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'4chan may be just a sysadmin who knows his way around', claims so-called expert


Re: 4chan is a sysadmin

He's also done TED talks, and a, pretty interesting, AMA on Reddit. He's hardly a secret, why would you make these comments. :|

Google devs: Tearing Chrome away from OpenSSL not that easy


Drinking and working without fear of getting sacked... living the dream.

Waiting gamer slams no-show show: E3 – was that it?


Thank god

you mentioned the amazing change Watch Dogs went through from E3 to release, it looks like ass compared to what was originally shown and that's what E3 mostly is to me these days, a bunch of Bullshots to get me hyped at least in years past you knew what you were getting, I don't remember Quake going through a dramatic change to make it look like shit from what was shown in years past.

I'm trying hard not to get excited about Doom after that super cool Cyber Demon reveal.

CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN


I'm personally still waiting see all the havoc and terrorist attacks caused by Chelsea Manning's leak.

Windows 8 leaker gets three months, booted back to Russia


Re: Fuck them all

He got pissed off over a poor performance report and decided to get the finger to his company.

Admirable? Sure.

I am surprised at the outcome ? No, using the services of a company you are leaking information about... really.

I wonder what his book will be called, "how I got common sense beat into me" perhaps.

Watch Dogs: Eat, sleep, hack, repeat


Decent idea, with no polish. Would not pay full price and for the bugs and quriks that exist with the amount of hype this has generated since last years E3 its left me disappointed

Also, Not sure if people have seen people remark/videos of the werid and wacky physics of the game. E.g. Car lauched in the air and stopped dead by a kerb on the landing. Pretty disappointing.

Why two-player games > online gaming: See your pal's shock as you bag a last-second victory


Re: Street Fighter

Eh, just realised the quality on that is even worse than I first thought.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS7hkwbKmBM is a slightly better one.


Street Fighter

This article reminded me of this classic street fighter moment, the famous(kinda?) "beast is unleashed" moment from EVO tournie years back.


New .london domains touted tomorrow amid usual tech hypegasm


The words "pioneering" and "innovative" are taking a really hard kick to the nether regions of late.

OnePlus One equals 'killer' new mobe running CyanogenMod


Having had this discussion in work a few times for me personally I like to DL my Spotify playlists, which are many. It ate through the internal memory quick. Not to mention, memory capacity is still increasing and developers are still managing to make megabytes worth of crap for simple tasks. So yeah, why not just throw in a slot? It's hardly going to break your design.

Who fancies a billion-quid bonanza? Just flog the Home Office some shiny walkie-talkies


This will be completely successful, and will come under in under time and budget.

Enterprise storage will die just like tape did, say chaps with graphs


Re: just like tape did?

Hey! you can prove anything with facts!

Brit game devs WILL get tax relief for, er, EastEnders Game and Legend of Slough


Re: Rockstar to announce next GTA sequel

Would Grand Theft Auto - Northern Ireland get the relief?

One such enterprising individual has prototyped the idea.


BT finally admits its Home Hub router scuppers some VPN connections


Comedy gold

"the one-time state monopoly"

Never fails to make me chuckle.

The Reg's desert XP-ocalypse aversion plan revealed


Re: VLC Media Player

CCCP comes with so much crap with it these days, there's better packs/setups out there to use with MPC for aficionados of media player setups.

Security researchers uncover three-year-old 'RUSSIAN SPYware'


Re: Which OS?

here it is from the linked article,

Uroburos supports 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows systems. Due to the complexity of this malware and the supposed spying techniques used by it, we assume that this rootkit targets governments, research institutes, or/and big companies.

Beta tasting: The Elder Scrolls Online preview


Re: Congratulations

Betas these days are what people used to call demos.

Flappy Bird becomes massively multiplayer PHOENIX


This is great, it's not enough that I should succeed others must fail.

Barclays Bank probes 'client data sold to rogue City traders' breach


Much obliged.


I can't wait to see what prison sentence and mega fines people get for this, surely they will both be large numbers.

Mass Effect: Ten lightweight laptops that won’t bust your back


Screen Size for these prices is absolutely disgusting.

Cow flatulence, gas emissions much worse than thought - boffins


Thanks for those facts. Please don't forget the link to your peer reviewed research in future, I'll take this on merit for now as those are really small percentages.

Google, Microsoft to drop child sex abuse from basic web search



I am staggered, not that trying to clean up the internet from illegal material is a bad thing, but who the hell is going to Google or Microsoft to search for it?

Surely if this was the case it wouldn't be hard for either of those two companies to identify that this is happening and forward that information on to the relevant authorities.

This is propaganda for mumsnet, this does nothing to stop the wider issue of stopping child abuse issues on the internet.

A startup could've made a better Obamacare site, says CloudFlare boss


I've actually been on the receiving end of this pay scale crap. Interesting to know why I was.


still not sure why governments don't have their own development houses, not that I'm saying that would make every government project fantastic but it gets tiresome to hear about how X many contractors were brought in or Y amounts outsourced to make a frigging website.

