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TalkTalk attack: Small biz customers may also have been targeted


15 year old Teenager Hacks Talk Talk - but how ??

Lots of news but no real details of what happened?

Has anyone any idea what methods where used?

Was it sql injection, if so IT should be shot, since easy to protect againgst using stored procs.

I can understand how DoS can bring a site down, but not how this can actually extract info?

Pint-sized PCIe powerhouse: Intel NUC5i5RYK


only 1 display port ?

Would be great if it had 2 or 3 display ports.

I attach 2 high res monitors to my mbp , display port / thunderbolt is essential for this, no other connectors up to the job, until maybe usb 3 monitors ship.

Unfortunatly display port hubs are extremely expensive.

The thing about Apple's 'one MORE thing'? It's a streaming music thing

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Music Video Channels please not just audio !

This does not excite me at all, even though I'm fully bought into the apple eco system, with 5 iphones, 5 iPads, 3 macbooks, 4 apple tvs etc for our small family.

What I really want and would be happy to pay for, would be for multiple hd music video channels with surround sound, sky beacause of their obsession with football wasting literally billions on this, provide awful music oriented channels, poor quality only 1 hd channel and worst of all constant highly irritating advert breaks, this realy makes me hate sky, especially after paying them £120 per month for 3 multiroom hd service. You tube is a pain in the arse to watch for music constant searching required and often the quality is appalling, their paid for service which they have been talking hot air about for ages, is still not available in the uk! Also I buy lots of music videos on itunes, what surprises me is how limited the choice is there, with big hits often not available.

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future


Amazing guy

Brilliant book, I could not stop reading it, his life is so fascinating, as someone said in the book, this guy is like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Henry Ford all rolled into one, he is the genius of our time, wish there were more like him, for the sake of humanity.

The Global warming religion, is I believe, a complete scam, but electric cars, solar panels still make sense for many other reasons, such as: reduced polution, better performance & reliability, security of energy supply etc and they only make sense, because of this guy, before him the idea of taking electric cars and solar powered homes seriously, was comical - and in his spare time, he also made a success from temperamental risky dangerous rocket ships, using millions instead of billions, truly extraordinary!

Force Touch tweak: Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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Still worth it

I have a max spec year old mbp 1 Tb ssd 16 ram etc

Ive had dell xps which was geat, but not in the same league.

As someone else said it's the best windows laptop I've ever had, bootcamp works perfectly much better than parralels or vmware (i bought both) , because so fast to reboot on ssd not an issue to switch os.

Performance is about the same as a samsung series 7 gamer beast of a laptop I also have, the main benefit of the mbp is the portability - its so light and easy to quickly start up on a plane for instance, no other workstation comes anywhere close, opening up the samsung on a plane is embarrassing because its so huge and so heavy.

Also the build quality is fantastic, it's so tough and durable, my samsung is very flimsy in comparison, soon cracked.

And at home I can run 2 huge high res monitors directly and perfectly, because of the 2 display ports, the samsung only has 1, this is far more important for me than number of usb ports, since usb hubs are so cheap, but displayport or thunderbolt hubs are incredibly expensive.

What’s new in Office 2016 for Mac (and why it doesn't totally suck)


Boot camp still required then

Shame only 32 bit, 64 bit noticably faster for me.

I tried Excel 2011 on my £3k macbook pro and it was horrible, then I tried both Parralels and vmware fusion - neither could handle large spreadhseets 30 mb i need to run, so than I tried boot camp.

Brilliant works flawlessly - I can now run Excel 2013 64 bit - just as fast as on a monster samsung series 7 gamer I have - but on a much sleeker, much more portible device and with stunning graphics, even running 3 ultra high res screens at same time!

ssd pcie drive is so fast to reboot its not really a problem switching between os's - sublime text 3 much nicer on mac for coding work, also postgres runs much better on mac - windows 8.1 is still an abomination of a user experience, but is very fast and stable for running huge excel models.

