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The Adobe Flash Farewell Tour 2020: LibreOffice to axe export support for .SWF in version 7

Paul J Turner

A few last good memories

I did like the Xiao Xiao Stick Figure Fighting SWFs back in the day.

Fortunately, they are preserved, E.G. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw4wzwYeZ0Y

In fact the style still seems to be somewhat of an apprentice piece -


Oracle staff say Larry Ellison's fundraiser for Trump is against 'company ethics' – Oracle, ethics... what dimension have we fallen into?

Paul J Turner

Did they change the meaning of an acronym again?

"...LGBTQ and trans communities...". Double dipping?

Yay! The ozone layer hole the smallest it's ever been seen. That's not necessarily good...

Paul J Turner

Like blood groups, O-holes and A-holes

Haha, you can read the panic in every utterance as their meal-ticket evaporates.

Holy crappuccino. There's a latte trouble brewing... Bio-boffins reckon 60%+ of coffee species may be doomed

Paul J Turner

Re: Great solution to overpopulation!

No worries at all! Just roast Dandelion roots and grind them for wartime-style ersatz Coffee.

I have made it and it isn't the worst 'coffee' I've ever tasted.

There's no damn chance at all that Dandelions are going to die out as long as we have lawns.

Phew, galactic accident helps boffins explain dark matter riddle

Paul J Turner

Dark Matter is a joke

Galaxies rotate slower at the outside than nearer the centre, It's obviously a wind-up.

FYI: NASA has sent a snatch-and-grab spacecraft to an asteroid to seize some rock and send it back to Earth

Paul J Turner

Not actually immortals

But many scientists studying life extension and our increasing longevity have thought for some years now that the first person to reach 300 years old has likely already been born. So, maybe some will care.

STIBP, collaborate and listen: Linus floats Linux kernel that 'fixes' Intel CPUs' Spectre slowdown

Paul J Turner

He should hug off and mind his own business

In an age when the F word is generally permitted on radio, what is the problem with it being in Linux source comments? Are we protecting all the kiddy coders or are the coders usually adults?

Amazon's homegrown 2.3GHz 64-bit Graviton processor was very nearly an AMD Arm CPU

Paul J Turner

Re: Interesting comparison...

Even allowing for the single-threaded tests, I bet the Graviton wasn't using medieval LPDDR2 RAM like the Pi. As you say, a very poor showing.

AI snaps business titan jaywalking

Paul J Turner

Actually it's nowhere near as harmless an error as you might think

China is introducing a reputational 'Social Credit' system where having a bad score and no means of redress can be REALLY BAD NEWS - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Credit_System

Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel

Paul J Turner

Yaru theme

Memories of Billy Bunter...

Surprise! VAT, customs likely to get a bit trickier in a Brexit no-deal world

Paul J Turner

Re: Na na na na na na na VAT man!

"Sixteen sodium atoms walk into a bar followed by Batman."

You could Google it, but probably don't need to.

Boffins mix AI and chemicals to create super-fast lab assistant

Paul J Turner

Bad idea

“By realizing only 10 per cent of the total number of reactions, we can predict the outcomes of the remaining 90 per cent without needing to carry out the experiments,” the paper said.

That sounds like a great way to never find any new type of reaction or interesting compounds.

Over-confidence and smugness built into the AI.

Oracle Linux now supported on 64-bit Armv8 processors

Paul J Turner


Proofreading, on The Reg'? The day someone makes a decent AI Grammar Checker for free maybe.

"A developer preview of Docker that will run on the OS is in a developer preview." You don't say?

Internet engineers tear into United Nations' plan to move us all to IPv6

Paul J Turner

Re: Whatever happened to...

'IPv5' redirects to -


New UK drone laws are on the way – but actual Drones Bill still in limbo

Paul J Turner

Re: Great weight limit

As I said last year -


Planned European death ray may not need Brit boffinry brain-picking

Paul J Turner

Re: ...mirrored armor

"Mirrors ain't perfect"

They are good enough to create the beam though?

Anyway, when you can see your own reflection in the guy's armour, are you really going to use a laser?

Guess who else Spectre is haunting? Yes, it's AMD. Four class-action CPU flaw lawsuits filed

Paul J Turner

Re: It's odd...

@big_D I said it was about predictive branching, did you miss the bit where I said it was similar crappy implementation of the same?

The fact that there are patches coming out shows that it is an implementation fault, not inherent to predictive branching itself.

Paul J Turner

It's odd...

That Intel and AMD chips and even the vastly dissimilar ARM chips have the same sort of flaw due to similar crappy implementation of the branch-prediction etc.

It's almost like people moved between companies and took their knowledge with them.

