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Google keeps legacy G Suite alive and free for personal use

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Re: Not if you registered to upgrade...

Reach out to support (yeh I know, but it turned out to be pretty painless).

I upgraded to the paid account also, however I reached out to Google support via chat session yesterday.

After explaining the situation hey put me through to their Billing department who've moved me back across to this option once I'd confirmed it was for personal use only.

The whole process took about 25 minutes and was surprisingly easy (unlike every other interaction I've had with Google support).

BBC said it'll pull radio streams from TuneIn to slurp more of your data but nobody noticed till Amazon put its foot in it

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Re: It will be their podcasts next...

They did lock Google Podcasts out some time ago, and then reverted: https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/04/05/bbc-blocks-its-content-from-google-podcasts/

However they are now blocking again - which is why none of them play anymore as of last week.

Add passwords to list of stuff CafePress made hash of storing, says infoseccer. 11m+ who used Facebook 'n' pals to sign in were lucky

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Re: Apparently my CafePress account is gone

Similar situation for me: Account included in breach notifications, but my last interaction with them was in August 2010. I have no account according to their "forgot password" page.

I raised a ticket, and CafePress helpdesk tell me my account was 'archived due to inactivity' in Jan 2019, although their 2017 user agreement says accounts will be suspended for inactivity more than 12 months (rather than over 8 years). Of course once your account is archived there is no self-service way to delete it..

Unfortunately failed to address my questions on why they were still holding my data, or what GDPR compliance is in place.

I've just got back to them to exercise my 'right to be forgotten' - a bit late but better to clean up my old data with them whilst they are under focus.

Stolen passwords integrated into the ultimate dictionary attack

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What's a "security-savvy user"

The figures are pretty meaningless without defining the terms..

A year living with the Nexus 5X – the good, the bad, and the Nougat

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Re: Spot on review!

Before a factory reset, try clearing the cache from recovery mode (via Fastboot)

Fastboot Mode:

- Power down

- Press Power and Volume buttons at the same time

- Continue holding until you see the fastboot mode screen

Recovery Mode:

- From Fastboot Mode

- Press Volume down twice to 'Recovery'

- Press power button to select

- From exclamation mark screen:

- Press & hold power button then press Volume Up.

Then (carefully) select "Wipe Cache" using volume buttons to highlight and power button to select.

Once complete, select reboot now.

This won't remove data and may well resolve battery life issues.

If you use ‘smart’ Bluetooth locks, you're asking to be burgled

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Re: Insurance?

I'd imagine that many people using this stuff haven't considered advising their insurance company - I base this assumption on the surprise my insurance company greeted me with when I rang to advise them that we'd had all our door locks upgraded.

Ad-slinging rootkit nasty permanently drills into Android mobes, tabs

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Re: Google Play Store is a malware wasteland

I'm curious as to what apps you are installing to find so much malware?

I've been using Android since it was first released and have never yet had a problem - I install apps only from the Google Play Store and pay attention to the publishers, the permissions and the reviews.

I realise that as a platform it has issues (some of which will probably never be addressed by manufacturer updates), but I've yet to encounter an issue.

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday

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Re: Microsoft taking a swipe at another company

"This isn't purely Google's fault, but it is their ecosystem and they don't seem to be doing anything about keeping their customers patched."

Moving core functionality to Play Services and apps to the Play Store (Gmail, Maps, Calendar, etc), early release of Lollipop previews to OEMs - i.e. everything they can in the face of OEM and carrier reluctance to provide timely updates.

BOFH: You can take our lives, but you'll never take OUR MACROS

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And lo..

another unsupported undocumented system was born, that one day would be passed to the developers to support..

Toshiba's CB30-102 13.3in Chromebook – imagine a tablet with a keyboard

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One of these things is not like the other

"I’ve likened this Chromebook storage tie-in as being much like getting a cheap printer, only to find you spend a fortune on ink over time."

(Current) Monthly cost of 100GB = $1.99 = GBP 1.19

Current set of replacement cartridges for an HP Photosmart 6510 = GBP 23.00

So for the cost of 1 set of small ink cartridges that will print 300 pages, I can have 2 years of 100GB storage. Really not the same at all.

Google kills fake anti-virus app that hit No. 1 on Play charts

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Refunds can be obtained outside 15 minute window

In many cases (and certainly in this one) it is possible to obtain a refund for an app from Google Play outside the 15 minute window:


FTC torches Android flashlight app for spying on users

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Re: Post Install Permission Denial

They do.

App Ops permission screen is included (but hidden) in 4.3 and above.


Use at your own risk.

Personally I read the permissions on install, and if the app is unreasonable I cancel the install.

Android adware that MUST NOT BE NAMED threatens MILLIONS

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Re: What hasn't been mentioned....

That would be an absolute nightmare for app developers.

How do you deal with an angry user who's blocked a fundamentally required permission for your app and then starts reviewing it poorly because "it doesn't work"?

Review: Google Nexus 4

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Supports the QI Standard

"Incidentally, the Nexus 4 supports inductive wireless charging and eventually you will be able to buy a charger-cum-stand which looks a lot like the old Palm TouchStone charger."