Suck on this, Larry: NoSQL pair hit the G-spot


300m and counting yet slower than postgres

Test with Postgres 9.4 new jsonb datatype and faster indexing showed postgres to be faster than mongo at processing / storing json data.

So I'm confused as to why any sane person would pick the slower, less functional, less robust, no acid Mongo over Postgres!

Also much less risk with Postgres, since when developers finally come to their senses and realise that the relational model is far superior, to ancient hierarchical model ( think IMS, XML) they have the option to, much more easily switch, via joins within the same db.

Microsoft's Lync becomes 'Skype for Business'


Office on Postgres ?

Will it run on Postgres ? That would be quite amusing !

Consumer Skype, still does -I'm assuming, based on no news of any switch.

Probably just a marketing, not technology, change though.

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster


Re: Windows 10 is fugly

Mostly agree except Windows 95 - this was ground breaking 32 bit release - their first gui that actually worked without crashing every few minutes - 16 bit could not handle graphics

Nvidia's screaming new Maxwell GPUs bring 4K gaming to notebooks


Duhh - Displayport

Have you not heard - most high end laptops have a thunderbolt or displayport output !!

I have been using for years - they are brilliant for connecting to quality screens - much better than low-res flaky hdmi.

Of course they require a good gpu to drive them - duhh !

And many of us do travel aswell - so desktop not practical - but we do of course, prefer a huge hi-res screen when at home on in office.

Microsoft parts Azure cloud, reveals NoSQL doc database


Postgres better

Postgres a much better option, available on aws rds or Heruku, if you require fully managed service.

For those too lazy or not intelligent enough - to design properly normalised data structures - pg has simpleton friendly, key value store (hstore) plus json datatype - now binary and faster than mongdb.

You can also store xml and index using powerful functional indexes on xpath functions.

And of course you can still use the far superior Relational Model, for sensible data structures, which are far more flexible and easier to query than old fashioned ( think 1950's IMS) hierarchical structure such as json or xml.

Anyone who thinks it's a good idea - to pre-bake the navigation of information and to keep repeating wastefully their information in a data store, must have not really thought about this or they must be retarded.

Fact is most developers don't understand relational model and can't get hierarchical sequential file oriented thinking out of their tiny brains - Joe Celko describes them beautifully as ID Idiots.

It's so easy to model a document or a graph in sql - ( they are also relations) - so why on earth would any one wish to be so constrained.

A Postgres indexed closure table is as fast as neo4j.

Developers shout the mantra DRY - yet they think jsonb makes sense as a datastore ??? even csv is better - tables of course by far the best - especially now that io speed problem solved by ssd.

Stephen Hawking biopic: Big on romance, not so much with the science?


Re: Mr Hawking – Over-rated - Big Bang Mythology

So complicated maths mean it must be correct ? of course I understand now !

All so called experts like to bamboozle, eg lawyers with their legalese and the majority of gullable fools continue to believe in their charade.

Einstein's equation e = mc2 can be easily understood and has stood scrutiny by many.

I remember the huge fuss, when some eminent Italian scientists said Einstein was wrong, a few years ago, I instinctively knew they were mistaken, turned out they had got their sums a bit wrong.

Your argument makes me think of an amoeba, inside an expanding bubble, maybe you are a bit more intelligent, but you can't seem to imagine anything outside your bubble.

Is it that hard to imagine, or do you only believe in what you can observe, or do you have no imagination?


Mr Hawking – Over-rated - Big Bang Mythology

I have never understood why Mr Hawking is so revered in the UK?

Just because he speaks with a robotic metallic voice, does not mean that he says anything sensible or useful.

He book was ok, as a sort of text book, for explaining complex physics to lay persons.

He is though nowhere near an Einstein or Newton as many seem to believe.

Nothing original that adds to our understanding of this amazing complex vast universe.

He believes that this all came from a single explosion!

He even has the the audacity to put a timestamp on it !!

The simplistic big bang theory is impossible to prove or disprove – so to to talk about such as fact, implies that he is either, a bit thick or lying.

