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Microsoft's Edge gang pops a head above the parapet to give Linux fans a strong 'maybe'

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wanted to know more about the cute cat and why it had been in the storage box ..

Honey, hive had it with this drone: Couple lived for years with thousands of bees in bedroom wall

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Re: This article

I think she had left us 8 years ago.

swarmed ?

Google readies Pixel for the masses, but are the masses ready for Pixel?

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Re: Google has since declined to send us any more samples

Have an upvote for 'applish behaviour'.

That is exactly what I had thought.

A decade on, Apple and Google's 30% app store cut looks pretty cheesy

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amazon is charging 30 % too.

did all companies agreed to have at least 30%?

Church of England will commune with God for you via Amazon's Echo

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Re: 42

electric monkey had been my first thought as well

NASA will send tiny helicopter to Mars

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Re: Ummm...

the mice got paid a fair wage ... in cheese

Stephen King's scary movie reboot provokes tears from 'legit clowns'

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IT Angle

It wasn't It.

I am scared of clowns already since I saw 1988 an episode of Dr Who (The greatest show in the galaxy). Well before the TV Series IT in 1990. (There we have an IT angle!)

'Phantom' menace threatens to down Xbox Live, PSN at Xmas

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may be it is just a threat to keep the companies alert, so that they won't mess up again like last year

Qualcomm proposes brain implants for IP cameras

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Let me be the first to welcome our new eyeborg overlords.

US beats Iran as Japan's tincan footie team wins robot World Cup

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USA beats Iran and nobody comments?

Forget Hillary, HP's ex CARLY FIORINA 'wants to be next US Prez'

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the donors must be democrats ...

... because if she is the presidential candidate for the republicans, Clinton is set to win

Facebook scammers punt fake 'sexy vid' of Emma Watson

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Re: So...

maybe we could get a playmobil recreation instead ??

Pen-testers outline golden rules to make hacks more €xpen$ive

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I can understannd that autoit and perl could be abused to ran malware, but what was that about anything from Apple? Did they just mean applescript and things like it or apple Software/Hardware?

What’s the KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for Delete?! Look in a contextual menu, fool!

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"right-clicking on things and hoping for the best, like some fucked-up business edition of Riven."

I have not laughed that hard for ages.

We have a "standard software" at work with an user interface, that never made sense to me, until now.

NSFW: Click here, watch iPhone 6 being TORTURED

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what was the NSFW bit?

Google: let's build our own quantum computer

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Anybody who has a working quantum computer could easily break the encryptions used today.

I am not sure If I would want google to be able to do that.

CNN 'tech analyst' on NAKED CELEBS: WHO IS this mystery '4chan' PERSON?

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Re: As long as they never see...

get an upvote for the mandatory xkcd reference

Russia: SEXY LIZARDS which landed FROM SPACE are all DEAD

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Black Helicopters

Who done it?

Who killed the geckos?

Did some earth bound lizard kill the space lizards on arrival?

Or are the real overlords the fruit flies, who had to dispose of the llizards because they found out ...

why are there so many fruit flies on my window...

No need to run. Please stay calm.

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?

Anonymaus Cowark


Ah! The mandatory xkcd reference. Thanks

Cops baffled by riddle of CHICKEN who crossed ROAD

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Re: umm..

yeap the gras is greener on the other side


Anonymaus Cowark

Let me be the first to welcome our new space lizard overlords ...

Putin: Crack Tor for me and I'll make you a MILLIONAIRE

Anonymaus Cowark

exatly my thought

That would not even pay the protection that I would need afterwards, when I have cause trouble to russian criminals.

MYSTERIOUS Siberia CRATER: ALIENS or METEOR not involved, officials insist

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Re: Size

A burst methan bubble was my first thought as well.

but I could only imagine this as a result of the global warming ...

Apple: No, China. iPhone is NOT public enemy number 1

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Black Helicopters

tracking movement patterns

maybe then the world would find out that china lets people walk around the block so that it appears more populated than it actually is.

Obviously that is a china state secrect and now the helicopters are approaching my position...

should not have bought an iphone ...

