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Feds arrest Paul Ceglia over Facebook ownership claims

Peter C.

What a piece of work

He's not exactly the shapest tool in the shed.

Wales: Let's ban Gibraltar-crazy Wikipedians for 5 years

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What a joke...

Wacky-leaks is.

EC: Microsoft didn't honour browser-choice commitment

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When will they get real

Until Microsucks is fined 300 BILLION Euro they will continue to violate law for PROFIT. There is no incentive to comply with law when they profit from violation of law. Fine them real money and throw the CEO in prison for 5 years and they will get the message loud and clear - as will other unscupulous companies who exhibit chronic violations of law for profit.

AMD uncloaks 4GHz-and-up FX Series 'enthusiast' chippery

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Vishera reviews all over the Net

TechPowerUp has (14) Vishera CPU review links for those who desire to read many different review tests. There are both Windows and Linux based stuff.

All in all Vishera is a nice step forward for those looking to upgrade. It has lower power consumption and increased performance, which is very nice.

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AMD has a Winner !

Virtually all of the Net reviews of Vishera have concluded that it is a good step forward and a great value with the FX-8350 currently selling in the U.S. for $220 delivered. These should sell very well for AMD.

In regards to the story discussion about RAM speeds, many test of real apps has shown that on Windoze platforms, there is no system bottleneck by DDR3 RAM running at or above 1333 MHz. In fact there is only minute gains with RAM frequencies up to 2600 MHz. and RAM quantities above 4 GB., for both Intel and AMD desktop type PCs. Spending more on faster than 1600 MHz. RAM is just throwing your're money away unless you have an APU where the GPU section can show some gain from RAM up to 1866 MHz. Most servers however can benefit from an increased quantity of RAM.

Harvey Weinstein wants US to adopt French piracy laws

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Japan got it right

2 years in prison plus a serious fine for pirates and 10 years for facilitators and a whopping good fine is the correct punishment IMO.

Anonymous turns on 'one man Julian Assange show' Wikileaks

Peter C.

They can both go to Hell !

They are both scumbag entities IMO.

AMD lowers revenue expectations in run up to Q3 report

Peter C.

Gee you'd think there was an economic depression or something

Sharp laying off 11,000 people. HP eliminating 29,000 people. Nokia laying off another 1000 people. Unemployment at record levels in the U.S., UK and Asia. Businesses world wide shuttering their doors. Even sweatshops in China closing. PC sales so sad for 2012 that they will drop to the numbers seen in 2001.

Hell no I can't see any reason why AMD sales might be down. I expect Intel sales to miss also with their dismal Ultrabook sales on top of the economic woes though they can often skew the numbers by offering massive enterprise discounts just to make the numbers per quarter.

As far as Trinity launch, it happened two weeks ago in the U.S. for the desktop Trinity and two months or so ago for Trinity laptop chippies - both of which are excellent chippies. There are reviews all over the Net. See AnandTech, Tom's Hardware, DailyTech, BenchMarkReviews, etc. It's worth noting that the Trinity desktop APUs are a tremendous value and offer great performance. They also OC very well so if you enjoy OC'ing, and who doesn't, buy one of the unlocked "K" models. If you're building a HTPC then you'll probably want the virtually silent 65W model Trinity desktop APUs.

Those waiting for the Vishera desktop chippie launch, only need to wait roughly two weeks, give or take. Expect 10-15% performance gain over Zambezi clock-for-clock with the advantage that Vishera OC's even better than Zambezi. You can expect many chippies to get close to 5.0 GHz. on good air cooler.

Foxconn: Worker who lost half his brain in accident must leave hospital

Peter C.

More evidence

...that Foxconn is scum. I mean they caused his injuries and they want him to leave the hospital to go for an interview. How about Foxconn sending someone to the hospital to interview him since he's not physically able to leave the hospital without a great risk to dying?

This is just outrageous, IMO.

Supreme Court confirms telco immunity on spying charges

Peter C.

What a waste of time

The EFF should know that national security comes before some minor privacy concern. Where people get the notion that they are immune to surveilliance is beyond me. Every store you shop in has surveillience. Many streets/businesses properties have camera surveillance. Most government buildings have camera surveillance. Every cellphone call you make is recorded. Every call to a Biz is often recorded. Every phone call or Internet action you make is subject to review for security reasons. Is this really news to people? No where is it carved in stone that your actions or communications will not be monitored for security purposes. It would be ignorant to assume this or impose this type of misguided policy.

Assange chums must cough up £93,500 bail over embassy lurk

Peter C.

Not a smart bet

These people really should have used better judgment than to trust Assange with his past.


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