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Vintage IBM tape drive in Apollo moon dust rescue

Shane Rogers


I wonder if the drivers are on Windows Update?

American man too fat for execution

Shane Rogers
Jobs Horns

"He's about half a Prescott, possibly even a one third."

Is a Prescott a Reg Standard Measurement?

If it's not, it damn well should be!

Dallas kids tracked for their own good

Shane Rogers

I don't know where the kids are...

But I do know, that "everywhere they go, the kidddssss waaannnnaaa rock!".

Mine's the 80's leather one. Thanks

Stamping on the spam or wading through it?

Shane Rogers

How to fix backscatter

I once had a nasty backscatter problem, until I wrote a script to forward all the bounced mails to the email address the company was using on their website.

Amazingly, over 6000 emails and 2 days later, the problem suddenly stopped. :)

Windows random number generator is so not random

Shane Rogers

Does this mean?

You can predict when the blue screen of death happens?

SMS-enabled solar parking meters for Eastbourne

Shane Rogers

Latest Report

Four of the parking meters have already recieved an advance from Shane Warne...

Dr Google will see you soon

Shane Rogers

Google's ducks

Are the ducks that google are getting in a row the same ducks that are washing up on the cornish coast, or different? I'm confused. :-)


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