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Next Windows 8 version can ditch bits of Metro

Jason Hall

"I love my new win 8 machine with Metro. It does everything I want it to, quickly and easily."

Good for you. Other opinions vary.

"No training required. Just switch on and away you go."

So you somehow understood how to use it without any training? That's amazing. ESP or something?

For you or I there isn't much of a learning curve, but for some people it's a huge difference.

"Anyone elses comment is just bullshit from retarded Mos."

Nice. Remind me to punch you in the face if I see you walking down the street. Oh yeah, sorry, that wasn't nice either. See we can both be dicks.

"Love it or hate it, windows is still the most widely distributed OS, best support, easiest to use, most well known OS. "

Ah... that old chestnut. Just because it's the most widely distributed doesn't mean it's the best.

"So stop complaining like a girl and get on with your (lack of) life."

Sexist attitude too? Double-nice.

iPhone 5S and lower-cost sibling coming this summer?

Jason Hall


Erm... from just the last 5 or so posts I think you should probably go and find some professional help.

It's perfectly normal to like/dislike something, but seeing the complete contempt spouting from you over something as silly as a mobile phone choice is quite scary.

Either you're being paid to come up with this (not likely) or you're just messed-up in the head.

Seriously - go find some help?

BlackBerry Z10: Prices pruned despite eager iPunter interest

Jason Hall

Re: Getting excited over Windows Updates.

I threw up over mine.

Oh no - that was the Microsoft 'design' engineers.

Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS

Jason Hall

Re: but puzzling nonetheless

"Canonical getting feedback on the UI as it evolves and reactions steering the design"

Ahahahahahahahahahhahaha that's funny.

As if Canonical would listen to it's user base and make appropriate changes... ahahahahahahahaha!

Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices

Jason Hall

Re: Nothing does Everything

Exactly my main problem with my Nexus 7 (32).

One of the main reasons for buying mine was to use it for watching TV/Movies while on a treadmill at the gym.

Since the volume level is so low it's no use for me whatsoever.

Obviously it has other uses, but that was my main intention. Unfortunately no-one had mentioned it in any of the *many* wonderful reviews at that stage.

Anyone want to swap for an ipad mini? (obviously with some cash incentive) :/

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed

Jason Hall

Re: Windows 7 stock?


"It doesn't require more power. My Windows 8 machine is running on the same hardware as my W7, Vista and XP had previously done. It actually requires less resources than previous OSes, other than XP, but allows you to do more than XP."

I agree it seems to run slightly better than Win 7 on the same spec machines, but what the hell does Win 8 *DO MORE* than Win 7 - except piss-off the majority of it's users?

The Spherical Cow lands, spits out Anaconda

Jason Hall

Re: What did I just read? @Irongut

@James Hughes 1

"So installing a new distro and learning a new desktop was easier than just turning off the Amazon thing in Ubuntu (about 5 buttons clicks)?. Who would have thought it."

Who said it was easier?

When Ubuntu started spying on it's users then a lot of them decided to leave it. Why should anyone believe an 'off button' actually does what it says?

Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit

Jason Hall

Re: Mutually assured destruction is now assured

Yes. This please.

The best e-readers for Christmas

Jason Hall

@I ain't Spartacus

The Nexus 7 may be a great tablet - but if you don't like the ipad speaker, then beware of the Nexus.

Quiet and crap quality. This also goes for when you're using headphones/earphones too.

Otherwise a great (cheap-ish) tablet.

The Sinofsky Letters: Defenestrated Windows overlord corresponds

Jason Hall

Re: Idea

I thought they may have already collaborated secretly on Ubuntu?

Google expects Apple to block its not crap iOS maps app

Jason Hall


"I wouldn't have minded the usual adverts on El Reg, but when they started using adverts that scroll across your screen from right to left it went a step too far."

Too true. If reg decides to start thinking about ways around adblock, then I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long for this site to empty.

Apple updates iOS 6, Safari

Jason Hall

Re: Update?

43.3MB for my iphone 4.


Jason Hall

Re: @RobE

Too true mate.

In the olden days this site seemed to have a decent informative/debate structure to the comments with only the occasional flame/troll.

