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A bad day for DBAs: MIT boffins are replacing you with a mere spreadsheet

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I'm no longer a DBA so maybe it's changed but I bet it's brilliant right up until it's not brilliant one day and then you need the DBA back but unfortunately you've let them go and just have one grumpy sod left who actually spends most of the day in the pub as you never invite him to meetings any more.

UK govt threw £347m in the bin on failed asylum processing IT project

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How does a system that keeps track of a measly 300k records blow £347 million. I can't even make some structure up that would cost that much, no amount of staff, no number of developers or managers that sounds even vaguely credible!

Surely a well controlled focussed project for an entirely new product 100 developers full time for 2 year on 40k each and some back office and project management and testers etc and I'm still only up to 15 million max.

Researchers seek Internet's choke points

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Hmm, dodgy numbers

Over 80% of speed for 80% of the users is the same as under 80% for 20% of the users. So if cable is more than 20% of the time it may be as insignificant as the following

DSL slower than 80% for 20% of the users

Cable slower than 80% for 20.1% of the users

Very dodgy quote.

Ten external battery packs

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Crummy selection

Pretty useless selection of products I'm afraid reg. do a search on Amazon between 20 and 30 quid and there's loads. Personally I went for the powergen 8400mAh which I can vouch for as providing enough juice for two iPhones heavy usage for three days (festival last weekend) and only cost £23

And it's got a built in torch!


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