Brit ISPs ordered to add more movie-streaming websites to block list


I'm curious how big they are in the whole grand scheme of piracy. I've never heard of the majority of them. You'll be doing this a long time trying to take down the small websites, and the bigger ones will just get more and more proxies for access. Yes, another well thought out plan.

Pwn2Own crackers leave iOS and Samsung mobe security IN RUINS


Re: OK El-Reg...

You're on the frigging site already, commenting on an article. I'm not sure how much more attention you could possible give them.

Japan set to create DARPA-style agency for military tech


I'd prefer more Evangelion style "robots". I mean, who doesn't like tang?

BIG, CURVY Apple models: Just right for SLAP AND TICKLE


Re: hope this pushes Android to improve it's existing pressure support

How about some useful pressure and dump investment into making a battery that will last days. There's a real innovative idea.

WAIT! What's that sound? It's Intel stomping into the 'Internet of Things'



"Internet of Things", why is this a phrase and why is the idea of it actually needed. I've never been at work and thought "shit, if only I could check my fridge or microwave", maybe if I was a project manager I would but I am not.

Twitter to flog IPO shares at $26, eyes $2bn prize ... IBM will be pleased


Who buys into this? That is an absurd amount of money even before you think, "huh whens the last time they had a profit, but fuck logic WE HAVE CELEBRITIES INSTAGRAMMING THEIR FOOD.

Ten top stories from Classic Doctor Who


Midnight was a fantastic episode. I also liked the Devil episodes in the 2nd of new who.

Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'


Re: Enterprise Management

Those are some nice facts, thanks for the references to back it up. Truly an inspired comment, one worthy of an upvote.

HOLY how-did-we-get-here?: Batman Arkham Origins


Very much more fo the same

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I don't think it's worth the £40 price tag it currently has, maybe £30, £25 more of that area I would recommend buying it at. Considering there isn't that many new assets and whatnot.

Twitter sets up BEELLION-DOLLAR credit line ahead of IPO


Re: $10bn?

Anyone who isn't a trader is surely already laughing. If not, you should be.

Apple iMac 27-inch 2013: An extra hundred quid for what exactly?


Re: just purchased a 27"

Holy shit. This reads like one of those fake reviews you see dotted around the net.

Nokia quiz: Do you know what a phablet is?


These words need to stop being created.

Campus Party: Did it start Silicon Britain or let 5,000 geeks sleep together?


Re: Overclocking a PC?

Don't forget about the RAM timings.

'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy


Re: Worlds worst Director....

No. Seriously, No. Bay is an oscar winning artist of a director compared to him.

Met Police spaffs £250m keeping 'ineffective' IT systems running - report


It was then suggested that a new system be created, there is now one more redundant system.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak disses Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs


Ashton Kutcher?

No thanks.

Why was he chosen? Simply because he looks like Jobs at a young age, I cannot fathom any other reason.

Nude swimmers warned of GONAD-GOBBLING FISH ON THE LOOSE


Re: If he's an expert...

What the hell are you possibly reading that leads you to see testes vs. testecles everywhere? Do we even want to know?

Netflix dares UK freetards: Watch new Breaking Bad NOW or torrent it?


Re: I must be getting old

I don't think shows are picked for TV based on their adverts. Not to mention when it was on UK TV I don't remember any song or dance about it, when say compared to Suits (which is a good show, but basically chewing gum) were Dave went balls to the wall and helped dispel the myth that had - "if its on Dave its a repeat or shit."

I just question why is such a massive American TV show never made it across, nearly every other other has in some form (The Wire, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Lost etc. etc.) and Breaking Bad is right up there among those other highly recieved shows. Not all those shows were on terrestrial TV but I'd believe most people would have heard of them in some form. r


Re: I must be getting old

I am still gobsmacked that it was never aired in the UK, think C5 may have showed the first series, it's a great well acted, well written show. It gets rave reviews in the USA but somehow was never suited to the UK market (unlike a load of other crap)



The year of our lord twenty and thirteen someone in media has common sense. My days, probably harder to make money this way.

Darth Vader's old gaff awaits exogorth desert DUNE DOOM


Re: The actual story

It's not a bad stop off for tourists in Tunisia having been to the A New Hope set. There isn't much else between civilisation and the Sahara.


Re: Divine Justice

The article fails to mention the follow,

"Nabil Gasmi, of the University of Sousse, Tunisia, visited the Mos Espa site in 2009, and noted that part of a nearby set used in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope had already been overrun."


Dark times.

Radiohead's Thom Yorke pulls his own music off Spotify



". We've already paid US$500M to rightsholders so far and by the end of 2013 this number will reach US$1bn. Much of this money is being invested in nurturing new talent and producing great new music."

Maybe his beef is with the wrong people?

Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back' for Terminator 5 reboot


Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

I turned salvation off after a gigantic 1000 ton robot managed to SNEAK UP ON THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF A FLAT DESERT. I don't ask a lot from my action movies, but come on...

PM Cameron calls for modern, programmable computers! (We think)


Maybe he thinks punch cards are still used everywhere?