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Intel said to be unwilling to share USB 3.0 toys

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Intel's side of the story

Hi, I work for Intel. For Intel's side of the story, pls read this: http://blogs.intel.com/technology/2008/06/usb_30_for_the_masses_dispelli.php

Quad-core Xeons use small power plant to maul Opterons

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Another Pespective

I work for Intel - for another opinion - look here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/?p=956

+ If you want industry standard power efficiency benchmark results, look here: http://www.spec.org/power_ssj2008/results/res2007q4/

Intel guns one four-core Xeon, cools another

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New 3GHz Xeons

To Richard Tobin - You are partially right - But these are the 1st quad-core 3GHz server chips to fit into a standard 120W thermal envelope. The chips you mention were only use in Apple workstations at had a higher TDP. These chips will be used in workstations and servers sold by nearly 50 OEM's. FYI - I work at Intel.

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50W is TDP

Hi, I work for Intel - and I just wanted to clear something up -- 50W is TDP, that is the maximum power the chip will draw. Not typical, or average power. Those would be lower.

Intel releases Core 2 chip Bios fix

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Intel's reply

I am from Intel, and I thought I would give you our perspective. Months ago, we addressed a processor issue by providing a BIOS update for our customers that in no way affects system performance. We publicly documented this as an erratum in April. All processors from all companies have errata, and Intel has a well-known errata communication process to inform our customers and the public. Keep in mind the probability of encountering this issue is low. Specification Updates for the affected processors are available at http://developer.intel.com. We feel we’ve resolved the issue and were open about it with customers and then publicly publishing it, but this is a good venue for ideas on how we could do better or more. I am interested in any constructive comments...