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Amazon.com's US site KO'd!


Never mind the dog, where's the cat ... Kailey Kitty?

If you bring up the Amazon.com 404 page, check the name of the question mark image ... kailey-kitty__V47081593_.gif

B3ta served DMCA notice for Photoshop Prince challenge




Proper use of the Photoshop trademark

Trademarks help protect corporate and product identity, and Photoshop is one of Adobe's most valuable trademarks. By following the below guidelines, you can help Adobe protect the Photoshop brand name.

The Photoshop trademark must never be used as a common verb or as a noun. The Photoshop trademark should always be capitalized and should never be used in possessive form, or as a slang term. It should be used as an adjective to describe the product, and should never be used in abbreviated form. The following examples illustrate these rules:

Trademarks are not verbs.

CORRECT: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.

INCORRECT: The image was photoshopped.

Amazon Prime comes to Blighty



Does it include Northern Ireland?

L1NUX number plate roars onto eBay



Bidders beware the L7NUX number plate


The owner of L1 NUX admits "The police have stopped him five times for having the incorrect spacing between letters on his cherished plate."

"In London they're very very sensitive about the spacing of letters. I've been taken to court once," he said. Bult had changed the letter spacing on his plate within the seven days of being instructed to, but an admin cock up meant he still had to appear in court"

"He now lives in the countryside outside Cardiff where the number plate special squad is more relaxed. Which is not to suggest he doesn't adhere to the DVLA's regulations. He currently drives a BMW 528."

May be he has a revolving number plate switching from L1 NUX to L1NUX.

Which version is on the car at the moment?



The item photographed doesn't appear to conform to The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 which requires a 33mm gap between groups of letters.


"But the problem is when people change the letter spacing and make the plate hard to read. Cars with these plates fail MOT tests and there is a maximum £1,000 fine."

"The DVLA plans to work with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to crackdown on drivers. From 1 March people without correctly displayed plates may have their registration marks withdrawn permanently without compensation."

Council employs automatic PC shutdown


Time to go home - just leave it on

Won't the software encourage the 70% of people who do turn their PC off not to bother, as they know it will be switched off for them.


How much ??

Saving 50K/year - recouped investment well within 3 months

I'd guess it cost around 10K or so.

Can the software switch the office lights off as well?


How much?

Interesting to note that Peterborough City Council has 2500 PCs and will save £50K while ...

Council worker develops PC energy-saving program


Staffordshire County Council has 7500 PCs and will save only £40K

Peterborough City Council deployed NightWatchman from 1E while Staffordshire County Council solution was develoed in house.

Is the difference in savings just due to the number of employees who leave their PC switched on, the price of electricity, or what?

Designed to pay twice



Does the hotel have to remind you to have a crap?


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