Big Bang is about as likely to be true as a Greek Myth.

Lying though is par for the course for so called modern Scientists, these grant seeking parasites are the scourge of our times creating new religions such as the co2 is evil lunacy.

Is SanDisk about to become the big daddy of enterprise flash?


micron market cap ??

Micron market cap 31 bn - not quite a Google!

The Sun took a day off last week and made NO sunspots


zero for solar maximum

Zero sunspots in a solar MAXIMUM -that's the significant point !

Mini or major ice age probable very soon.

Extra co2 may help us a little also makes the world more fertile and helps reduce deserts, but unlikely to overcome reduction in solar energy.

Cold far worse than warm by the way !

PostgreSQL 9.4's secret weapon? YES, IT'S A NEW FILE FORMAT!


Well done postgres hackers - fantastic job

Postgres is amazing - coming from an ms sql background - I still find it hard to believe the incredible functionality available and completely free from true geniuses across the globe - including Russian index gurus, who have enabled the super fast jsonb.

Equivalent capability costs a fortune from Microsoft or oracle, because you need the Enterprise version for critical functions such replication.

Postgres also has much more powerful development potential than ms sql, user defined functions are mind blowing and can be called in in normal select statements and written in a wide variety of languages such as pl/v8.

Also - exclusion constraints, range types, natural join, using join, windowed aggregates, recursive cte, update cte and dynamic background workers which will hopefully be improved by next version to enable better parallel processing.

Well done and many thanks to all involved.

That's right, MICROSOFT is an ANDROID vendor after Nokia gobble


Skype Postgres

Skype used to run completely on Postgres and Linux.

I haven't heard of any changes, since takeover a few years ago.

So I suspect still the case - does anyone know otherwise ?

Audio fans, prepare yourself for the Second Coming ... of Blu-ray


high quality audio welcome - disc format not

I have an £800 blue ray player but have not used it for 2 years - use apple tv instead - i wish itunes would offer better quality audio and music videos (surprisingly little choice on itunes) - i would pay a lot for this - i hate sky music channels, poor quality and constant advert interruptions. cd quality is poor but convenient, such a shame the standard lasted so long - records sound much better ( before they get scratched). Live music is so popular because, digital music sounds clinical and soulless.

Violin array comes with new SQL sauce


Err when did Microsft become sql de facto ??

Excuse me - Microsoft sql server is most definitely NOT SQL 2014 - In fact it is probably the least standards complaint of the main sql db offerings - Postgres is far more compliant for example.

You'd better get out before the sync 'n' share bubble POPS

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dropbox way over-valued

I agree - I used to use dropbox and recommended it to many.

About a year ago though, they really pissed me off when they randomly stopped me from sharing large vm files with colleagues, when most needed! with a condescending message about using too much resource - which i had paid for by they way - pro business version with huge storage.

So I looked around and switched to Amazon's own version, more basic but way way cheaper, works faultlessly and no limits on downloads.

The browser's resized future in a fragmented www world



utter nonsense - apps are a passing fad - except maybe for toy games - I've had 4 ipads numerous iphones etc, i stopped loading apps 2 years ago they just get on my nerves, also hate the stupid messages asking me to download their crap app their so proud of.

I'm on my ipad several hours a per day on standard websites - of which the reg is an excellent example - websites which try and look like apps such as the ft html5 version are also crap - i remember switching to standard ft site after getting annoyed by their html5 one and realising how much better and easier it was to navigate - was a breath of fresh air never went back.

RISE of the MACHINES and Bitcoin: Bill Gates' Reddit tech predictions


worlds most effective philanthropist

It's sad that there are so many pathetic pondlife individuals, who have done nothing with their own lives, so they moan and complain about those that have been successful and have made a huge contribution to humanity - such as mr Gates.