Or maybe their engineers all learnt from the same masters. It'd be sort of funny if the root cause was really some class at MIT or elsewhere.

Open NFV kit and software gets verification program

Paul J Turner

I would be happier...

If they played nice and released documentation in .ODF format rather than .DOCX


Stop us if you've heard this one before: Tokyo crypto-cash exchange 'hacked' for half a billion bucks

Paul J Turner

Someone needs to use a 24 hour clock to tell time

"... went undetected for more than eight hours. ..."

"... theft occurred Friday around 3am ..."

"... only discovered at 1.30pm ..."

I make that 10 and a half hours. (and no getout for 'more than' eight hours)

Security hole in AMD CPUs' hidden secure processor code revealed ahead of patches

Paul J Turner

No sympathy

Well well, it seems all the major CPU manufacturers have included 'Management Engines' in their CPUs for 'Administrative Funcions' (as in "the NSA, GCHQ et al want admin' rights on everybody's computer").

Then it turns out that these back-doors introduce insecurities (as always).

The kow-towing pricks deserve every drop of shit that rains on them from a great height.

Kentucky lawmaker pushes smut filter law (update: maybe not)

Paul J Turner


hee hee ;-)


America's drone owner database is baaaack! Just in time for Xmas

Paul J Turner

No Worries

When a drone is flying it is more or less weightless so "Registration is required for small Unmanned Aircraft weighing more than 0.55 pounds..." https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/aircraft_certification/aircraft_registry/UA/ doesn't apply.

Some people really need to learn the difference between mass and weight.

Google Chrome vows to carpet bomb meddling Windows antivirus tools

Paul J Turner

Re: "Microsoft-signed code [...] will not be affected."

Because Microsoft don't make an Ad' Blocker.

High-freq trade biz sues transatlantic ISP for alleged spiteful cable cut

Paul J Turner

You're kidding?

They didn't have a completely separate backup connection or plan B for a business-critical part of their ITC as a matter of good business practice?

nbn™ pauses hybrid fibre-coax build and will fix current connections

Paul J Turner

Fancy that

Just as the UK starts getting serious about customers getting what they pay for -


- nbn sees which way the wind will soon be blowing down-under and panics about their craptacular performance and the prospect of customer lawsuits.

Mythical broadband speeds to plummet in crackdown on ISP ads

Paul J Turner

'Fibre Broadband'

The new 1336x768 'HD'.

'We think autonomous coding is a very real thing' – GitHub CEO imagines a future without programmers

Paul J Turner

Has another five years gone by so soon?

Again? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_One_(software)

(Hah, Snap! @teahound)

Groundhog Day! ACCC again calls for truth in broadband advertising

Paul J Turner

Why pick a period?

The ACCC should take a tip from Microsoft and require ISP-supplied modems to be instrumented to the eyeballs to see what actual speeds users get when they use their modems.

It could even aggregate the 'scores' and return a QOS figure to be used to adjust the ISP's billing downwards when they don't meet spec'.

That would get their attention real quick!

People who pick their own IT kit always get told their kit isn't supported anyway, so no loss to them.

Google's Android 8.0 Oreo has been served

Paul J Turner

Next Gen

Continuing the choc' and lollies theme and needing one starting with 'P'; may I suggest 'Penguin', the well-known chocolate bar.

Flaws in web-connected, radiation-monitoring kit? What could go wrong?

Paul J Turner

I don't think that word means what you think it means...

"Santamarta's research focused on testing software and hardware, firmware reverse engineering and radio frequency analysis"

And covering just about everything is 'focused' is it?

Foxtel choked on 65,000 new sign-ups to watch Game of Thrones

Paul J Turner

Re: real problem - they don't want to pay telstra etc

I'm always suspicious when certain number ranges are involved.

I wonder if some plonker counted new signups in a 16-bit unsigned integer that died at 65,535?

Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city. And this is a good thing, it says

Paul J Turner

Who stuffed the headline then?

"Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city."

Does not follow from - "A million mosquitoes will be released over a 20-week period."

Viking storms storage monastery wielding 50TB SAS SSD

Paul J Turner

Re: Yay!

Hmm, not sure about that 'x7' factor, typo?.

Has riddle of the 1977 'Wow!' signal finally been cracked? Maybe...

Paul J Turner

Feeling torn

"This paper was also just really, really, really short on details that a radio astronomer would want, to the point where it likely wouldn't have passed a referee at a regular journal," said Yvette Cendes, a skeptical radio astronomer at the University of Toronto.

It would be really nice to think that the persons who SHOULD be the experts were right, but how many times has science been held back by group-think among the 'experts' until their noses were rubbed in the clear and definite truth?

