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NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

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Her case is weak, since almost every court in the land understands what a reasonable response to a purse-snatching is; and it certainly doesn't include lethal force. If he had been armed, she'd likely be in the clear. It appears, however, that Ms. Margaret Johnson is not as bright as Mr. Darren Johnson.


The landlord

The landlord can reasonably be held accountable, since he is responsible for the safety of anyone who enters into his premises. If he has knowledge of the fact that a person has an unlawful weapon (a concealed weapon permit is not easy to come by in NYC), it is his responsibility to take corrective action. If it can be demonstrated that Mr. Johnson gained access to the premises legally, then the landlord should be concerned.

IT contractor charged over US oil rig hack


Throw the book at the wanker.

Who the f&%* wants to convert from contractor to employee anyway ? What a tosser !

Failed probation system 'masterclass in sloppy management'

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Good to see

It really is quite comforting to know that the government is simply incapable of managing large, database based projects - even if it does mean that money is wasted. Like the US terrorist database - which now holds over 1 million names (most of them fictitious, mispelled, or synonyms) - the UK government remains hobbled and should stay that way. The weaker a government is the better.

Screeching rails close London Tube station


Duh !

The screaching rail is a SYMPTOM of a larger problem - lack of lubricant. This is a real safety issue. You idiots who complain about closing the lines becuase of screaching rails are clearly too stupid to be allowed any work which might involve sharp objects !

BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts


easy solution

cancel your direct debit. They would then need to go to court, to try force you to pay, a very unlikely scenario.

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth


No security risk

Sorry, any half-witted terrorist can find just about any "sensitive" location, this is a lot different from gaining access, and doing harm. Besides, more harm my be done by targetting the financial district than either military or intelligence sites. That's why the World Trade Center was the main target. Sure The Pentagon was also hit, but that was meant to be a slap in the face (and may have been an alternate target anyway)

Century-old hydropower plant to run on fudge


It's not all bad

That's just a way for clever people at English Heritage to secure Govt. funding. They know they only need to sprinkle a few snippets of 'renewable' and 'carbon offset', and the other eco-warrior buzzwords to get it. Read the history of GreenPeace, and notice that the two main founders left the organization years ago when they finally realized their noble ideals had been hijacked by luddites..

US wireless pioneer to carriers: Don't be European

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John Stanton is clearly deluded

"You see, he doesn't buy the idea that wireless carriers are access providers."

That sums up his delusion problem quite precisely. He calls for innovation, but his idea of innovation is to put his customers into jail, and control everything they see and hear on *his* wireless network.

A Big 'Thumbs Down' to John Stanton, you have obviously been sucked too deep into the corporate mindset, and forgot what you're supposed to be really doing.

US Senate wants answers on soaring text rates



The problem: Quite possibly the most expensive form of communication EVER !

The solution: Don't use it, you fools ! In most cases it's cheaper to make a vocie call.

Example: My carrier charges £0.15 (15 pence) per text message (with a maximum size beyond what I've ever used), whereas they charge £0.10 (10 pence) for the first three minutes of a voice call. During that voice call, I can get far more information transferred, and even respond to questions from the other party. SMS is a stupid technology.

Freelancers might be taxed as employees after High Court ruling

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I'm quite sure the AA will be able to ....

... hire a lawyer and prove they owe Mr. Bessell and the Inland Revenue zero redundancy, zero PAYE, zero Employers N.I., etc., etc. Isn't it odd how the little guy gets fucked in the ass, while the big corporation gets away with anything they want.

/Fat PAul, because, like the law, he's an ass too !

Google's $1bn AOL stake turns to dust

Gates Halo

More idiocy

So, Google can't decide what the value of AOL is, but they spent a F&*%ing Billion on on a measly 5% stake less than 3 years ago ?

Damn, wish my boss would let me get away with those kind of M and A reports !

Bill G., Because he always knew the value of a company he put out of business !

TomTom GO 530 Traffic



Thank god it doesn't say “a-five-oh-one-two” because that would mean there's a road somewhere named: A5-O12, instead of A5012, you see the roads in this country are labelled quite precisely with a letter, then a series of numbers; not a letter, then a mixture of letters and numbers. In this way, you can make some kind of calculation as to the size of the road, and usually, what larger road it leads to/from.

Please, you're a techie - for the most part - don't confuse the letter 'O' (oh) with the number 0 (zero)

San Franciscans prep monument to US prez


Typical ..

..of the sophomoric mentality of San Franciscans as a whole. Having grown up in the area I know all too well the mentality of the people in the area. These are people who really are more concerned with Paris Hilton's latest boyfriend than the state of the public school system. They'd rather build tens of thousands of windmills than a single nuclear reactor (but Not In My Back Yard please). Yep, they bitch and moan about the Republican party until they screw up their own states finances so that only a Republican can clean up the mess ! Then they'll claim it was actually someone else who did it. You'll see.

British Gas sues Accenture


Absolutely typical of Accenture

'Anderson Consulting' changed their name to Accenture at nearly the same time as the Enron Scandal ( not to mention a littany of high profile project failures which 'surprisly' coincided with it). Despite what you may read on various web pages this is no coincidence, and the timing was all too clear to anyone who knows anything about the old Anderson Consulting.

Who can truly be surprised that this company behaves any differently than before. Overcharging clients for incompetent 'consultants' (most of whom are recent University grads with little to no real world experience) is standard practice.

The M.O.

Sell a AMC PAcer to a customer who really wanted a BMW, but then tell them they're getting a Lambourghini and charge them for it.

Intel and Microsoft dump $20m on researchers to avert software crisis


Too easy

FPGA's should be programmed to run the .NET runtime, or the entire OS. The time to upload a program to a FPGA is relatively short and well worth the wait for the improved performance

Should Europeans pay to receive phone calls?


Dear Telco...

...Try this and see how fast I disconnect my telephone, and cancel my voice service. Almost any communication I NEED can be done via my broadband connection.

E-voting vendor succumbs to California source code demands


Voting machine software

long candidateA=0;

long candidateB=0;


int main(int argc, char*[] argv)




char c = getc();

if(c == "A")

candidateA = candidateA + 1;




One really must wonder what all the fuss is about.