Star Wars museum to land in Chicago

Anonymaus Cowark

Hopefully there will be also something about the adventure games from lucasfilm/lucasarts

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst

Anonymaus Cowark


Exactly what I thought when I read the article.

I was highly surprised to see this text, without any real arguments, in theregister.

The usual article by Chris Mellor about storage devices are much more useful and informative.

MIT boffins moot tsunami-proof floating nuke power plants

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what could possibly go wrong?

German space centre endures cyber attack

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cooperation is good but china does not trust the germans.

It would prefer more control.

Russian deputy PM: 'We are coming to the Moon FOREVER'

Anonymaus Cowark

why is everyone thinking about the USA

As indicated they are not a serious contender.

This is the beginning of a space race between Russia and China.

NSA spies recorded an entire COUNTRY'S phone calls for a MONTH: Report

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Re: Place your bets

The odds are way to good for cuba.

Where may I place my bet?

Anonymaus Cowark

most likly countries

Most likly countries would be some which have a limited infrastructure and which are high on the list of evil countries. Therefore China and UK would be ruled out. How about North Korea, Somalia or Ecuador?

Earth's night-side gets different kinds of neutrinos from day-side

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IT Angle

and the IT angle is



Valve showers Debian Linux devs with FREE Steam games

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Re: That's Debian productivity down the pan then!

Exactly my first thought. They try to sabotage the Linux development.

Get an upvote for identifying the rela reason.

NSA: It's TRUE, we grab 200 MILLION of your text messages A DAY globally

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Re: The Last Secure Option

That is not sufficiently secure either since the telco have boxes that allow to snoop on normal landlines aswell. If you have to send a note write it encrypted on paper and sent it with a pigeon or raven.

Woman whipped gun from vagina in SPACE ALIEN spat, reports Officer Zook

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Black Helicopters

Space Aliens?

I would still like to know, who of the two argued for Space Aliens?

Was that left out on purpose by the article?

NSA data centre launch delayed as power surges 'melt metal, zap racks'

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Re: Conspiracy Theory 2013#43-46

>off-blueprint sub-sub-basement.

That was exactly my first thought when I read the article

Oh, shoppin’ HELL: I’m in the supermarket of the DAMNED

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Where do you shop?

Seriously, I would stay out of that shop if they do not bother to implement a proper fast checkout.

The normal checkout is probably not much better and a real torture for the employees.

At IKEA I prefer that Fast Self Checkout because it enables me to get in and out (with furniture!) in less than 10 Minutes. ... And nobody has time to stare at me or to look what I have bought.

NSA slides reveal: iPhone users are all ZOMBIES

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Re: @poopypants - Disconnecting a Cell Phone Battery Quickly.

I am pretty sure that you would get legal problems for "retrofitting a tiny power switch to cell phones"

They could make a case because of modification of a radio device or for "obstruction of an agency proceeding" (prevention of listening in by the NSA)

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials

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a ballon with an attached camera would explain the wires and the styrofoam (so the electronics won't get too cold)

Chinese 'nauts return to Earth after vigorous space coupling

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Re: China winning one-entry space race

China sends people instead of robots because it is cheaper for them.

Boffin's claim: I have found how to get girls into tech

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Clearly a case for the ministry of truth!

Girls had always been highly interested in computer science.

Think about it

Who invented FLOW-MATIC (the mother of the COBOL language)?

Who had been first computer programmer (on Babbage's Analytical Engine)?

Accept the truth.

Reg readers tumesce as they get their tongues round 'podule'

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The village podule is not round. It has a cross form since it is a collection of houses at a crossing.

Crack Army pilot to be first PROPER British astronaut IN SPAAAACE

Anonymaus Cowark

playmonauts are taikonauts, due to the place of birth

Jailed Romanian hacker repents, invents ATM security scheme

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Re: Over complex

exactly what I thought.

The mechanic for turning the card are probably more complex than moving a reader head side ways

Berkeley Lab proposes 4D clock

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why does it does it remind me of a clock on the disc world!?

Everything was fine, but then the administrator moved in.