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Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP

Gavin Johnstone

Don't install Outlook if you don't want it

@Da Weezil - If you don't want or need Outlook, you only have yourself to blame for it being installed or being left installed on your system.

IE bug leaks private details from 50m PDF files

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Nevermind, I see it now.

EU grabs 30MHz of spectrum for talking cars

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@ @ most posts on here

Although derveid's phrasing is a bit much the basic concept is what's recommended by the DVLA/Driving Standards.

Mine is the one with the anti-tailgating flares

Ofcom flashes cash guarantees at BT for fibre investment

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I believe what AC was meaning was that if VM are allowed to maintain a monopoly on the network that they laid why couldn't BT be allowed to maintain the same level of freedom on any new network that they lay at their own expense.

To repeat myself a bit here....

If BT were to spend £15B laying a new network independent of the current copper then that would not have been inherited and should be able to remain completely under their control.

If however they'd be replacing the current network then fine, all they should be guaranteed is the ability to, at the very least, break even before control is wrested away from them.

Man buys MacBook Air, pulls it apart, takes pics

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Re: Rob Strzelecki

The 16x1Gb chips make up 2GB of RAM.

2GB is pretty much industry standard just now

Star Trek XI teaser trailer beams onto web

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Not a Space Dock

That's not a space dock! It's the shipyards in San Fransico.

Unless they're re-writing the whole lot - plus Kirk takes command of the ship some 20 years after it's maiden voyage.

Roll on the rest of the geeks...

Virgin downs 1and1 and Germany

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Gates Halo

The WoW-europe site suffered too?

That's news to me.

Had no issues at all with my VM broadband.

Developers to Mr Jobs: tear down this wall!

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Apple do not care?

That'll be why there's all this 'kerfuffle' then.

Don't touch that Microsoft Security Bulletin email

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The stupid should just stop using computers

Is there still those out there that fall for this age old 'trick'?

I hate to say it but those that are too stupid to learn from the many past, well publicised similar tricks should just be left to fall foul.

On the other hand, those new to game should be warned - but it seems to be the same people every time that are caught by these.