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Periodic table enjoys elemental engorgement


for 115

for ununpentium, it should be called Lazarium after Bob Lazar who first spilled its existence.

Windows 10 heralds the Minecraft-isation of Microsoft


Re: " an operating system that crosses the streams ......"

the 16x16 chunks is called art direction.

Indies do it like that because they likely weren't around when 16x16 chunks were state of the art.



not a threat?

In Miami, we have golden orb weavers which can easily reach 12cm across.

Their webs are always at face level!

We also have 5cm tropical orb weavers which every summer make webs from trees to the ground. You walk right into them.

Stanford boffin is first woman to bag 'math Nobel Prize'


Really? You're calling it a doughnut?


In an article about maths! Shameful.

Amazon stuffs games into Fire TV box: Soz, rivals... WE don't need to make cash on hardware


Amazon doesn't need to make cash on hardware?

Then why isn't it free for prime users?

Beastie Boys settle with toy maker over Girls copyright dispute


The hidden beauty of U.S. copyright law.

Parody use doesn't require permission. It's fair use and not subject to copyright claims.

It's the games, STUPID: Sony makes 'about $18' on each PlayStation 4


And how much on PSN? And how much on content downloads? And how much on game DLC? It's about the subscription, stupid!

Korean doctors: Smartphones really ARE doing your head in


Re: Cobblers

Over the past 4 years, my memory has gotten really bad.

My memory used to be amazing. But now I'm over 35 and I don't have to remember anything because my phone does it for me.

FONDLESLAB market DEATH STRUGGLE: Latest rankings in


Interesting that some still prefer inferior hardware

The ipad mini is inferior in all ways to the Nexus 7, yet some hipsters apparently prefer it's bulbous price to the Asus/Google offering. Peculiar.

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance


Re: If they would ony do it right, it might not be completely terrible...

I have to agree 110%

Playing games in uplay, I've lost hours of gameplay to uplay. (didn't sync your hours of gameplay to our server before you lost connection? We'll revert to the last save which exited and synced normally.)

With origin, as wrong as EA is, you can at least choose which save you'd like to use. This is a feature which all cloud services must utilize. In the case of ubisoft, they simply do not care about you losing hours of gameplay.

Dongle smut Twitstorm claims second scalp


Re: Idiocy

Honestly, who here hasn't made a dongle joke?

And yes, oversharing is apparently a problem for the under 30 crowd.

Microsoft Surface Pro sales CANNIBALIZING Surface RT


Re: Surface Pro sales CANNIBALIZING Surface RT

I agree.

I want to know who these analysts are who thought that surface RT or Pro would sell better?

I'm not an analyst, and I knew it wasn't going to sell.

Leaked: The 'secret OAuth app keys' to Twitter's VIP lounge


The Internet does seem to sort itself out

The Internetwork is alive and always seems to seek equilibrium.

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8


never heard of modern mix

I started using windows 8 a couple of months ago. I started with the open source "classic shell" and then I moved to start8 because it's a nice implementation.

I actually don't use metro at all. The only time it's ever started for me was by accident when one of the apps is set as default for a file type. And then getting back to start8 is easy.

Mega launches with mega FAIL

Big Brother

Re: Hmm, this guy.

if it makes you feel any better, My ISP is blocking mega.co.nz. When reached via proxy, I was able to sign up, but email authentications never arrived. What does that tell you?

Biz users, hard-up punters: Nobody loves Windows 8


to be fair there are some redeeming qualities in windows 8.

The file copy dialog is excellent, letting you pause file operations and showing you a speed graph.

The task manager is again greatly improved.

most drivers are auto-installed when windows is installed.

Yes, metro us useless, but great offerings like classic shell and start8 are worth looking into.

Valve chief confirms Steam-centric console-killing PC


I've always said they should call it...

The Piston.

Steam Piston.

Forget fluorescents, plastic lighting strips coming out next year


they will find a way to make it more expensive

It should costs a fraction of fluorescents. Watch them turn it into a premium type of light despite costing less and requiring less energy to operate.

Ballmer comes not to praise Sinofsky but to bury him


He didn't want to be fired when the class actions start

when MS starts getting class actions thrown against it for windows 8 RT, Sinofsky knows it wouldn't be wise to still be around for that.

And yes, those class actions will start when people realize that RT isn't Windows, but an arm clone which looks the same but just isn't. And MS employees have been misguiding many a user into RT.

Windows 8 ads hit US screens: Death Metal, exploding laptops


I've seen the ads

But what I notice in all of the jubilee, you won't find one mouse.

Everything is touch screen. My PC doesn't have a touch screen, so sod off!

Vandals break into congressman's office, install Linux on PCs


Re: Well yes of course it will be recoverable

not if it was dbanned.

And certainly not if it was was zeroed. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda

never assume you know what you're talking about.


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