Yes he had luck being in the right place at right time - having access to computers 15 years before uk's rubbish education system for example - but he saw the opportunity and most importantly actualy did something about it - unlike 99% who talk hot air but do nothing - he executed spectacularly successfully - he didn't screw people - ibm where muppets at the time the owner of dr dos was too stupid and arrogant to even meet ibm, so left to his wife to do the meeting!

Nobody has ever forced anyone to buy Microsoft - they offered great products such as windows 95 and excel which provided massive value.

Mr Gates does not have to spend so much money and time charity - but he does - amazes me that so many cynical idiots, somehow construe this as bad ! like the idiots who blame record cold in us on global warming.

He's doing wonderful work and getting much better bang for buck than most non profits who are - lets face it not well run in general - thats why Warren Buffett has committed his $50 billion to gates to distribute - which is astonishing and proves what a genius and good guy Bill really is.

Bill Gates to pull a Steve Jobs and SAVE MICROSOFT – report


Billion Cash every 2 weeks

So many silly comments about Microsoft from mainstream and web media - who have not the remotest clue as to how difficult it is to build a successful business.

Business success is easy to measure, easy to talk bollocks about, but not so easy to actually do.

The only metric that counts is cashflow - Microsoft generates a phenomenal amount $1 BILLION EVERY 2 WEEKs - therefore by definition Ballmer / Gates have been (still are) hugely successful indisputable implication - they are very good at running a massive incredible profitable organisation.

Contrast the British equivalent - Branson - media darling - but useless in comparison - not much innovation mainly hot air and puny profits (for one of uks top supposed business geniuses).

Back to Windows - I would like to see better automatic handling of pixel scaling and multiple monitors- win8.1 supposedly better but Im sceptical considering how bad win 7 is at rendering to high res monitors. Also about time - Office team offered a decent word processor - word is an abomination of a program in contrast to excel - which is their only truly outstanding product - outlook good, onenote ok, sharepoint another abomination, not much else is good apart from sql server - but free postgres is better !

Report: Prez Obama kicks Healthcare.gov contractor to curb for web disaster


Obviously doomed from beginning - Mark Logic XML db

Such a shame Obamacare - great strategy spoiled by poor implementation - insurance is a major failing of capitalism as currently structured - dominated by large corps run by managers with no skin in the game - because the main metric used for bonuses etc is very short term, such as quarterly profit.

Result is most of them cheat and use any excuse to avoid paying out, i believe therefore - even though I'm a capitalist business owner myself - that insurance and similarly long term savings pensions institutions - who also lie and cheat - need to be run by governments or very heavily regulated.

I wish mr Obama had been given some sensible advise - trying the run this system on an xml database was a monumentally idiotic decision - hierarchical databases are no better than file systems or key-value stores such as mongo.

A properly designed highly normalise relational database is the only sensible or practical method currently available which can ensure data integrity - also rdbms performance now also fast - since io handicap now resolved by ssd.

Oracle brass past and present tapped for Microsoft CEO - report


Doug or Kevin their only hope.

Having been a keen observer of Microsoft for many years - running a gold erp / crm partner - I would humbly advise them to beg for Doug Burgum to return - as CEO- maybe then there would be some hope for them - but don't hold your breath. He was a truly inspirational wonderful leader of Great Plains Software - which they unfortunately (for gp partners) acquired in 2001, then promptly ruined.

My second choice would be Kevin Turner. I remember watching a keynote from him 7 years ago- i initially thought who is this geek ? but as the speech went on i became completely mesmerised and was hanging of every word he uttered - he was incredible. He came from Walmart where he want from IT to successfully ran a huge division Sams club at a ridiculously young age.

Panasonic throws in towel on plasma tellies, preps for BILLION-dollar kick in pants



I have several plasmas and lcds at home including a 14 year old 42 panasonic still works perfectly

plus a 5 year old pioneer 60 kuru still better than any other home screen I've seen

was expensive but was the best purchase I've ever made so much better than newer samsung lcd i have.

Also glad i passed on 3d hype now a complete flop.