All you have to do nowadays is mention Apple/Samsung/Microsoft and the idiots are jumping out of the woodwork to spew their bile.

US trounces UK in climate scepticism jibber-jabber

Jason Hall


There is no way you can say that a country,, that overall, doesn't believe in evolution is more scientifically literate. Sorry, but no.

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

Jason Hall

Re: Click Bait Articles @Chris

So... temporarily ignoring the maps 'issue' I'm not really sure how anyone could call the iphone 5 a shit smartphone.

OK, so there's no *new* amazing tech that no-one else has. So fucking what?

It's still a very good smartphone, with a good battery, camera, tons of apps (including map apps & maps.google.com if desperate).

It may cost a little more than an Android phone of the same spec. but since most people on here are supposed to be rich techies how does that matter? Go to the pub one less night a week and you'll easily cover the extra cost.

Seems to me that there are a load of butt-hurt trolls here just foaming at the mouth/keyboard.

My iphone 4 contract is now up, so I'm looking for a replacement - not because I *need* one, but because I would like something new and shiny to play with (a better camera would also be nice).

I'm not sure whether I'll get an iphone 5, or try-out an Android/Windows phone... but if you're the average Android mouth-breather, then maybe I should stay with the 'media apologists' since at least they only need hand-holding rather than locking-up.

Ten netbooks

Jason Hall

Re: D270 Sucks

I have a slightly older Acer D255(? Can't remember right now?).

It came with a completely useless Android and Windows(cutdown-dumbass-version) setup.

Installing a 'proper' version of 7 was quick and simple. It only took about 20 minutes or so from USB stick, and hasn't needed any drivers except the ones it downloaded itself from Microsoft.

Strange that they would change it so much in only a year or so?

Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'

Jason Hall

Fuck Ubisoft.

They get no more of my pennies for games.

Hello nasty, don't use my music: Deceased Beastie Boy to admen

Jason Hall

Re: Very strange behaviour indeed

"I'm sorry it burns you so much that there are people with lots of money out there. God forbid they should make any more..."

WTF are you talking about? Where did it seem like I was objecting to anyone making money, or object to anyone having *lots* of it?

You're the one positing that his kid can't possibly cope with what he left her.

His wife and child can make lots of money - royalties don't just stop do they? But to ignore his wishes and go ahead and use his music for adverts *WHICH IS WHAT HE DIDN'T WANT TO HAPPEN* would be a pretty shitty thing to do, no?

Jason Hall

Re: Very strange behaviour indeed

He left over 6 million.

If that's not enough to 'never have to worry about money' again then tough shit.

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy

Jason Hall


"I'm usually as cynical as the next man, but I do like to think that with a persuasive, well thought-out and factually backed-up enough argument, any intelligent person can be brought round. This "oh they'll never listen" stance is sometimes far too defeatist an attitude."

Where is this magical place you live. It certainly isn't in the real world?

Nintendo 3DS XL review

Jason Hall

Re: RE: Smart phone gaming is making this design redundant..

I absolutely love some of the games I have on my phone, but a D-pad and buttons are definite requirements for certain types of games, and the (touch)screen just isn't good enough.

Microsoft picks October 26 for Windows 8 launch

Jason Hall

Re: Windows 8 does work for users

Erm... a UI designed to be used on tablets/touch-screens being nice to use on a touch-screen?

Nooooooo - you don't say?

The problem most of us here have with it is THAT WE AREN'T GOING TO BE USING IT ON TOUCH SCREENS!

(Sorry for the shouting. I just thought you needed to start listening).

If Microsoft have managed to produce a nice interface for using it with touch screens, then great. Brilliant. It'll be a nice change of pace for them to get something right first time.

Metro is not a good interface for a machine which does not have a touch interface. It's that simple.

If the average user gets confused and cross from the change from Xp to Vista/7, or completely lost when changing to the ribbon in Office then they are going to have an absolute ball-ache of a time with Win 8.

