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Wally found on Street View

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Slade Road - students from Aston uni rent houses out up there. I lost count of the number of times I saw "ladies" being arrested up there, houses being raided and general riotous activity. Still, there was only the one murder in my time there.... Pissing on the bus stop is probably one of the more respectable things people have done there - plus at least he did it outside, most piss heads up there just piss on the upstairs seats of the 65....

Storage breakthrough could bust density record



"...250 DVDs onto a disk the size of a quarter"

A quarter of what?

I thought this was a site based in the UK :-p

Navman S30



Are we that spoiled that you mark a sat nav down because its screen is "only" so big? Seriously, it gets you to your destination, and unless you need a trip to the opticians then the screen is perfectly fine. Really, why the hell do you need a media player on a sat nav too? I'm all for reviews, but lets get real.

Oh and yes it does take you to your door.

Mozilla pushes out second Firefox 3.1 alpha



Genius, I thought the Reg had forgotten about this word... the last time I read it was when you decided Wonk was the word for www...

ahh good times spent wasting my life reading reg articles....

Dabs.com courier goes titsup

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Really? Shocking...

Amtrak? Going bust?! SURELY NOT!


Jesus, the amount of fun I had with those guys. They were the worlds worst couriers, why dabs even thought of using them god only knows.

I need to phone up and find my parcel... oh wait, no phone number... anywhere... oh here's one... ah, you can't actually talk to anyone... Bugger...

They were crap, and this can only be good news for dabs customers.

BSF programme boosts schools' IT spending

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Schools do generally have good IT now, but until we stop teaching nothing but sodding microsoft office, kids will always fail to be inspired by their IT lessons..

'Malvertizement' epidemic visits house of Newsweek.com


deary me...

1. If you click an ad like this out of choice, you'll probably become a victim of darwinism in the near future. Probably by trying to "save time" by making toast in the bath.

2. Common sense anyone? Oh I've been on this website .3 of a second and already you know my pc is "infected?" Hmm....

3. Adblock...

4. Adblock again just for good measure.

5. Er...

6. That's it.

Privacy watchdog hoists Google by its own petard



Surely the real point to all this scaremongering and over reaction is....

All of this information is available offline. Here's how you get it:

You walk down the street!

Is someone going to complain that you use your eyes now?

Seriously, all this "my god what a security breech" stuff is 99% utter rubbish. If someone is hell bent on stealing from you - they will, and if you take down street view - they'll just do something crazy like, er, drive down your street!

Has google earth made crime figures rise? No. Will street view? No...

BOFH: Licensing model



first BOFH that's made me properly laugh aloud for a loooong time!

Just like the good old days. Nice work, Simon!

Linux desktops grow and grow and grow



Have you tried Ndis wrapper and the windows drivers?

Firefox version 3 makes beta



well I do have a decent os - linux, and firefox crashes on there too... :-p

Fedora 8 spins into action



"Man has a point.

You have time: you play with Linux.

You don't - you end up with a Mac.

(variant: you don't have time and you work in a company you don't own: you use Windows)"

Not so... I have no time whatsoever, brought a laptop with vista, format, install Linux Mint, job done. No fiddling, no playing. Now I have a cheap laptop that works quickly and the kids at school can't mess with. It's somewhat of a fading myth now that linux requires a PHD to use properly. It used to be the case, less and less so with every passing release of various distros. With Mint... it really does "just work"

Macs just drive me up the wall...

Dell laptop burns in China



"...Who rests their laptop on a fire-proof tray like that?"

Dell owners, obviously :-p

Oh and mac book owners who don't enjoy being burned alive...

Aussie scam artist rides bank computer glitch to $9m overdraft



Check? CHECK!?

What ever happened to Cheques....?

Dubai claims world's tallest building title



Who would want to occupy this?

Having been to dubai, one of the things you notice is they really, really don't mess about. You can be fairly sure transport around the building will not be a problem. Besides, if you're loaded enough to occupy the top of this thing, you're probably getting your own lift...

If this seems nuts, wait till they start on their winter olympic village...

Ghostly plastic bathtoy flotilla nears Cornish coast



"many of them reportedly finishing up in Australia, where they were doubtless accorded the traditional hostile reception."

Is no doubt in reference to trying to get into australia as an immigrant - remember that story a few years back when a boat load of them turned up?

"Can we come in?"


"We'll drown ourselves if you don't let us in!!"

"Go on then."


In the end I think newzealand had them...