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Windows 10 market share fell in September


There's no way it can fall. It just shows how meaningless and inaccurate things like this are.

Skype shuts down London office, hangs up on hundreds of devs


Re: You seem to be missing the point

Technically, anything sent over the internet has never been private.

YouTube stars shilled for Warner Bros, screwed up, and now the FTC has written an angry letter


Re: Reading this article 24 hours after watching Guru Larry's history of Driv3rGate

I started Driv3rgate on the old GamesRadar forums. What a crazy few weeks that was.

OFFICIAL: Zuck's BIG in-your-face Facebook Messenger SHOVE finally pays off


Get an iPhone.

Microsoft to Windows 10 consumers: You'll get updates LIKE IT or NOT


Re: no matter what MS force on us

Why would anyone want a 'fix' to stop important security updates & fixes? Anyone declining updates puts themselves at risk as well as others.

Some of you are being awkward just for the sake of it. Having said that, as I.T Admins you'd be using the Enterprise version which you having full control over updates. If you are the kind of Admins who do not deploy updates after a week or two of testing then you should be removed from your jobs.

Lenovo to customers: We only just found out about this Superfish vuln – remove it NOW


Re: Orange Alert!

You can download the Windows 8.1 directly from Microsoft.


Apple pulls iPhone 4 from sale in India after just four months


Re: reason Apple scoops so much of the industry's profit

The reason is because they are a fantastically run business that sells a lot of stuff.

Sales = Profit

Firefox, is that you? Version 29 looks rather like a certain shiny rival


Re: Hate it already

Firefox is still Firefox. When I click on the new Menu button on the right I get everything I need in my face. This is GOOD.

I can't believe how some of you spaz out just because of a few minor (and they are minor) UI changes. How do you lot ever cope when you are dealing with a critical issue?

With all this worry, some of you are going to be turning your beards even greyer.


Re: Hate it already

If some of you people cannot accept or adapt to change then you need to get out of I.T and take a job in Asda or Tesco. Then you can have the same boring steady routine day after day after day.

Me? I like progress. I like learning new things and Firefox has adapted their browser to suit the masses. You moany old farts must be the most boring people in your work place.

OnePlus One equals 'killer' new mobe running CyanogenMod


With ample storage available, why do you need an SD card slot? Or are you just looking for something to whinge about?

Apple: You're a copycat! Samsung: This is really about Google, isn't it?


They are protecting their IP. Apple have spent billions only for companies like Samsung to copy and rip it off. Apple (or any public company) are obligated to stakeholders to protect their IP.

VCs drop cash on DropBox, bestow $10bn valuation


I am a longtime Dropbox premium user. I migrated all my data away from Dropbox onto SkyDrive for about 4 months as I purchased a 100GB SkyDrive account when I upgraded my (then) main PC to Windows 8.1 from 8.0. SkyDrive is forced down your throat and it does actually make sense to adopt it above offerings from rivals such as Google Drive & Dropbox due to the integration with all your Microsoft products - until you realise it doesn't fucking work properly! SkyDrive is so unintelligent when it comes to managing your data!

I own quite a few machines (Windows & Mac) and run various VM's (Windows/Linux) and Dropbox just worked beautifully. So lets talk about my SkyDrive woes. If I powered on a machine that hadn't been online for a while (lets say for more than 4 or 5 weeks), it would recognise data that I had deleted on other machines as "new" and instead of deleting it from the machine that had not been online for a while it would actually pull the 'old' data into my SkyDrive account and sync old deleted data across all my machines. This was infuriating and I took to Twitter to have a whinge (as you do). The Official SkyDrive Twitter account quickly followed me on Twitter and attempted to help me with my problems. I was then in touch with SkyDrive support and to cut a long story short, they couldn't resolve the problem. SkyDrive is too fucking dumb to recognise what is old and what is new which surely defeats the purpose of having it!

So I moved back to Dropbox and everything just works. Dropbox also has LAN sync which Google and Microsoft still fail to include with their services.

Sure, Dropbox may cost a bit more but it works and that's all I care about.

Microsoft to ship Windows 8.1 in 'late August'


No real issues with 8.1. It improves an already solid offering from MS.

I think a few people here need to get out of I.T and find another career because if you don't like Windows now, just wait until you see what's coming...

Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead


Re: This is good, but not for MS

The freebies are still free. They are so free you no longer need a TechNet sub to access them:


Prince of Persia: Baggy trousers and curvy swords


The first time I played Prince of Persia was on my Sega Master System. I absolutely loved it and the game looked incredible compared to other games on the system.

