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'We invented Windows 8 Tiles in the 1990s', says firm suing Microsoft


Active Desktop Anyone?

Tiles are little more than Active Desktop and push channels which pre-dates this patent by several years.

I used it for pretty much the same purpose as tiles until I replaced my channels with sidebar gadgets.

Shouldn't Microsoft be suing them?

McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, says Home Secretary


Disproportionate use of farce

I'm loving the hang 'em flog 'em brigade's indignation but a little context is necessary here.

Hacking into a computer under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 (the relevant law at the time) would warrant a max £5,000 fine for unauthorised access. That seems from the facts made public to have been the offence allegedly committed. I've seen no other evidence of crime presented apart from embarrassment of senior US DoD security figures. There is no alleged destruction of data or deletion of files. The "damage" figure seems to be for closing the stable door after someone forgot to bolt it in the first place (or as it might otherwise be known: changing the passwords).

However, even if a higher burden of proof of fraud or extortion (which I don't believe anyone has alleged)were demonstrated a UK court could only hawe set a max of 5 years imprisonment for the computer hacking part of it not the 60 years under US law.

Windows 8 pricing details announced as preorders begin


Trés Amusant

I do love reading fans of x venting their spleens over how much y sucks.

It is very very funny.

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Vandals break into congressman's office, install Linux on PCs


Is it just me or is Mr Grimmmm's statement dangerously close to the "attack on America" speech in Animal House?