You can buy QI standard wireless chargers now - eg. the Maxell Air Voltage, the LG WCP-700, etc

It's not a question of waiting for the Google branded accessory (which may be some time...)

2013: No sign of flying cars, but Orange mobes will get black ice

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Other app markets?

I can't recall seeing any of those reports specifying that Google Play is the source of those malware variants.

Android has a wide range of third party app stores which are much less regulated than the Play store (eg routinely carry obvious rip offs of other developers' work, etc). I would expect them to be the primary sources of Android malware.

Android safety advice remains the same as it always has been:

- Understand permission requests

- Don't install apps that make unexplained requests for permissions they should not need (more and more app publishers have a section in the app details on Play explaining why they need the permissions they request)

- Read reviews

- Check the publisher (do they have a website, is this their only app, etc)

Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera

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Google are taking steps to up the protection available for the "normal user":


Motorola whacks laptop-like phone dock

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Rather have this..


O2 launches Wallet: Plays pay-by-text card, again

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Pingit has already been opened out to all high street bank account holders, not just Barclays..


2 in 3 Android anti-malware scanners not up to the job

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Symantec shipped a poor product?

I'm shocked sir, shocked.

Motorola Defy Mini rugged Android smartphone

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Re: Low-end Androids

Don't be fooled - it will still be a Motorola. Updates will be horrifically, and I mean HORRIFICALLY, delayed with the user forced to rely on forum speculation because of a complete lack of update information from Motorola themselves.

Bitter ex Atrix owner here...

Apple demands US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

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"Samsung has simultaneously embarked on an advertising campaign designed to tarnish Apple and mock its consumers"

Bit rich considering the I'm a PC, I'm a Mac ads...

Google Wallet PIN security cracked in seconds

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Because I've yet to find a way of remote wiping my wallet?

Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy

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Yes they did

I still have the email on record of the changes, with instructions on how to login. The notification was sent to all 4 of the ntlworld email accounts I had at the time of the switch, giving 2 weeks notice.

And spam for me has dropped to none, with no false positives across 4 separate ntlworld addresses.

Quite frankly, as a customer back from the CableTel days, having email moved over to Google's back end was a massive, massive improvement.

No more outages, no reports of lack of space on the mail server.

Archos 35 Smart Home Phone

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So close...


- capacitive screen

- Vanilla Gingerbread (with it's built in VOIP)

- native Market support (not through ArcTools please..)

- Bluetooth

and I'll take it.

PopBox 3D set-top media player

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Interface wasn't the USP..

I'm using a Popcorn Hour A110, which I've had for a couple of years.

The interface wasn't the USP for me - it was the ISO support.

I use a set of scripts published on one of the many forums that links with some movie database software to generate an index for my 400+ DVD rips that are housed on a WHS (and yes I do own the original disks).

They are somewhat fiddly to setup but *touch wood* my setup has been pretty robust for the past year at least..

Rather disappointed to see that Syabas seem to be dropping ISO support.

Google location tracking can invade privacy, hackers say

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Now I'm disappointed...

Not listed - despite having had 3 different android phones and using location services since Android's launch..

Now I feel left out...

BT Home Hub 3 ADSL Wi-Fi router

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Whatever will we do with all that extra time?

Spend it on the phone to their customer services trying to get them to send an engineer out to fix the line fault?

Virgin Media to issue firmware update after Superhub slows to crawl

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It's everyone on Virgin who's having problems.

Our 50mb connection dropped to 2.69mb download speed on Sunday, and after a reboot is clocking between 8 and 21mb download...

It's the usual problem: whenever they make changes to anything (servers, cabinets, hubs, cables) it plays merry hell with the whole network for 2 weeks...

BBC iPlayer iPad app out this week

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We had an Android App..beebPlayer

But the Beeb insisted that it be stopped, rather than buying it off the dev and rebranding it.

So impartial Auntie!

Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue

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"Instead of laughing, they should have said, 'Is she OK?' and been down there right away to check on me."

Erm weren't they watching her on CCTV?...

Sony Ericsson LiveView remote phone viewer

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"As it stands, the wayward connection firmware is a hot, steaming turd on top of the LiveView's otherwise tasty treat."

Succinctly put sir, I salute you.

Ten... dirt-cheap voice phones

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Samsung E1170

"There is also an anti-theft SMS feature called Mobile Tracker, though who would steal a £5 phone is anyone's guess."


Might make a cheap as chips car tracker though...

HP dumps Microsoft's Vail Home Server 'to focus on webOS'

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Went from linux to WHS

Actually I went from a headless debian server (bubba One from excito.com) to a MediaSmart EX490 3 months ago which I picked up on a cashback offer, making it quite good value.

I originally used the debian server as a backup for the two laptops in the house (Macbook, Windows 7) and a media server for music and photos. It all worked find until EDF fried it by blipping the neighbourhood's power supply one afternoon, but was very low on free space.

