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Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical


2nd hand....

I think I disagree regarding 2nd hand phones - a quick google says that an S9 is around £500, roughly the same as an iPhone X with half the memory, if you go down a bit the previous generation S8 is around the same sort of price as an Apple 8....all in all I'm not sure your argument stands up. I abandoned Apple after my 2nd iphone 6 went kaput in 18 months due to battery issues and I became aware of the S8 and it's MicroSD slot, meaning I could buy a much cheaper phone, that looked good and then upgrade it's memory to whatever I wanted for next to nothing.

Roll over Beethoven: HPE Synergy compositions oughta get Meg singing for joy


Re: Concerns with Synergy

Actually it definietley is shipping, and indeed running - we had a system up in 30 minutes from lights on which was pretty cool, and so far so good

Resistence is futile: HPE must face Oracle over Solaris IP



Like, you guys know that HPE doesn't make PCs anymore right? HP Inc does but they're not the ones in the crosshairs for Larry's latest lawsuit (which, incidentally, should totally be an Indie game)

TalkTalk: Hackers may have nicked personal, banking info on 4 million Brits

Black Helicopters

He who buys Chinese must die by Chinese

I am not, of course, suggesting that Hauweii (part owned by the Chinese military, and part by the Chinese government) would ever do anything underhand to give back door codes for key infrastructure servers out, or that they have a track record of very poor security patching or that there's a reason they're so cheap. Nope. Not at all.

In an entirely unrelated statement I hear that Talk Talk just swapped their entire backbone and most of their billing system servers for Hauweii kit

Autonomy ex-boss Lynch tells of poisonous life within HP in High Court showdown



It'd probably have helped his case if he hadn't called $250m of sales in his first quarter in HP and then dropped it to $6m with a week to go.....nice one Mike

Cisco to reveal UCS for small businesses


New Ways To Lose Everything

Excellent - now I will only lose 15 servers everytime Java needs an update rather than 120 at a time! Yay! (And also I don't wind up having to pay again to buy ports that...I...er...thought I already owned)

Now if only they could get round to fixing the application and management comms being through the same switches I might actually put some in the DC!


New Ways To Lose Everything

Excellent! Now I will only lose 15 servers everytime Oracle updates Java, rather than 120! (Assuming I was dumb enough to buy all that oh-so-expensive software to upgrade the ports that...I....er....had already paid for)

Hmmm - I think I might go elsewhere

HP 'KNEW' about Autonomy's hardware sales BEFORE the whistle blew: report


Errr...Autonomy is a software company and doesn't sell hardware much?

Is it a BIRD? Is it a plane? Right first time – and she's in SPANDEX


Oh the irony

I think it's important, when considering Haweui as a choice for anything from phones to suspiciously Cisco-like newtork routers to heavy duty PSTN back bones that they are, basically, the Chinese military with a billing dept. - it's best to assume that your every move, action and bodily function will be analysed for the greater glory of the PRC.....superheros are of course optional

Oracle fudges touts Sparc SuperCluster prowess


Re: Oracle make stuff up? No! Really?

It may come as a shock but there are other DBs out there :)


Oracle make stuff up? No! Really?

As a number of people here have already said, vendor benchmarks are always suspect and none more so than our friends at Oracle (Larry appears to think "talking $h1t" and "marketing" and inter changable concepts

I will point out that the company I work for, which may or may not be HP, has stopped doing benchmarks for exactly this reason - no one beleives what we say, and given that these configs can cost $1m+ to buy, build, configure, test and publish it seems somewhat insane to keep doing it.

I'd always recommend you get with your vendors technical boys and girls and get something built and tested for your specific environment with your data....and don't forget that HP, IBM et al have gurt big DCs set aside for customer tests if you just want a benchmark - they'll happily run one for you, using your data if you want it