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First, servers were DEEP-FRIED... now, boffins bring you WET ones

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Air does have one huge advantage over this. Its not going to leak all over the floor.

The thought of a datacenter running with this stuff still seems like a huge headache

Minicam movie pirate gets record-breaking five years in prison

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Cinema is dying

And quite rightly.

After recently going to see the Hobbit at the local cineworld I doubt I will be returning for the second film. After getting in on time for the showing I had to sit through nearly 30 min of back to back ads for surface tablets phones and other crap. What happened to paying for a movie then it starting at the time advertised? Instead its hefty ticket price followed a crap loads of ads then don't pirate ads then trailers then the film.

Would have been better waiting for the Blueray at least then I could have skipped the guff and would not have been stuck in a room that I can only describe smelled like fart sweat.

UK.gov stalks jobless online to axe work refuseniks' benefits

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Utter Crap

Last time I had the pleasure of of the old jobsworth centre. They didn't have a clue what I did they just kept telling me to apply to random jobs that said things that where like the things in my CV.

I have years worth of sys admin in linux and windows but suddenly I was to apply to software architect jobs using java despite not having much in the way of java skills and the classic was the junior admin job answering the phone for 11K.

Surprisingly possibly out of desperation the company offering the software architect job interviewed me. After failing most the tests and best guessing some of the interviewers questions. I came clean to them and said I only applied and turned up because the jobcentre forced me to and I don't think im right for the job.

In the end ignoring them and finding your own job is the best way.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft downed in Pakistan

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So really it should have the title

Root DNS server exploited Google, Apple, and Microsoft sites affected in Pakistan

Less sensational but more truthful

Fanbois: The Next Generation. YOUR CHILDREN belong to Apple now

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Apple in schools

Back in my schools days the whole schools IT system was totaly apple based. What a waste of time that was appletalk, smalltalk ect ect. Ahh the painfull memories of the crappy Macintosh SE and iMac thank god they replaced them with PCs. Guess was the company I got my first job was using.

To be honest a mix of tech should be in schools. For my job i need to know a fair bit about linux and windows server. In a pure mac school where would i get this experiance? I very very higly doubt the mac will ever make a dent in the market share of windows server and linux in the server department.

Its almost as bad as exclusivly teaching MS word and Excel.

NASA SECRET DISCOVERY ON MARS: Meteor offers possible clue

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Re: Dear Reg

What it comes back? I done it just to get rid of it.

Also the options where a bit meh I work for a fairly large hosting provider so oddly we are investing a lot into IT with our large IT budget.

I suggested getting rid of the big adverts at the sides of articles that's regain focus clicking space.

(I guess im the only one bothered by this)

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM

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Anyone else but me getting really tired at seeing the word innovative?

It went from a rarely used word to everyone and their dog writing it.

Its like the new cloud.

Is that a truncheon in your trousers, officer, or ... an antenna, you say?

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Re: WTF stands for...


I was hoping for more.

Valve taps testers for Linux Steam

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Re: That sucks!

Yeah if they release a .deb for this I would give it a few hours before a RPM is flying about.

It isn't that hard to build a package to install/link library that a bin file needs.

Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5

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True that you only hear from people complaining but it does seem to be a lot of people.

Apple iPhone 5 review

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Poor review

As nether a android or iphone user the quality of this review is rather poor. I would at least expect a side by side review against a competitor rather than the previous version.


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