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Etch a stretch: 3D NAND layer cake flop leads to 'string stacking'


Re: Adding another dimension

4D NANDs are puny, if you are going to use strings, real macho men choose the 11D variety that string theory suggests!!!! Oh, wait a second...

FTDI boss hits out at 'Chinese criminal gang' pumping knock-off chips


Re: shocking behaviour

I don't see any problem in duplicating the functionality, the issue is selling the chips under a fake branding. If you are a manufacturer you are buying stuff that may or may not be up to your expectations.


I have a small batch of components, purchased from a respectable source, that turned out to be fake. The other day, just out of curiosity, I checked what I think it's an original arduino adaptor and it didn't work in windows 7, but it did in Linux, so I assume it is fake too (either the whole thing or only the chip).

I am also concerned about the quality of the fake chips (and the possibility that the driver issue hits my customers), so given my inability to be sure of the origin of what I buy, I am moving to the silicon labs solution (sorry FTDI chaps).

These crooks have already harmed FTDI, possibly beyond repair.

Why a detachable cabin probably won’t save your life in a plane crash


Re: Really?

The film is Chain Lightning.

Shh! Proxima Centauri can hear us!


Re: Take me to your ... Pope.

500MW is about half the power of a medium sized nuclear reactor, probably you mean 500kW, that is also huge for radio signals, but I think it is a more realistic figure.


Texas Instruments: Screw smartphones, put our chips in the dishwasher


I have heard that before...

Wasn't that Renesas point?, apart of being the No-ARM company. They are not too well right now.


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