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Apple was the only Fortune 50 company to foresee COVID-19 pandemic risk and properly insure against it – Forrester

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Once great, now in decline.

Reg, this piece contains no insults, or unrelated-to-the-subject-at-hand previous incidents dropped in to bolster the hatred-first approach that comprises your Apple coverage.

You’re slipping.

Teardown nerds delve into Dell's new XPS 15 laptop to find – fancy that – screws and user-serviceable parts

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In Regland, it’s either bash Apple or keep fapping off to a crumpled 90s magazine advertisement for a Psion, and the doc said the skin needs to grow back.

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I tried to

But after about three minutes of his voice, I wanted to gouge my eardrums out with a multimeter. I chose to continue being able to hear.

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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No One Gives A Fuck About Psion?

Apple fanbois are officially sheeple. Yes, you heard. Deal with it

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We found this news item by searching...

...Google Cockchugging — the NSA's #1 choice

US tech CEOs demand Congress programs US kids to be tech workers

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And Google's already doing it by datamining students' Chromebooks!

Samsung faces Brazilian rap: Factory bods work '15hrs without break'

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Re: What are you gibbering on about?

Anytime an Android Anything is found to be doing something unfavourable, the goal post must be moved back to Apple. For justice.

Boffins: We have FOOLED APPLE with malware app

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"high fructose phone"

donut, eclair, jellybean...

Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes, turns young woman into 'burnt pig'

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A Sammy blows up on someone and the highest rated posts are Apple disses. Reg Readers, don't ever change...

Play the Snowden flights boardgame: Avoid going directly to Jail

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Why doesn't Larry and Steve fly him over in the luxury of a hammock-bedecked 767? After all, Google embodies Freedom Truth Liberty and Freedom.

Open wide, Google: Here comes an advertising antitrust probe

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And besides, we all know that Google is incapable of malfeasance in perpetuity.

Congress: It's not the Glass that's scary - It's the GOOGLE

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"I would assume it would have some little light that popped on or something so people knew it was recording?"

Didn't you hear? It's totally rootable. So, no.

Things that cost the same as coffee with Tim Cook - and are way more fun

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The Reg's Apple Trolling was more effective when Anna was writing.

Ten ancestors of the netbook

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The Register somehow finds one more reason to do a story mentioning Psion.

New Apple TV may hint at Apple-Samsung divorce

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I'm confused; I've just read an article about Apple on The Register that was not peppered with insults to the company and it's customers, that simply discussed the situation at hand.

The Chaebol Defense Alliance had better get downvoting...

Farewell, Reg: This hack is hanging up her Apple jacket

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Time for a new handle?

Apple: OK, we tracked your every move... but let's call it a caching bug, m'kay?

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Re: No. Let's call it "Tracking your every move,"

Shouldn't you be busy clicking on a few more ads?

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Re: No. Let's call it "Tracking your every move,"

In the eyes of this website's "journalists" and myriad Fandroids, Google is incapable of malfeasance in perpetuity, because Android.

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Re: Apple is refusing to hand over certain documents which might prove this one way or the other

This site is brought to you by The Chaebol Defense Alliance™.

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Re: So they are trying the Google WiFi defence

Exactly. Only Google is allowed to have 'accidental caches'.

Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner

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Another fine piece of non-journalism from the Chaebol Defence Alliance's premier cheerleader.

Apple users: Only Apple can track us! Not Google

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Re: More Leach tripe.

Why would you expect a Google Greenshirt to comprehend that difference?

Apple 'dismayed' to find over 100 kids building its iDevices

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Re: Now

To do so would be to copy Apple, so... probably.

iPhone hangs on in US, Japan, but EVERYONE ELSE bought an Android

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And is that 72.5% in China the full Android experience, feeding precious data back to Mountain View, or are forked versions included, restricted by what data the Great Firewall allows out?