I think plasm vs lcd is like coke vs pepsi.

initial showroom impression - over brightness like over sweetness may be good -

but grates over time - one then gets to appreciate the more subtle qualities screens like the kuru has.

also don't understand comments about weight ??

a bit weird - do you like to carry your tv around as a party trick !

Heavy in fact good in some regard less attractive to burglars.

Also no point in wafer thin for v big tvs esp. if you have decent audio hooked up which you must really anyway since all tvs have shit sound - was so glad kuru had no speakers.

Spending watchdog SAVAGES rural broadband push


our leaders and mandarins are simpletons

I don't care if we overspend a little bit or if bt makes a good profit or if a few favors are made - I'm just desperate to get fibre - where i live near Caerphilly.

The total subsidies budgeted are peanuts in the grand scheme of things - less than 1 billion - yet we are spending £50 Bn thats right over fifty billion - inc rolling stock - on 1 short railway line !!

This is ludicrous we could probably give everyone in the uk gigabyte ethernet - for a quarter of this cost - also similar to our annual spend on foreign aid.

The benefits of such would be massive - to all parts of the economy - would reduce congestion reduce pollution - drive creativity innovation and investment.

Yet our simpleton leaders and miserable failed accountants (who work in public sector) just don't get it - a real depressing shame in my opinion.

Daft tweet by Speaker Bercow's loquacious wife DID libel lord


Britain is pathetic

This makes me embarressed to be British - Still Massive poverty / Wars / Economic Crisis on a global scale.

At home we have rubbish education / crap health service / 3rd world roads / poor telecoms / terrible airports / we live in crappy little houses designed by morons - i could go on.

Yet we focus our energies on silly little tweets or mobile phone messages - they are only words - Will anyone care next year or even next week ? We have become a hyper sensitive pathetic society.

We need to pay our politicians 10 times more - to attract some leaders with at least half a brain stop - to stop bleeting on about irrelevant nonense such as Mps expenses - its rather expensive to live in London by the way.

Bbc just failed IT project 100 million - costs more than all mp exps in history i would guess - but daily mail has no sense of any perspective. No wonder we end up with left wing loonies or inbreed toffs - whats more important running a mid sized company or even a council! than getting us out of this mess?

Cook: Apple has 'no current plan' to pull profits out of Ireland


Re: eu imf should not have allowed Ireland to keep predatory rates

yes your country could have gone bankrupt !

euro would have still fine

media does not understand money therefore perpetrates nonsense such as a tiny economy such as greece or ireland would be end of euro or uk having pound is better than euro both not true

money is just an accounting unit and a liquid iou

german backed ecb has more credibility than bank of england

euro good for business because reduces risk and friction

california nearly went bust there was no talk of us dollar dissapearing

tax rates not fair competition you had no corporations to tax before no you get 12.5 of profits earned mainly in uk

not earned in ireland all they do there is noody back office low value crappy jobs no r&d

uk would be better off cutting ties and stopping this scam


Re: eu imf should not have allowed Ireland to keep predatory rates

I know the Irish refused - but they were not exactly in a strong negotiating position - eu were stupid at that time to not call their bluff - they had no other options - Cyprus proved this - parliament refused terms initially - they ended up desperate and grovelling - result worse terms.

You cant expect corporations to pay tax based on ethics when all their competitors have a tax advantage - the real culprits are countries like Ireland - thats why its idiotic that we help them maintain this scheme which sucks revenue away from us.


eu imf should not have allowed Ireland to keep predatory rates

I was surprised when eu and uk us (indirectly via imf) bailed out the Irish without demanding an increase in their ct rate. This was so silly - why help the Irish when they use such a blatent (immoral in my opinion) scheme to suck profits and tax away from their neighbours where the profits were earned. This particularly affects uk - most of the mega corps which make large profits do this including google and microsoft.

Good news is eu seem to have learned their lesson - so refused to help cyprus without them taking a hit aswell - made me laugh rioting and expecting germany to pay for their leaders utter incompetance - lending to crazy greek projects, paying high interest rates etc.