I've played many PoP versions, reboots & sequels but the 8 bit Master System version remains my favourite.

Windows 8.1: 'It's good for enterprises, too,' says Redmond


Re: Yeah, right

Roaming profiles? Did we suddenly go back in time to 2004?


Re: Great -but a shame Enterprises can't buy it.

Sounds like your crappy procurement procedures are to blame.

Everyone else just buys them direct from MS:


Thumb Up

8.1 is a fine OS and a solid update.

Those cry babies who refuse to adapt to anything new can simply purchase Start8 (or a free alternative if they are too tight to spend $4.99) and shut up up moaning. Start8 gives people the native Windows 7 Start Menu and is fully customisable.

8.1 allows you to boot straight to the desktop (as Start8 does and has always done with Windows 8.0) so this will stop a lot of so-called professional IT Administrators from shedding further tears.

Windows 8 betters Windows 7 is every area. And as I said above, if you still want the look and feel of Windows 7 (which is essentially a tarted up Windows 95) then spend 2 mins of your time downloading a tool to give you the functionality you stick in the muds want.

Stop the Microsoft, Skype wedding, screams enraged Cisco in court


Hopefully the court will fine Cisco for wasting everyone's time.

More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Windows 7


Pile of pony!

The survey is bollocks. Almost no one uses Windows Store? Well maybe the users surveyed had this particular feature locked down, as you would expect in a corporate environment.

Any Admin worth his salt wouldn't allow his users to install all sorts of shit on their PC's, so why make an exception for Windows Store?

And most users treat Windows 8 like Windows 7? No shit! Nearly all tasks and applications run from within the desktop.

Adobe's Creative Cloud fails at being a cloud


Re: Not quite so...

The only 'credible' open source alternative to Photoshop that I can think of is GIMP.

Professionals want, need and require professional products, not terrible atrocities passing themselves off as free professional alternatives.

Ten Windows 8 Ultrabooks


MacBook Air (11" or 13") absolutely batters this list of sorry looking machines. Yeah, they aren't cheap but you get what you pay for.

Obviously this site is full of Apple hating folk so they will immediately dismiss the Air.

IBM selling x86 server business to Lenovo?


Re: Storm clouds

The arse has fallen out of the physical server market due to Virtualization.

It doesn't make financial sense to spunk money on physical hardware. I'd wager IBM's storage business is reaping some of the rewards of this.

British designer builds $15m iPhone for Hong Kong mogul


An outrageous waste of cash. It's quite sickening that some people think this is a good idea.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic Two's Day

Does anyone remember the day Sonic 2 was launched? I remember having an awful day at school as time was going SO slow. All I wanted to do was rush home and start playing Sonic 2 that my mum was picking up on her way home for me!

The day seemed to go on forever and when it came to 3.45 I literally ran home as all I wanted to do was play the game.

Good times.

Windows XP support ends a year from … now!


Re: Moved to Linux Mint Debian

Yeah, that might work just fine for you but it's a totally inappropriate solution in the corporate environment.

Hate being stalked by Facebook? Why not try Google+ stalking


Re: Argh!

What do you have to hide to go all that effort to remain "off the radar" so to speak?

Microsoft's 'Gemini' project will be the Windows Blue of Office


Re: Gemini should...

That menu system was bloody awful! The ribbon makes so much more sense with most things grouped together logically. Granted, it wasn't implemented perfectly in Office 2007 but it was much better in Office 2010 and tweaked and perfected in Office 2013.

Some of you people are so stuck in your ways. You need to change and move with the times and if you can't do this then you are working in the wrong industry.

Not got 4G? There's a reason we aren't called 'Four', sniffs Three


I'm a very happy 3 customer. 3G speeds are amazing and more than enough for mobile use. My average is 13 Mbps download & just over 2 MBps upload, which is excellent.

Next from Microsoft: 'Blue', the Windows 8 they hope you don't hate


Re: Lipstick on a pig...

I decided it won't be appearing on my 55,000+ workstations.

Regrettably, I also hate Server 2012. Maybe it's me that's the problem. Maybe I need to spend more time learning how to make 2012 work for me, but at the moment 2008 R2 remains my server platform of choice.

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?


It's just too damn big!

I'm not sure I like this trend of monstrous sized phones. For me Apple has it absolutely spot on with the iPhone 5. I want something I can slip in my pocket and not even know it's there until I can feel a buzz from an event.