Apple 'slashes iPhone 5 screen orders', tight-fisted fanbois blamed

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The WSJ has removed the 65 million figure from the article and BGR is reporting how the math doesn't add up... but don't expect any corrections from El Reg. Some Reg authors just can't help jumping on a turgid Apple story and riding it till the juice is gone.

Firefox for Android now runs on EVEN OLDER, slower kit

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At least someone cares about upgrading older Android handsets!

FTC clears Google in anticompetitive probe

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Good to see that all those millions that Google pours into lobbying DC—far beyond what Microsoft or Apple spend—is getting them results!

Google can't use finger-fumble patent to poke Apple - Trade panel

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Re: Hmm, typical Leach article


Judge: There'll be no US Samsung ban, BUT no new trial with Apple either

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Re: Rational decision

The Chaebol Defense Alliance clicks for justice!

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5

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Oh—that's where they buried it, not on the frontpage. Yeah I missed it there.

Anal Leakage

Re: What are you smoking.

It's funny because when I mentioned the author's name in a previous post, the mods rejected it.

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El Reg hasn't even covered the Samasung SIII/Note malware vulnerability yet but runs another riff on last week's iPhone 5 China launch.

This website has been brought to you by the Chaebol Defense Alliance™.

Google maps app is BACK on iPhones, fanbois spared death

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Suppose El Reg is going to run the story that the same Australian cops are now giving warning about Google Maps too?


Apple plants flag on wireless power-supply map

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Re: Why kill Apple here

If anyone other than Apple thought of it, then yes, a large portion of El Reg's readership would deem it innovative. But since Apple did, said demo will see it as EVIL.

Google+ exec declares Facebook 'social network of the past'

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It's funny how many hoops I had to jump through to quell the tide of promoted Android marketing that arrived daily in my Google+ feed.... when I bothered to check it.

Samsung: Demand for mobes forced 16hr days on factory slaves

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Re: Why is the first post about Apple?

Because for many people, Samsung is Android. They're making the most money off it, have the most cachet, and thus, any criticism of the chaebol is by extension an attack on Android.

Bah humbug! Google cancels Christmas

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Re: I shudder to think how much abuse Apple would have taken if they had done this

Still riding Antennagate?


Judge confirms Google's miserly $22.5m Safari privacy FTC payout

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Re: February 2014??

This is as ridiculous as Apple saying they couldn't post the UK website apology in less than two weeks, but of course The Register remains uncritical of Google Twaddle.

Dead Steve Jobs was dead wrong on Flash, bellows ColdFusion man

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Must be a slow trolling day for the Reg if it needs to get it's Apple-baiting headlines from this guy.

Analyst: There are LOADS of iPhone 5s, Apple is keeping them back

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"Piecyk offered little insight into the manufacturing process, but did say that he believes supply and demand for the flagship phone is "in balance" and improving."

More quality reporting from the Reg and it's Apple-obsessed writers.

Windows 8, Surface slabs ALREADY need critical security patch

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Re: Not news

Google and Samsung can do no wrong!

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So Google wants all that malware in the Play store?

iPhone 5 unlocked US prices placed on Apple website by accident

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Re: Pricing

Like the Nexus 4?

Apple shifts 3 million iPads in 3 days: But how many were Minis?

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Notice how skepticism-free the Reg article on Asus' vague Nexus 7 sales figures was?

Slideshow: A History of First-person Shooters in 20 Games

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Marathon included in the list? Respect.

Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest

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It's getting rather comical how The Reg needs to put APPLE in every headline to encourage clickthrough.

Story gone

Anal Leakage

Does the app occasionally show popup insults to the users who have made the egregious mistake of being iSheep, or is that left to the Reg's stories?

Samsung posts record profits as Galaxy sales crush Apple

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This message has been brought to you by the Chaebol Defense Alliance. Won't you lend a hand?

Google's Android celebrates fourth birthday

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Re: Patently obvious

So why don't current Android handsets have that feature?

Anal Leakage

Patently obvious

This handset clearly shows that the touch paradigm ushered in by the iPhone was in fact an obvious, universal approach, because trackball.


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