy voice quality, stuttering video and the complaints that 30Mb network is "slow"