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NEC mentions it has a high-end dedupe disk backup box, stretches, yawns for 40 seconds


Re: EMC AX series

Actually I operated several AX4 systems and yes it was NEC hardware but ran EMC Flare (WindowsXP)

You could get an enabler to use Navisphere Manager and get similar experience to CX3/(CX4 R28).

You could MirrorView between AX4 <> CX3/CX4

There was nothing wrong with the NEC hardware at all 3GB SAS based system. The processors where underpowered Celeron from memory.

Speaking in Tech: Open Source fixes a Microsoft engineering problem


Nick did a good job :)

Intel bins ESXi in in-house private cloud revamp


Re: Soon to be 100% KVM across my entire install base.

What software you going to use to backup these environments?

EMC-Dell dynamic duo: Mike's my ‘brother from another mother’ – Tucci


lenovo did an oem deal with dothill

Lenovo Storage S3200 & S2200 comes from DotHill and I think that will fits very nicely in there portfolio.

PernixData offers dollops of free software … you’ll upgrade later, ya will, ya will


Re: Copied press release?

If you already have a running esxi cluster and have some available ram in the cluster then you don't need to purchase any additional hardware. If your memory constrained then you would have to consider your options.

Woah there Dot Hill, that's one seriously fat sales boom


What DotHill products does Dell OEM?

Becides the RAIDCore Adapters branded as Dell PERC S100/S300?

They come from DotHill's acquisition of Ciprico i'm pretty sure.

It'll all end in tiers: HP tosses small biz another 3PAR-flavored bone


here is some that I know

Probably a good article for a blog post about what Storage arrays run which operating systems.

I find more storage systems are based on Linux these days.

EMC VNX1(block) - Modified Windows Server 2008 R2 (VNX-File DART is BSD?)

NetApp FreeBSD?

EqualLogic NetBSD

3PAR Debian Linux

Engenio (NetApp E-Series) vxWorks

P2000/MSA1040/2040 - Linux (see below)



version=Linux version (kchaitan@ubuntu) (gcc version 4.3.3 (Sourcery G++ 4.3-234) ) # 1 Tue Jul 15 17:03:18 MDT 2014

Oh, a Wyse guy, eh? Why I oughta make you Nexenta's new CEO


Re: It's a people problem

I also think they have lost touch with the community.

And they seem to be facing QA issues with Nexenta 4.0 way overdue now..

Flash cheaper than disk? 'Customers aren't buying that', says NetApp CEO


NetApp MIdrange Filer Refresh

>>Speaking of NetApp, anyone heard if they are going to refresh the FAS line as EMC is doing with the VNX? Any idea of the new model numbers and what their relative performance is?

Given that Netapp only refreshed the 32XX line with 3220 and 3250 less than 12 months ago. (November 2012) And new 62XX models FAS/V6220, FAS6250 and FAS6290 This Year. (Febuary 2013)

I doubt there is any new midrange Filers coming from Netapp for a while.

WD hopes biz barons will grab its new 4TB data tubs


DELL MD3 aka MD3660

umm yes the MD3 does hold 60x 3.5" in 4U that's the product Brett Roscoe is refering too.

aka dell DELL MD3660. Which I think is an OEM NetAPp E5400 right?