I wonder if the apple cfo has factored in risk of Ireland confiscating their cash in another emergancy ??

Would be quite amusing!

German boffins aim to burn natural gas - WITHOUT CO2 emissions


pointless stupidity

yet another example of the huge amount of effort and recources wasted by humans - resulting from our amazing ability to blindly follow so called experts who are in fact almost alll idiots.

warm good for humans cold bad.

co2 not poison is fertilizer

anyway greenhouse effect of co2 now mostly done - think saturation law of diminishing returns

water vapour by far biggest greenhouse gas - not co2 - maybe a scheme like this on a grand scale would cause more warming than co2

weather diificult to predict - too many variables - therefore models are silly

some cycles are predictable

eg cold at night warm in day - fairly convincing that sun is most important variable

sun cycles such as caused by jupiter and saturn orbits are predicatable or elipse and tilt of earth orbit

these are more of a factor than co2 in our climate

Universe gains an extra hundred million years


big bang is nonsense

I laughed my head off when I saw tHe bbc reporting this as if fact.

So called professors wasting our hard earned tax on pointless ridiculous fairytale fantasy stories.

One of them said the universe started with a big bang expanding faster than speed of light then next professor with a straight face started talking about pre big bang - bunch of idiots.

Fact is we have no idea how universe started - these ideas no different to greek mythology.

BT's 4G bid WON'T lead to mobile network launch


Re: inside information ??

I agree sounds odd to welcome dealing with BT (they have improved recently in my experience) - illustrates the amount of resentment i have towards vodafone having suffered so much from their extortion over the years - with no cheaper alternative available - competition failure - had to take the EU to force some concessions - just in Europe unfortunately.

Anyway my point is, I (and many others) would not be astonished if BT got back into mobile, though I agree not highly probable.


inside information ??

I thought there was supposed to be very tight security surrounding this auction process ?

If so how can you makes such an (astonishingly silly statement) - but that's astonishingly unlikely - do you have inside info (crystal ball) ?

BT getting back into mobile would be a very smart move (in my opinion) - after all they are a telecoms and data networking company - 4g is likely to play a major role in the near future in this space.

Mr Livingstone is not your average accountant he appears to be avery canny operator and actually has some imagination, unlike the plonkers now running Vodafone who have zero imagination and completely wasted the advantage they had from global scale left by Chris Gent (who did have imagination) For example they could have offered global calling and data plans instead of screwing their customers with outrageous roaming charges - i have huge resentment towards the incumbents because of such and would love to deal with an alternative such as bt.

UK climate expert warns of 3-5 degree warmer world by 2100


Re: complete nonsense

ok i exaggerated a bit i believe one can predict to some extent based on empirical evidence and if qualified with probabilities - however predicting outcomes influenced by many variables and over a long period of time such as weather in 80 years or company results when you retire is a pointless foolish exercise .

weather depends more on other factors such as the sun than co2 - greenhouse effect of co2 is measurable using physics like experiments - my understanding is that most of the greenhouse effect possible at any realistic concentration is included in current concentration - think saturation law of diminishing returns - so further concentration is mainly plant fertiliser not poison as bbc keeps lying about.

of course co2 could double in 80 years but i believe probability is very low and even if it did would not be a disaster - millions of years of evolution have hard-wired us to panic at the slightest prompt - this used to be a good strategy not so in fields like this even the so called scientists don't seem to understand randomness probability and logic going for emotional hype instead


complete nonsense

Its worrying that most of the media - who have minimal science skills - seem to just accept such nonsense because the source has a title - chief scientist - also amazing how someone, who is obviously an idiot, managed to get such a grand title.

Extrapolation is an infantile mistake that the media fall for time and time again.

Most of co2 warming effect is already done - even a further doubling co2 ( which is impossible) would not cause a 3 degrees increase which is huge.