India sets June 5 as the day it will join the heavy-lift rocket club

Paul J Turner

What ARE you guys smoking?

"India sets June 5 as the day it will joint the heavy-lift rocket club"


Silicon Valley tech CEO admits beating software engineer wife, offered just 13 days in the clink

Paul J Turner

Justice may be happening already

I looked here - https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/cuberon#/entity and found -


Founders: Abhishek Gattani, Digvijay Singh Lamba


Current Team (1) Digvijay Singh Lamba Co-Founder and CTO


Past Team (1) Abhishek Gattani

Git sprints carefully towards SHA-1 deprecation

Paul J Turner


'Pad', 'Pack', same difference and a data length or end marker is used in some compression systems.

Zip and 7z were just used for reference you could consider the old disk-compression systems which do output files obviously padded to the end of the last sector.

Obviously the size of the resulting hash might make it impractical, but my point is that I think that the best theoretically possible achievable lossless compression must be the minimum size possible for a guaranteed collision-free hash.

Also, the bigger the file the bigger the hash, which might disqualify it if only considering fixed-size hashes.

Paul J Turner


I know what you mean but I'm wondering if there is an exception.

Consider if you used ZIP or 7z as the hash algorithm.

You end up with less bits (which you can pack to a fixed size) but there is only one possibility for the source file.

You can even verify that by unpacking and comparing, which makes it a bit useless unless you can lock it down from tampering somehow, say with a hash function... ;-)

SpaceX yoinks $96m GPS launch deal from under ULA's nose

Paul J Turner

Re: I can't help but wonder


Sure, we could replace FTNN, says nbn™, if you let the unwired wait even longer for broadband

Paul J Turner

Amid new push to make Pluto a planet again... Get over it, ice-world's assassin tells El Reg

Paul J Turner

Re: Sorry Prof'

Thanks for your post with a link in it Red Bren. I used view-source and had a practice on an old forum post

I tested with - <_a _ _h_r_e_f_=_"_h_t_t_p_s_:_/_/_c_9_._i_o_/_"_>_C_l_o_u_d_ _9_<_/_a_>

take out the '_' characters

I thought that there was some substitution of '[' and ']' for '<' and '>' but that may have been some other forum.

Paul J Turner

Sorry Prof'

'The Moon' IS a planet not 'A Moon'.

If the Earth was to vanish it's orbit would continue pretty much unchanged.


Also, It's long past bloody time that El Reg made it easy to include hyperlinks, or at least made the information on how to embed them clear, complete and easy to find.

I think I found a reference once, but it assumed html expertise. Is a button that hard to implement?

Microsoft on Cloud 9 after online biz boosts profits to $6.3bn in second quarter

Paul J Turner

Microsoft on Cloud 9?

Don't let them hear you say that! Cloud 9

Competition and wholesale costs, not lack of fibre, crimp broadband in Australia

Paul J Turner

close, but no cigar

“Australia's broadband is rubbish because we abandoned the fibre build”


“Australia's broadband is rubbish because we abandoned the all-fibre build”

As South Australia blacked out, PM's office was told renewable power was not to blame

Paul J Turner

Re: Just the beginning

"Light Water Reactors produce what is known as reactor grade plutonium. It is utterly useless for nuclear weapons and nobody has ever used reactor grade plutonium in a weapon."

Then they won't be building just Light Water Reactors, will they? Simples!

I expect there will be suitable reactors in among the power reactors, probably on the same sites.

Early refuelling of LWRs is a less convenient but possible option, so Weapons-Grade Plutonium CAN be produced by Light Water Reactors.


Paul J Turner

Re: Just the beginning

"a decent arsenal." = "weapons that we ourselves actually have control of."

Paul J Turner

Just the beginning

I expect to see a lot more reduction of renewables and it's Donald Trump's fault (I'm going for the popular vote).

Now that they have had a wake-up call that they can't rely on the US to keep us safe in Asia, they are probably drawing up plans for a bunch of Australian-owned and operated nuclear power stations to make plutonium (as a 'by-product', honest) to start building a decent arsenal.

Oz consumer watchdog: 'up to' speeds shouldn't be in broadband ads

Paul J Turner

Re: As I have said for the last two years

Actually I mean the overall speed to the source.

Obviously some servers just aren't too fast but a lot of slowdown is due to crappy low bandwidth links being used on the principle that not everybody uses them at the same time.

Unfortunately, greed for profit sees this taken way too far resulting in rubbish performance for far too much of the day.

'Provisioning' they call it, I'd like to put their network architects and capacity planners in a room and 'provision' their air. I'm sure they don't all breathe in at the same time.