Adobe thinks outside box, nixes retail Creative Suite packaging


Re: Not for the first time Adobe dances to Apple's tune

Adobe are a business and they will do what's best for their bottom line. So many millions of users are tied in to their products that Adobe knows it can get away with offering subscription-only software. I personally don't see it as a big issue as long as the cost is reasonable. I also would rather subscribe to things annually rather than pay monthly instalments, I would hope that Adobe gives users the option.

I think the real reason is to cut out the resellers. Adobe wants to be the only 'go to' place for their software. To be honest, if I was running Adobe I'd be doing the same thing! Why give others a portion of your income when there's no real need to do so? The only major downside is that Adobe can then decide to charge what they want. Of course if it's too expensive then you don't buy it, no once forces people to spend their cash. Adobe will soon change their tune if sales significantly decline.

Intel's Centrino notebook platform is 10 years old


My first Centrino branded laptop was a ThinkPad T40p. One of the best laptops I ever had! It had a 1.6GHz Pentium-M processor, 60GB 7200RPM drive & a 1400x1050 SXGA+ screen that put it above nearly everything else. It also had a ATI Mobility FireGL 9000 graphics chip which was more than decent for 2003. It was still going strong 7 years after I bought it before I sold it to a mate. He still uses it to this day.

My modern day ThinkPad 420s is basically the same build quality with some subtle changes. These things are built to last.

Microsoft exec selling his Surface tablet


Who cares?

If he owns it, he's entitled to do what he wants. It's no one else's business but his.

Microsoft about-face: Office 2013 license IS transferable now


Re: Too late

What kind of bizarre licensing agreement do you have? My 55,000 users can upgrade or downgrade their Office/OS 'til their hearts content.

How many users to you actually support?? I can't imagine they will be happy about having to run with new software platforms & having to learn a new OS.

Microsoft Surface Pro will land in UK in WEEKS*


I'm sure they'll show their gratitude with either outsourcing your job or just giving you your P45.

Vodafone cash supply choked as Europe tightens pursestrings


With 3 offering the best value contracts & SIM only deals (especially with unlimited data), I'd be hard pushed to recommend Vodafone over 3 at the present time.

Oh, Sony, you big tease: Mystery PlayStation reveal date set


Re: Will buy when

So basically prettier versions of the same old franchises that many of us are bored to tears with? *sobs*

Microsoft Office 2013 vs. Office 365: Is either right for you?


Re: @Steve78

Don't know & don't really care if it's allowed or not. For years I've always sold personal MS software as soon as a new version is released. Never fail to get a great price for my 'old' software...


Re: @Steve78

Regarding the ones I sold, I am talking about my personal ones at home (2 x Office 2010 - 3 license home user)


Re: What about Addins?

If you use 365 everything is installed locally


Re: Office 365, a warning from a user...

What a poor post. Can you elaborate or explain just what compatibility issues there are? (I haven't found any).


Re: LibreOffice user here

The current version of LibreOffice is rubbish. If you want to get proper work done then you use Office. I personally think Office 2010/2013 & Sharepoint is fantastic. It's true that 2013 is only an incremental update to the excellent 2010 suite, but the best just got better IMO (been using it since it was available on TechNet).

Everyone seems to bang on about the cost, but at work our licenses will allow all of my 55,000 users to upgrade from 2010 to 2013 so it's certainly not costing any more money. The only cost will be the local divisional Admin's time if they choose to upgrade to 2013.

And in my home I'll definitely be subscribing. I have 5 machines at home, just sold my two Home & Student versions (3 licenses each) of Office 2010 for a combined cost of about £110 which more than covers the cost of a 1 years subscription. And when it comes to renew this time next year £79.99 is hardly a big deal.

I just hope MS pull their finger out with the Mac version. Whilst I don't have any issues with the performance of Office 2011, I have major complaints about the horrendous UI.

Microsoft tries to sell home Office users on subscription pricing


Re: Cloud storage? Not for me, or my company

SkyDrive is an optional location for your docs, not mandatory. If a user chooses to save to the cloud instead of local/company file server, then that's up to them/their problem.


Re: Trial Version

Cancelling your trial is your responsibility. If people forget then that's their problem.

Thumb Up

Pretty good deal

I think it's a pretty good deal. £79.99 per year gives me the full suite of applications for all the computes in my house (2 Mac's, 3 PC's). 365 is always updated so I will always have the most current and latest version for however long I subscribe for.

Yeah, I could use the free alternatives, but they are shit.

Apple releases iOS 6.1, adds LTE carriers, tweaks security


Re: So I take it...

Google Maps for iOS works brilliantly though.

Sharp set for 30 BILLION YEN cash injection


They do, screen for iOS devices. Apple have already helped finance the means to produce them.



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