No one can predict the future - not even professors with lots of certificates or fortune tellers (investment bankers) certainly not weather forecasters - they struggle badly for 8 days ahead let alone 80 years ahead - its comical they even try - with there ridiculously simplistic computer models - anyone who's done a cash flow model for a few years ahead (much less variables than weather) will know that - long time plus lots of variables = complete nonsense because just the slightest change in any assumption used = dramatic change in result.

Sun obviously ( to me anyway) has a more important role than what .039% of our atmosphere is - which by the way is only responsible for 15 % of any greenhouse affect- water vapour 80% approx.

Sun and earth orbit and tilt do seems to have some regular patterns which seem much more regular than variables used by these so called climate charlatans ( scientists) - these patterns suggest cooling more likely for rest of this century - so a little extra greenhouse blanket seems to me to be a good thing not evil.

Any way if it warms so what ! we have shit weather in UK i would prefer a bit warmer - i don't care about the Maldives - Male is a disgusting hell hole they would be better off moving anyway and I'm sure the brave adventurous touristic can find somewhere else for their thrills.

Fact is global warming stopped in 1998 - climate academia are getting more and more desperate thus issuing more and more ridiculous statements of doom to try and preserve their gravy - whilst us poor tax payers have to pay for these pointless idiots and even worse pay huge hidden taxes (in energy bills and damage to economy) for all of the silly hugely expensive alternative energy generators (well some of the time).

Im hoping media such as this will help us turn against the tide of lies from mainstream such as bbc so that we can wake up from this mass delusion as quickly as possible.

SQL database start-up flings out code peanuts to tempt biz

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great innovation - awaiting some sql standard capability

well done nuodb ! power of relational model with true scalability - will be fantastic if works as promised and adds some key sql standards capability which i think is missing at the moment - a few minutes googling so i may be wrong - particularly - recursive common table expressions - windows aggregate functions - range types - exclusion constraint - oracle or postgres procedural language - user defined sql functions - ill be watching progress with a keen interest - a big opportunity for nuodb i think - especially when no sql nonsense comes home to roost.

EDF: We'll raise bills 11% - but only 2% is due to energy costs!

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hopefully a wake-up call from our mass delusion

maybe this will be a wakeup call to politicians and the idiots at the bbc, but don’t hold your breath

co2 is not poison - co2 is good for life - in any case amount is tiny 0.039 %

most warming affect has already been done - does not increase linearly because of saturation of spectrum affected by co2

water vapour is main greenhouse gas 80%+ not co2

warm periods good for humans - ice age bad !

90% of ocean volume is below 2 degrees centigrade – ice age risk/damage much worse than a degree or 2 warmer - such as experienced roman times when populations grew fast before crashing in following colder periods

climate models are a joke - too many variables therefore impossible with current tech - we can’t predict the weather in 5 days let alone 50 years

the cycles that appear most regular all point towards cooling - not warming - logically therefore we should encourage warming not the opposite!

one thing I can predict for sure is - in 50 years our children will wonder what on earth we were all on – they will wonder why did we behave so idiotically - building pointless stupid windmills, putting pathetically inefficient yet expensive solar cells on our roofs in the grey cold cloudy uk - whilst half of the planets still suffers dreadful poverty – whilst most of us struggle to pay huge tax burdens imposed by our politicians - who have no idea how to make anything of value - but who are masters at dreaming up more and more idiotic ways of spending our hard earned money

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?


nonsense article

Apart from conjuring up some quaint memories this article is complete nonsense - not usual register standard - common sense should tell you that a mechanical device spinning at up to 15,0000 rpm is inherently much less reliable than a solid state device - hence ipads iphones and the like are remarkably resilient. Hard drives fail all the time and no they don't warn you- idiotic statement - we and our customers have experienced many catastrophic failures from hard discs. following many painful lessons i can also tell you that raid is useless as well for protection - they give a false sense of security when one drive goes another one often does as well - also backups are also quite often useless unless regularly tested for restores - most don't do this - im looking forward to the day hard-drives become obsolete


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