The new server (with 3 2TB drives installed) acts as the backup server (including TimeMachine and Windows 7 backups as well as data only backups), music server, photo server, and DVD store (we use a Popcorn Hour A110 as a movie jukebox for 300+ ripped DVDs).

This is all backed up to a 4.5 TB NAS (belt and braces approach), with the laptop image backups protected using WHS replication).

Essentially I am using the WHS as a NAS on steroids, but at the price point I purchased it at it worked out better value than a dedicated NAS with the feature set (and room for expansion) that we required.

US may disable all in-car mobile phones

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No thanks

As someone who was permanently damaged at the age of 26 by a lorry drive using his mobile phone I'm against this idea for many of the reasons already listed above (accident reporting, personal safety, etc). The first person to die because they are unable to contact emergency services whilst trapped in their car after an accident would put an end to jammers in vehicles.

There are laws on both sides of the Atlantic already in place to cover driving when not fully controlling the vehicle (for whatever reason).

Just enforce the damn things!

Nexus One resuscitated as 'Pure Google Nexus S'

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Not thrilled by the Nexus S but..

at least there's still an option for vanilla Android.

I might not buy into the Nexus S (the N1's still running fine thanks) but if Google can keep the Nexus line going over time then I might buy the next one (HTC please thanks very much)..

Virgin Media readies 1TB TiVo set-top for Brits

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- better interface?

As long as it run's a new UI rather than the bodged implementation that Virgin use, sign me up.

What genius implemented an update mechanism that updates regardless of whether you're recording / watching?

iPhoto 11 ate my library, say users

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Exactly what happened with the last upgrade..

And this is why I postponed upgrading to iPhoto 11..

I was just adjusting to my first Mac when I upgraded to iPhoto 10 - I'd finished moving my photos across from my old windows box, upgraded iPhoto and BANG - start all over again..

Yes Macs have an easier user interface, right up until something goes wrong...

Group Test: smartphone satnav apps

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Google Nav & CoPilot - Android

I use both Google Nav and CoPilot on my Nexus One.

Google Nav has much better integration with contacts etc (unsurprisingly), but CoPilot proved vital when holidaying in Spain earlier this year - I bought the Iberia map pack to add on to my UK version.

A couple of important things to bear in mind with CoPilot on Android:

1. Support is email only after an initial period, and responses are slow.

2. They still haven't implemented AppsToSD for Froyo based users, and have failed to respond to numerous queries from myself and others about when / if they will implement it.

3. A major plus for Android users is that you can carry your licence to your next Android phone - it is very fiddly to do but can be done..

Hands on with Nokia's flagship N8

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Multiple Home Screen pages

"I find Android's choice of multiple pages on the home screen pretty pointless and nerdy"

..never found some useful widgets then?

I have 7 screens on my N1 and use at least 5 daily..

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

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Re: Android battery life - tips, and tips wanted

"A control that lets me automatically manage the radios" - Setting Profiles, Locale, Tasker, Timerrific - pick an app...

"A real task manager, integrated" - you really, really, really don't need a task manager on Android. There are some very good articles, & engineer blogs about this.

"Give us screen brightness/timeout options that are a) user-selectable and b) sensitive to charge status" - see the apps above for b, and check your settings for A..

Cops back in on BT/Phorm case

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Mens Rea

Intent to perform the act is required, not specific intent to break the law, surely?

The intent was to track users covertly, and that act was carried out.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse... Ignorantia legis neminem excusat

Californian university drops Gmail over privacy concerns

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Considering how ropey the old NTL mail servers have been in the 11 years I've been their customer, I'm extremely grateful that they've moved my accounts to the Google backend.

Times websites want £1 a day from June

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Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook

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HTC Desire is not the same...

They saved on hardware costs by dropping the second microphone used for noise cancellation from the Desire, added the SenseUI layer which means Android updates will take longer to trickle through.

Oh and the Nexus One is quad band too.

Apple is suing HTC

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Re: hallelujah

"It is funny how much their is a double standard out there"

erm.....Nokia? http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/oct/22/telecoms-nokia

Googlephone sales off to a sluggish start?

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Best explained?

"An Android smartphone is a unfamiliar piece of kit to the average consumer, one that could best be explained by an actual flesh-and-blood human"

Clearly you've never been to the average mobile phone store....

Google to outline smartphone strategy tomorrow

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As compared to..

As compared to Windows Mobile? - no free updates..

Or Apple? - post a complaint on their forum and watch it disappear..

Or Nokia? - firmware updates may / may not be provided..

Or LG?


Wall-punching Brit gamer foams (milk) at the mouth

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http://www.jono11.co.uk/Popular.html - 'My Popular Life'


Wheels come off O2's data network

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Depends which APN you use

Lost my data connection at 14.30 in Stevenage.

Just got home and reconnected by switching APN from web.o2.co.uk (faster, password) to mobile.o2.co.uk (web, web). Pay monthly customer.

Phisher-besieged PayPal sends users faux log-in page

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Follow your own advice

If they advise customers never to follow links within emails, then why send the link?

My Tescos credit card related emails never provide a link to the site - far safer surely?