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UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration


Re: Missing the point

The real point is that governments are now willing to fake information in support of a special interest groups.

Maybe the health department should re-assess the health effects of smoking using studies with similar rigour?

Proprietary OS source code LEAKED to web – from 40 years ago


Well it's not really a leak, if the "leakers" intend the material to be released.


Appeals court decides Dotcom warrant was legal after all


Sergei and Larry's arrest should be a doozie

While Kim has some cash and nice toys, I can't imagine his resources are quite up to par with Larry and Sergei - you know the dudes who run the big video pirating site and the illegal file distribution network known as Google Drive.

Be interesting to see if they keel over or have a cinematic 007 style escape plan.

They could even stream the action!!!

What's wrong with Britain's computer scientists?


I rather think computer scientists suffer from the same problems as assembly line workers.

Their work is inherently portable can be undertaken more cheaply overseas.

You need some locally - but not many.

KRAKOOM! iPad Air explose in fireball, terrified fanbois flee Apple store


You'd think with all those sensors and apps there might be one to turn off the juice before the fire breaks out.

The next one will tbe iPad elements. You know the various stages an iPad goes through in it's life time - (rare) Earth, Air, Fire, Water - I guess it's end state would of course be Carbon - hey wasn't that a Mac API?

Or maybe the iPad fX - with built in fire Xtinguisher.

This could be a fun little game.... name that iPad.

UK.gov open to hiring ex-con hackers for cyber reserves


I reckon there's a guy in the Eucadorean embassy who might qualify.

ASIO seeks new hires for telecoms interception teams


Re: Why are the cyber-spies all in Canberra?

Easier to track them if they go rogue?


I'm sure these positions will be for further internal regulation and to make sure that after the PRISM scandal a more rigorous level of approval is needed for interceptions.

Yeah right.

It's official: Apple sends out invitations for September 10 event


Johnny Ives is gone.

They've actually put Damien Hirst on staff.

That's why all the spots.

Japan's naughty nurses scam free meals with mobile games


Scam's a bit strong

Bit sensationalist no?

At worst these are chick "pickup artists".

Not really much different to the male gamers who are trying to pick them up with one thing (a different thing) on their minds.

NBN Co coffee budget brews caffeinated controversy


Not many employers have tabs at Cafes for their employees, 'tis true.

But lots of them provide free or subsidised drinks and cofee - at least in decent IT firms.

Compare apples with apples not oranges.

Australia joins hunt for corporate tax dodgers


Name and shame my large, round buttocks!

As an Aussie I say "FSCK That!!!".

Name and shame my big fat, round, wobbly bum.

I want a "prosecute and collect" policy.

Or legislate, prosecute and collect.

Whatever it takes.

I pay more taxes because they pay less.

Australian spooks want mobile dev to build ... something


How will they get out of the walled garden?

iOS powered bluetooth rocks.

best not use iOS6 - the wireless is a bit shit.

There you have the national saving data in your wireless rock dead drop and you can't get the bloddy thing to register on you 802.11 network.

On a more serious note.

I thought it was illegal to circumvent copy protection i.e. root an iPhone.

That could be a real problem as the Apple Store may not aprove the ASIO app.

I'm thinking android might be a better choice.

British armed forces get first new pistol since World War II


Re: a note on calibres and stuff

"The reason the L85A1 came in for such a bashing was because it was compared to the tried'n'tested "mythical" L1A1 SLR."

Oh yeah the other reason teh L85A1 was slagged off was that it did actually fall apart a lot.

A lot of modern rifles do.

Our locally manufactured F88s ()Australian Steyr AUGs) suffer fromt eh same problem as do most of the AR/M16 family.

They are made of aluminium and plastic.

Those are both reatively fragile materials.

They are still OK weapons, but they do fall apart a lot more than the old fashion twice the weight steel SLRs, M14s and AKs.


Re: a note on calibres and stuff

I thought the Mauser '96 was fed via strippers into a fixed magazine?

IT Angle

What hammer? The glock is striker fired.

Hi Lewis,

The Glock does not have a hammer it is striker fired

NBN contracts reveal the state of Telstra’s ducts

Thumb Down

So the NBN will rent ducts, and Telstra will spend the money on making the ducts serviceable?

Hey why not feed the mayonaise to the tuna?

E.g. engineer the deal is such as way that Telstra does not end up owning national infrastructure....

I guess every pollie needs there post retirement/election sinecure...

Apple to ditch Intel – report


Apple have rather successfully negotiated two architecture changes in the Mac's lifetime.

In the last one (the move to intel) many people didn't even realise they were running PPC code on intel until Rosetta was no longer installed by default.

Similarly before that many users ran 68K code quite happily for years on PPC.

I really don't think that it is the least bit surprising nor do Apple users have anything to worry about should this eventuate.

Windows user's have not a lot to worry about.

No one (as yet) has said anything about changing instruction sets - just hardware manufacturers.

Facebook won't pull unmarked police plates page

Thumb Up

So what you're saying is that currently for a month or two, yet, twitter is the platform of choice for the social media aware crook.

Actually I have not problem with this sort of page.

The pollies like to claim we live in a democracy, the police, nameless agencies and the defense force claim to be defending a democracy.

In a democracy you have free speech. Well in Australia we don't, but we're not really a democracy, we're a parlimentary monarchy.

But we do have implied political free speech (apparently).

If naming a narc is not political speech what is?

If we were Libyans figthing the Gaddaffi regime (or what's left of it) this would be a victory for social media.

We need to decide.

Which is it.

Are social networks to be used to create open societies - yes and de-frocking narcs is part of the open society .

BTW face book is not the first nor will it be the last platform that offers this service, e.g.:


I'd say the narcs just have to get used to a brave new world.

Let's just say this perhaps in a zen bhuddist sort of way balances the fact they want to perform traffic analysis on every one in Australia's data for ever. And he drones that they will invariably have for watching us in the next 3-5 years.

Meh FTP (it 's file transfer protocol, honest officer).


Now if my traffic goes through the US I'll be on the department of health services watch list - because I've said certain words in this post.

LASER STRIKES against US planes on the rise


Surely there's a technological solution.

For example I'm under the impression that things like binos and goggles can be rendered laswer safe with a coating or laminate.

Give the pilots or at least one pilot said glasses, like the coldwar days when it was alleged NEACP and Looking Glass pilots wore an eyepatch, so they'd have a good eye in the event they weere blinded by a nuke flash.

Or treat the cockpit windows.

Oh yeah and issue a laser detector and a hellfire, to each civil airliner.

Vague data retention proposal draws IIA ire and friendly fire


I'd rather be terrorised

In fact let me make my position really clear.

I'd rather suffer the occasional terrorist attack than have my communications monitored.

I can see exactly one implementation of this scheme I could accept.

That is the carriers collect the data and had it over to a well funded statutory body t hold - who will not release it without a warrant/court order.

Of course that body would need to be really well funded, because I am positive the feds would be able to subvert or crack it otherwise.


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