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Sky talks up subscription 3D merits

Ian Matthews
Paris Hilton

The tech adoption driver for 3D will be ...


This has been a driver in all media formats so far.

I don't know that I'd relish the thought of it, but whatever floats your boat.

Paris for obvious reasons

BOFH: Cable entanglements

Ian Matthews

absolute class

New keyboard please

Microsoft cuts Vista price

Ian Matthews

@ Craig

Sorry to disagree but Home Premium does include all Media Center functionality.

Works pretty well streaming to extenders too

Happy Vista user here :)

MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

Ian Matthews


Having owned a MS HD-DVD drive (but got rid before the Tosh announcement), there was nothing wrong with my 360 playing HD-DVD's in my home cinema setup. Without ducting, the projector fan is more intrusive than the 360 by a mile. The Benq DVD drive in my 360 Elite is extremely quiet and the ability to stream live TV, record TV and play Divx movies from my vista PC under media centre is great.

As for the digital downloads, I trialled the MS HD movie downloads and was not impressed with quality or the restrictions of the DRM, let alone the speed of the download.

I've already got a PS3, so I'll only be buying hi-def movies on Blue Disc from now on.

Robber held up bookies with vibrator

Ian Matthews

Keep back....

this is dildo is loaded... ooh baby

Taxi !!!

US price cut for Xbox 360 HD DVD player

Ian Matthews

Re: Noise

I don't understand where the noise comment is coming from.

The majority of the noise generated by the 360 during normal operation is from the on-board dvd drive. As this does not operate during HD-DVD playback, I don't think the noise is that intrusive to be honest.

I have a Sony DVD-Recorder (about 2 years old and originally £500+) that is noisier during playback, than the 360 is during playback of HD-DVD. The cooling fan on this unit is noisier than the 360 too.

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

Ian Matthews

The follow-up comments to mine are just great...

and typify what is wrong with society today.

If I was told to stop by any police officer, would I do it? You bet I would. I was raised to respect the police, but then again respecting any authority doesn't seem to feature that highly in today's society.

Did I say the shooting was justified? No, my only comment was that if he'd obeyed the police he may still be alive.

As for the attempts to cover-up by the Met, they are just plain wrong.

@ Carlos reply about "lapsed visa being grounds for summary execution". You could flip the statement around and say that if he'd left when his visa expired, he wouldn't have been in the UK for police to shoot.

The insulting responses to my post are just peachy, guess you can't handle reading a comment from someone who doesn't share your view of our "wonderful" liberal society.

Ian Matthews

And the screams of racism ring out again...

"By Carlos: Being brown in the UK and catching the Tube is grounds for summary execution. Don't even need to be an ay-rab, brazilian brown will do."

Hmm, okay, an illegal immigrant (his visa had lapsed by at least 6 months if I remember rightly) and he ran from the police. Perhaps, if he'd stopped and obeyed the police commands, he might still be alive now.

History shows that most past wars had their roots in religious differences. I'm sorry, but when was the last time you heard of a Baptist , Methodist or Jehovah Witness suicide bomber.

Look at the fighting in the West Bank recently. It was between opposing miltant muslim factions. These are people of the same religion killing each other, so how can we expect them to place any value on the lives of us "infidels".

If the western world were not so reliant on the oil from these arab states, we'd treat the area with the same "couldn't care less" attitude that is applied to all the african conflicts.

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein

Sky hails broadband explosion

Ian Matthews

I can't complain...

my broadband was migrated from Freedom2Surf (a la Pipex) to Sky BB without a hitch. The service actually went live 3 days early. But I was already unbundled with F2S on Easynet.

Can't comment on the support side as I haven't had to use it.

The only problem with the migration was F2S still charging me for a service after the migration, but they are renowned for doing this.

US court spanks porn company over credit card copyright suit

Ian Matthews

Double standards at work

This just shows how inconsistent the world of e-commerce is. Allofmp3 were forced out of business by the credit card companies, withdrawing their services under pressure from the RIAA. Yet in the wonderful world of porn, the credit card companies are not to blame for any copyright infringement.

Smacks of double standards and profit margin protection for the US based suppliers, but then again thats nothing new for the US of A.

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her

Ian Matthews

Mystery meat hard to swallow ?

I doubt she's had that trouble before


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