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Soaring costs, inflation nurturing generation of 'quiet quitters' among under-30s


Re: I had a different comment written, but....

Wow. Read the room. Look at the economy. Learn to see what graphs are telling you.

And as for student loans, you must have got your tuition free, because surely no-one who paid good money to learn would think that people who have paid back their entire tutoring bill twice over, yet somehow still owe more than the principle, is fair!


Who the hell downvoted your truism?

Please, downvoter, return & tell us who, if not management, is to blame for the way a company works?


Re: Sell it somwhere else.

You can imagine the thought turning around in their heads as they read your reply, can't you?

"I am office staff and only do my 8 hours a day. Hmmm. This would impact me!"


Re: Wrong!!

Indeed. My annual estimate for electric went up £322 today, and the gas jumped by £900! Compared to *last month*. Usage remains near zero as we are yet to turn the heating on.


Re: Wrong!!

That's... Not an actual pay rise? The staff saving 10% of their money working from home didn't get 10% more money from their bosses! Are you trolling us?


Re: You sir or madame are correct.

They're just using the time they otherwise would've given to their employer as (unpaid) overtime for leisure! Quietly quitting giving 120% of the hours contracted for.

Mouse hiding in cable tray cheesed off its bemused user


Re: I've posted this before, but it fits the story ...

Ok, you win.

UK government will not step in over Altice’s growing stake in BT


Another appallingly "asleep at the wheel" non-decision by the UK government.

Probably they needed to ask Boris, but he was on holiday, still/again.

Software developer cracks Hyundai car security with Google search


Sorry, you forgot to add the joke, you only added the icon for it.


Re: Outsourced

> and you can guess who fixed it

Not Hyundai.

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15


Re: We've Probably All Come Across This

If it was *actual illegal*, then the police should be told - that whole "there should be one law for all" thing!

We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them


Re: I've only met three billionaires and they've all been perfectly lovely

Careful! He'll be buying El Reg for £120 billion and kicking you off if you're not nice to him!


*This* is why I get called to consult.

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Re: Locked the car

I've never yet had to do that.

My stock answer to "That was quick" is "Thanks, years of practise!"

The grumpy people? I tell them they are welcome to stand outside for another half an hour if they feel that would help, but it is chargeable, and it is raining...

Locked-in and hungry, Shanghai residents can't complain online


Re: Why are we blindly letting this happen?

2 years. But what's a little unit error between friends, eh?

US Navy in mad dash to salvage F-35C that fell off a carrier into South China Sea


Re: Why not

You'll have to explain how the F-35 would survive the exact same threat?

I own that $4.5bn of digi-dosh so rewrite your blockchain and give it to me, Craig Wright tells Bitcoin SV devs


The council are happy for someone to pay for the dump to be dug up. They just want the money ahead of time!

Bit like when people want me to open their ancient locked safe "and split the contents" - nope, it's £xxx agreed up front because:

The safe is always empty

If the safe has £400,000 in it, you'll change your mind on splitting it

No more DRM-free downloads as Amazon's ComiXology app set to disappear inside Kindle


Low cost NFTs minted on a 3rd gen blockchain and sent direct to customers. Theirs forever. Add a 2% kickback in the smart contract so the author/publisher gets a little money every time it is sold on.

No more reliance on Amazon or whoever.

(Notice: I'm involved with Cardano)

'Admin error': AWS in dead company data centre planning application snafu in Oxfordshire


A bit worrying that not one person allowing the planning application actually checked the company wasn't long dissolved!

What's the point of a prior proper planning process that piss poor?

Software engineer jailed for 2 years after using RATs and crypters to steal underage victims' intimate pics


Hmm. Seems unlikely that that will stop him - he's a highly experienced deviant who is at least passingly good with a computer.

He'll get around the logging by using either a sidechannel like someone else's wifi, or a VPN. If he's allowed a computer, he'll just use an SDcard with a live image or whatever, to leave nothing on his shiny clean PC for when Plod comes looking. If he's limited to a smart phone, so what? VNC to a hidden device and proxy from there, via unchecked mobile data that bypasses his router.

