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DNS Poisoning?


Go to this link, you will find out why it is important to renew the domain name....


Samsung using updates to install crapware?


I think you must have a word with the service centre guy before installement for not installing any useless applications which are of no use. Clear out your doubts with him, it will be helpful for both of you....

Windows phone app to access windows shares ?


Is Instawifi available in windows??????

Its a nice app to use wifi in android....

Android printing - a fail


You need an app that can connect you to local network for print for android device.....

M I got u right?

I still carry my old Nokia 5185.


Nokia is best for those who are not much techno friendly.... And the main focus is on long battery life and basic necessities of phone.

Like this: a new topic.


Can you please elaborate your thought?????

Its nice but need more explaination.....

Galaxy Note


Battery back-up is a problem for me too....

I always have to carry charger with me, in case of emergency I may need it.......

Is Google Play Blocking a Rival, or Is a Newspaper Premature?


I don't think Google will play such a cheap game......

Qwerty keyboards


Touch screens stealing the market of qwerty keypads.... Slowly but surely qwerty keyboards are going out.....

Oracle - love or hate?


I don't LOVE oracle but yes quite like it....

Security wise very useful database....