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Wileyfox Swift: Brit startup budget 'droid is the mutt's nuts

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Looks a lot like the hisense phone I bought one time when my nexus 5 broke. It only had 8gb ram and an old android but it was cheaper and worked well.

Range Rover Sport: Like a cathedral on wheels, only with comfier pews

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I tested the range rover sport, but it is too common for my liking. I ended up with a cayenne and that averages 17 mpg. The Audi I have is pretty old now and averages 15 mpg.

I really rated the air suspension in the mk 2 RR vogue which I drove all over Mozambique without a problem. And I now really like the Cayenne's air suspension. It makes it a lot more sporty when you press the button.

I want to play with VMs

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Cores, ram disk speed

You need cores, don't be fooled by over subscribing virtual machines to number of cores unless you have over 4 cores. Hyper threading just makes things worse when vm's start fighting for some CPU.

You need a decent amount of ram to avoid any swapping, I know KVM does but you can deduplicate ram usage for a bit of overlap between vm's.

Disk speed is also important for virtualising nas or database systems. If you are using your storage boxes then your network speed is important.

Personal choice but centos with KVM in production, virtual box on my laptop.

File-NUKING Cryptolocker PC malware MENACES 'TENS of MILLIONS' in UK

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Please don't confuse between the bitchtards and the Foss community.

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mean to be kind

Surely some security expert has already found the IP of the master server and blocked or advised not to contact it?

I also think that for once the perps have at least done a clever attack. It might teach people one day to not stupidly believe the security they've just got their credit card out for and have some initiative themselves.

Xen hypervisor leaps into Linux Foundation

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KaiVee... KaiVee... KaiVee... KVMMMM

I was trying to do the Jaws sound track. However IMO Xen is running scared of the more open and closer to the kernel KVM. Maybe they looked at the number of those big names who have already started r&d'ing KVM to replace their Xen setup.

Tech rivals team up for free web dev docs

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9 out of 10 of the spotlight articles are about windows 8! How much is microsoft paying you?

On a more relevant note it's a big thumbs up that they are centralising this kind of documentation.