Dixons: Brits to get iPad Mini, Kindle Fire for Xmas

Jason Hall

"but also a "mystery" Apple product by Christmas. Not exactly staggering leaps of the imagination, you might reasonably think, given the flood of rumours concerning the ' …"

You may very well be right about the smaller form factor iPad, but isn't it *much* more likely to be the new iPhone - since *that* is definitely on it's way - rather than the 'rumoured' teeny-iPad?

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe

Jason Hall

Re: Rollerball

You sure it wasn't on the C64?

Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH

Jason Hall


What? You are the one making the claim, not I. It is you who must supply the evidence to prove your assertions.

You will also need a much more reliable source than that tinfoil-hat website you linked.

"Now put up or shutup" <- No. You. See what I did there?

Jason Hall

@Ian Stephenson

Brilliant facts. Except that neither are actually facts.

HUD's up! Ubuntu creates menu-free GUI

Jason Hall


I would agree with you there, except recent history has shown us that the 'UI designers' for Ubuntu don't know what the f*ck they are doing.

Apple iPhone 4S

Jason Hall


I agree. If it's not broken why try to fix it?

Of course the only real criticism of the iphone 4 was the antenna - which is now fixed. Lovely.

It has a better camera, loads faster and a new shiny talky-app-thing.

What's not to like? Maybe reduce the price a little - but come-on it's Apple we're talking about.

Obviously we would all like Apple to completely blow us away with something new (god knows none of the other manufacturers seem to be able to do this any more)

BlackBerry BBM, email offline AGAIN

Jason Hall


I'm certainly no BB apologist - but wtf?

Will you moaning tosspots please just grow-up.

So what if you can't get your email for a couple of hours. Boo-fecking-hoo!

If it's that important you shouldn't be relying on just one supplier/method of receiving it.

Reebok used 'very fit woman' in buttock-related deception

Jason Hall


An old adage = you can't out-exercise a shitty diet.

Faster-than-light back with surprising CERN discovery

Jason Hall


I *REALLY* hope you are just trolling/joking.

There is absolutely no proof for intelligent(!) design. None. None at all. It isn't even a theory.

There is loads of evidence for evolution. Proven.

Open mind? So open your brain falls out of your head from the sounds of it.

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined

Jason Hall


"At the end of the day, I think Ubuntu did the right thing in bringing Unity in 11.04. It felt a bit premature at the time but it's only once you have real users that you can start getting real bugs fixed"

No. It wasn't premature - it was completely useless and *any* testing by one or two people would have shown that. It didn't need thousands of testers - just a couple.

It's great that you like Unity. I'm sure there are plenty of others who do too.

There are also a whole heap of others - like myself - who have already left or are using alternatives because of this very issue.

Thanks Ubuntu, but no thanks.

Ofcom checks up on mobile coverage

Jason Hall


Go to your local pound shop.

They have SIMs of most networks there. Pop one of each in your phone and test the network strength?

RIM to turn in BlackBerry-using looters after London riots

Jason Hall


Wish I could upvote you more than once.

E-petitions site: Death wish FAIL

Jason Hall

Good luck with that

"To be successful, petitioners need to score over 100,000 signatures. Their issue will then be discussed by backbench committee which has a limited amount of time to schedule debates – about one day each month that the House is sitting."

... Their issue will then be discussed by backbench committee where it will be laughed-at and ignored no-matter how sensible/good an idea it is.

Nokia's cheapies strategy bombs

Jason Hall


Call quality is great. Cameras (on the top end) is great. Battery is great.

Actually using the phones are shit. They have had plenty of time to sort that out.

I only hope Microsoft can help with this. It would be a shame to see Nokia go bust :/

Film studios thrash BT in Newzbin site-block test case

Jason Hall


"All you've done at core is say that the only economic model you'll accept is the honesty-box method."

Where? No I didn't. Show me where in my post did I say that?

I am willing to pay for content. I'm sure you'll find most people are willing to pay for content.

There are probably a lot of people who aren't willing, or can't afford to pay for that content.

And? For those people there isn't much you can do to stop them really is there?

The current way is to threaten them with prison time and huge fines. How's that working for you?

I don't know anyone in my group of friends who pirate stuff that is remotely scared by this prospect, so will continue to find ways around whatever is implemented.

