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Microsoft leaks reveal 'Threshold' projects looming in 2015


Re: Major revision to Windows RT will probably be to kill it

You clearly cannot see it but there is huge value in windows RT. Haswell and Atom are fine for someone who wants full windows, but they come with all the problems full windows comes with, any number of third party programs and addins and toolbars can be and willb e installed, and slow thigns down and make it more liekyl to crash etc etc.

RT is brilliant, it has enough to get most of your business work on the go done, and for the rest just RDP to your main machine and have the added benefit of proper mouse support and a seamless transition from full windows 8.

simple familiar filesystem

thousands of peripherals that just work via their normal usb connection.

light and long lasting,

always on

compared to trying to crowbar an ios or android tablet into the work environment its painless and fast, and time is money.

I have tried all three, and yes the ipad is nice if you want to play, but painful if you want to work, android just tends to be painful and completely disjointed. Windows RT slipped right in with minimal fuss and maximum productivity. And its great when you finish work and want to view media, or browse the web or even play the odd game.

A lot of people who never tried one or even used one, seem to be very angry about its existanc, but in my experience, its the most complete tablet option out there. apps are building up, 130,000 + now just over a year since launch.

Windows 7 outstrips Windows 8.x with small November growth


Windows 7 is a great OS but it feels antiquated after using windows 8 and now 8.1.

There are so many imp0rovements in windows 8 and the only thing that people seem upset about is the metro start screen. jeez get over it, or download one of the many classic menus.

You get everything windows 7 has plus a whole lot more.

The Register lands in Australia


Yup a glaring mistake not to include Reg0 and Regie as options as these are the most common Australian-isms.

What about El Bruce

or RegieriDoo

or Reg Vegas