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Microsoft admits Samsung phones under Intune mobile device management are dropping out of compliance


MDM/MAM frustration

Just had this om my phone under MDM, post update started getting emails that it was not compliant. Attempted to correct the issue in question ( the pin code wasn't long enough) needed to be 6 digits, was 6 digits but intune didn't believe me or the device. tried to change the digits to 7 but intune could see no change.

Turns out that if you follow the correction path indicated by intune, it will not apply the change. You have to change your Pin or password via the phones normal security setting path. A trap that is easy to fall into as most other MS stuff has short cuts that work.

Hope that helps

Libs launch broadband poll


Very fast BB ! more like very fast BS

Sadly as he is a Pollie these are weasel words. The use of the term "very fast broadband" refers to the currently available tech hybrid, HFC and perhaps that German tech HDSL. All of these still require the use of the old copper network which is grossly under maintained. In talking about one thing and mixing in the term NBN its a attempt to spin his argument in favor of cheaper off the shelf equipment. While giving the apperance of saying he can do the NBN Fibre roll out better.