The guy should have been locked up for at least twice as long. He clearly would have known he was targeting children once he was on their systems.

Nothing's working, and I've checked everything, so it must be YOUR fault


Re: Printer Cartridge

Oh joy. I used to work somewhere that swapped to "remanufactured" inkjet cartridges to "save money". Trust me, it didn't. The fact that we had massive networked colour laser printers should've killed the local inkjets off, but, they were used by the executives, to print whatever they wanted, without it "counting" or being recorded on the network. Hilarious! Thousands of hours, across a Blue Chip company.

India backs away from digital services tax after US pressure


About time. The USA is very touchy about this, considering they don't see the tax either!

15%. Better than nothing, I guess...

Alleged Brit SIM-swapper will kill himself if extradited to US for trial, London court told


Re: No excuse

Well no, there the crime was committed on holiday in the other country. Then upon returning home, they should be extradited back to the other country to face justice there, especially since it is also a crime in this country.

A distributed system has all the crimes committed across all nodes at the same time - do we pass the criminal from node to node?

There are some issues with jurisdiction, certainly.


Re: "Stop me if you've heard this one before..."

It's literally the only way to bar the extradition.


I'm wondering what the value of the 50 Bitcoin was when they were stolen. If it was 2 years ago, it was a few hundred pounds. So do we charge them with theft of the value that it is now, or that it was when it was stolen?

The Ministry of Silly Printing: But I don't want my golf club correspondence to say 'UNCLASSIFIED' at the bottom


Re: Nowadays of course the boot is on the other foot

You get a company phone?? Posh.

Report details how Airbus pilots saved the day when all three flight computers failed on landing


Re: Only on landing?

Easily avoided by whom? The AIs, which didn't avoid it correct it, and instead crashed? No, by the pilots, who up until the systems all crash won't know that it is about to do nothing, leaving them as a pair to "stand on the anchors" as verse thrust fails... with, according to this report, under 3 seconds notice, and a scant 10m before running out of runway. Which at landing speeds is ~0.03 seconds of delay. 0.06s slower and they'd have been 10m into a ditch!


Re: how long is each FCPC allowed to be failed for?

If the pilots haven't been told this, they might be quite surprised!

A huge issue with a lot of these automated systems is that they seem to work, but aren't really, and then they turn the job over to the pilot/driver/random bus "operators" so they take the blame for the crash 0.08 seconds later!

The crushed blind judoka at the Paralympics a few weeks ago is a great example - both "bus operators" said they thought the man crossing at the crossing would stop when he saw the AI bus wasn't stopping! Except he had right of way and was, you know, blind.


Re: Automation Issue

Bit of a cock-up if you're doing a touch & go, or if there's a sudden reason to go around, eh! "computer says" isn't great in a world of moving parts and excitement.


Re: "I can stop a car much quicker without the interference of the ABS system."

But, being a dumb system, it has zero clue whether *this* is one of those times it is needed, or not. Or *now*, etc.

Anyone who can't slide a 4 wheel vehicle through a gap with the brakes locked solid or failed or on ice, shouldn't be on the road. The ABS can hammer all it likes, but we aren't stopping unless it lets some snow build up under the static wheels - which ABS won't allow.

Actual AI could stop the car faster, assuming it can switch the ABS, traction control, etc in real time. And that it hasn't crashed...


Re: WTH?

That wasn't the problem though.

The computer got an input it didn't like. It threw a fault. That passed the input to the next computer, which also didn't like it, and threw a fault. And passed it to the third, and bingo! You've got the hat trick of fail.

The inputs were all correct. That's the big issue to me - legitimate, correct actions causing complete failure, because it's a bit of an edge case.

Please, no Moore: 'Law' that defined how chips have been made for decades has run itself into a cul-de-sac


Re: Yes but...

They already are opaque.

That isn't the biggest issue though. When driving a car along a road, you literally have skin in the game. The oncoming car driver does too. And so you know, and they know, that you're going to pass them, not ram them, and that works both ways.

An AI car has no such self preservation imperative. If it crashes, it lives on. You don't, though.


Re: Yes but...

The day we model a human brain...