I'll say it again - please listen carefully:

If you can make content that's worth having, then people will pay for it. Maybe not everyone will pay for it. And? It will never happen. I'm not saying just give up - like you seem to think (bad reading comprehension?)

*BUT* overpriced tat is not going to work when compared with free downloadable content.

Jason Hall


No actually.

Your content *WILL* be ripped off no matter what you do. No matter what markets you make.

It's still up to the rights-holders to have something people actually *want* to spend money on.

Try to look at it this way...

People will constantly download all sorts of crap they never have any real intent on actually watching/listening to as long as it costs them nothing (ie Eastenders/etc on 'normal' TV, or pop music on the radio).

*BUT* if every person had to start paying - for every TV show/song on the radio then TV sets and radios would suddenly be turned-off a lot more than they are now.

This is what I find amongst my filesharing friends. If they had no option but to pay for stuff - they wouldn't be watching it/listening to it. Since it's free - they get it anyway, and quite often never actually use it.

Now to say that each and every download they make is a lost sale is nothing short of preposterous. Anyone thinking that is a complete idiot.

Oi, Android, get gaming sorted out NOW

Jason Hall


Erm... some people actually enjoy gaming...

Even grown-ups. Yes really!

If those same people have android devices and want to buy and play games, but are being stopped by a useless store-front, then it surely is worth moaning about?

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Blu-ray extended edition

Jason Hall


"rendered all but unreadable"

To those of you with tiny attention spans, and no feel for the way stories could be told.

Hundreds of millions(?) of people would argue that they are very readable.

Creationists are infiltrating US geology circles

Jason Hall



I disagree, but I will tolerate your opinion.

Respect is earned.

Jason Hall


What the feck are you talking about? None of those conflicts were anything to do with humanism or atheism.

Bigotry? Where? People have a right to feel scared of prople/religions that have proven themselves to be violent and oppressive. I like my friends, who happen to be muslim, but hate what their religion has done/is still doing.

I am a persecuted majority (although not persecuted very much nowadays), since the religious zealots are actually in charge still and calling the shots as if they were the majority.

Samsung UE40D6530 LED 3D TV

Jason Hall


I have been using this to fix my problems: http://www.tvmobili.com/

May be worth giving your choice a try.

Mac OS X Lion debuts in July as $29.99 upgrade

Jason Hall


This sort of comment does happen sometimes. Just not very often and is usually overwhelmed by all the idiots shouting.

Apple uncloaks top 10 tools of iOS 5

Jason Hall


Me too. But then I'm not too shortsighted to see that he has a point also.

Imagine the average 'grandparent'. The sort of person all the nerds on this site talk down about. You know the ones - the ones who click on buttons just because the button says so.

The ones that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near an admin account on any computer anywhere.

Now give them a tablet/iphone and some sort of time machine server thingy sat in a corner. And they will be able to take photos *and have them backed-up*. They will be able to browse the internets and send/receive email in relative safety.


Entire London 2012 Olympics' cultural events database held on Excel

Jason Hall


"up most importance"

I really hope that was a Register spelling mistake? Otherwise they are in a lot more trouble than I thought they were.

CaseBuddy case-friendly iPhone dock

Jason Hall

Griffin Aircurve

I use an old-ish Griffin Aircurve as a dock for my iPhone 4. It fits nicely whether the phone is sat in it's case or nekkid. It also works with an ipod touch 2, a 3GS and all sorts of old ipods etc without any messing.

If you look around they can be had quite cheaply now.

WW2 naval dazzle-camo 'could beat Taliban RPGs'

Jason Hall


What about wrapping all vehicles in copies of a certain book that can't usually be harmed/damaged without blood being spilled?

You could also make lightweight 'armour' or pages pulled from same book for squaddies to wear?

Rumbled benefits cheats offer sensational excuses

Jason Hall


Big businesses in the UK are paying less and less tax.

The ruling elite have been found fiddling their expenses.

Tax inspectors are losing their jobs.

And yet we're supposed to be bothered by the tiny minority of these idiots?

Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2

Jason Hall


I would agree with everything above - except swap leaving o2 for leaving 3.