Can you imagine an intelligent human that has read the top 50% of the internet and most of the books, and hopefully wasn't completely insane?

Sadly, it's likely to be trapped in a basement by someone like Steve Baboon and used to keep the status quo.

US labor official suggests Amazon's Alabama workers rerun that unionization vote


I can see why you went anon for that post, matey. I wouldn't have put my name to something so stupid either!

84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement


Re: Ha!

To be fair, I don't think the 84yo was a dedicated terrorist either.

Malaysian Police crush crypto-mining kit to punish electricity thieves


They don't have anything that's much use for that though, they are dedicated ASIC rigs without even a graphics card output.

Selling them as export would've been far more sensible.


Re: Ecological vandalism

This is exactly what I said!

Sell the lot to those licensed to have it, or stick it on ebay USA or whatever and export it.

Stupid publicity stunt.

This page has been deliberately left blank


Re: "We are still very keen to donate some of the proceeds to the cause"

Except just like a game of D&D, the players are also the games master. And they take it in turns. See Boris giving the job of Corruption Manager to another one of the bods from his Etonian days photo!


Re: Britney Spears is a good local girl

At least, after literally decades, she actually has a lawyer now! One that she has picked and that is working for her, not for <drum roll> the Trust!

The main issue is, there was no-one looking out for her, as even her lawyer was controlled by her trust, controlled by her dad. So the person meant to push back against everything her dad wanted, was working for her dad. How that was allowed, I can only assume it was large sums of money, really...

Google fined €500m for not paying French publishers after using their words on web


Re: Send in the bailiffs?

And France can get the EU to back it, which will affect Google Ireland. And Google won't want to pull out of the richest economic block in the world.

Google killed desktop Drive and replaced it with two apps. Now it’s killing those, and Drive for desktop is returning


Re: how do you talk to google???

Just shout "Ok, google" in any of 3 bazillion households?

Whether the reply is any use, though, is another matter entirely.

Windows 11 still doesn't understand our complex lives – and it hurts


We dropped using Teams and switched to Discord. Ironic since we are now all able to see what we type and send files, etc far better, so actually less discord!


You might change your mind when you realise that it is just polite ransomware, and that you have no access to videos, bookmarks, music, work or even money unless you go as they demand. :-/

I have three Google accounts due to weird YouTube vs Google vs company thing. It's a pain, but I rarely use any of them, at least I rarely use any of them *on purpose* - they are always there, watching...

Radioactive hybrid terror pigs have made themselves a home in Fukushima's exclusion zone


Pretty sure the passenger pigeon would disagree. Except they're extinct.

And there was that Chinese famine caused after they killed all the birds which brought down the food chain causing overabundance of insects and then famine. Though considering millions of humans also died, maybe that should go down as a draw?

NTT slashes top execs’ pay as punishment for paying more than their share of $500-a-head meals with government officials


Gosh, a punishment that seems to fit the crime!

The UK could learn lessons.

Fastly 'fesses up to breaking the internet with an 'an undiscovered software bug' triggered by a customer


Re: Fastly 'fesses up'

That you don't realise what you say is impossible is worrying.

"rollout patches over months" can't work in a web environment where patches are reverse engineered to find the core vulnerability within hours, and the threat du jour is hammering a million firewalls and gateways within the hour via automated weakness scanners.

Oh, and there's a patch or update every single day on any complex system these days - Windows itself does it once a week on Tuesday, what day does every other service, daemon and driver get updated? And you want to wait a week?

The server is down, money is not being made, and you want me to fix what?


Re: Happy ending

I was at Warton, and wow, it wasn't half a job to input the hours across some of the schemes! Plus it was running on some antique VAX/VMS what you had to telnet into (iirc - it has been a while) and the screen updates could take 30 seconds per key press! It took some staff half a day on a Friday...


Re: 'Delegation'

Tender about it, you say?


Re: Dark Monitor

That's pretty standard. It makes sure pesky hackers can't remote in and watch you "working". I don't trust it as much as the sliding cover I added though.

You want a reboot? I'll give you a reboot! Happy now?


Illegally renaming tables, by the sounds of it!



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