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Google nukes ad-blocker AdNauseam, sweeps remains out of Chrome Web Store


Re: Ad blockers on Android

Depending on your use case scenario, NoTrack is worth a look:


At STGM Towers it's running flawlessly on a Pi B mk1 connected by ethernet to my router.

Fairly straightforward to setup for non tech folk (relative to this site), even comes with a handy video.

I think I had to 'forget' the wifi network and re-add and select the Pi's IP for DHCP when reconnecting too, a trivial point.

Boffins set networking record with marathon 12,000 km fiber data run


Re: So....how was it really tested?

They seem to have done two experiments. One over a 1.1 km fibre and a second over 85 km, which according to Christian Berger above is a feasible amount for a lab. Zero mentions of simulations in the paper.

To quote (hope this is OK by El Reg?):

The first experiment illustrates Kerr-inversion physics and nonlinear reversal in a pump-probe configuration in the absence of noise. Both the intense (pump) and weak (probe) waves had a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and propagated over a short, nearly lossless, highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF) segment to guarantee that Kerr-induced impairment would dominate over stochastic, noise-induced distortion. Pump and probe waves, separated by 30 nm, were derived from the parametric comb source and had SNR of more than 40 dB. The pump and probe were launched into a HNLF 1100 m in length, with nonlinear parameter of 7 W−1 km−1, dispersive parameters β2 = 37.9 ps2/km and β3 = –0.06 ps3/km, and transmission loss α = 0.6 dB/km. This segment was specifically selected to guarantee a sufficient walk-off between the pump and probe and to provide a clear distinction among the nonlinear interaction mechanisms.

In the second experiment, we demonstrated the reversal of nonlinear distortion in a three-channel coherent wavelength division multiplex (WDM) transmission. In this case, the NLC is performed in a loop (26) emulating a modern communication link: Signal is sent over a total distance of 1020 km and re-amplified periodically after each span of 85 km of the standard single-mode fiber, as shown in Fig. 3.

This is not my field at all but hopefully satisfies some inquiring minds.

LG G4: Be careful while fingering this leather-clad smartie pants


Only if all depends the reading you how of it.

Rand Paul stages Senate filibuster against Patriot Act


Re: Did he actually filibuster it?

Thanks for the replies folks!


Did he actually filibuster it?

I'm not knowledgeable enough about American politics to fully understand what he did if he didn't make it to midnight. Was it just to raise awareness of the Patriot Act?

Am I grammararially correct with my title?

Scot Nationalists' march on Westminster may be GOOD for UK IT


The BBC indicates they got 50% rather than 35%:


That said, a good deal* of 'no' voters voted SNP this time because people seem to be sick of the growing disconnect between the electorate and those chosen to represent them. I agree that secession isn't realistically on the cards though.

* for a given value of 'good deal'

Taylor Swift dumps Spotify: It’s not me, it’s you


What about royalties for the goats she ripped off?

I knew she was trouble when she walked in...

Cray-cray Met Office spaffs £97m on very average HPC box


Re: The best weather forecasting...

Re: Dale 3 "2 hours ago"

But with a distributed network of such nodes across the whole country, you should be able to build up quite an accurate picture. You could call it OldGitTorrent.

Also aren't we living in a country with an aging population? Replacements shouldn't be a problem, but perhaps that's getting a bit dark.

JINGS! Microsoft Bing called Scots indyref RIGHT!


Re: Looks like many are missing the point

That's missing the point in this case! This vote is not for a candidate, it's for a different system / change to the current system.

I agree there should be a 'none of the above' option for actual vote votes though.


Re: Looks like many are missing the point

I was just trying to say that we are voting on where we want decisions to be made - London or Edinburgh, not what those decisions are. Please read the link at the bottom of my first post for a better description of my sentiments and I hope you will appreciate that there is no racism intended. I struggle to see how you get can extract racist intent from my post to be honest.

I fully agree that the system needs changed, again, please read the link. I voted for PR (the one thing the Lib Dems delivered on was the referendum for that), which although not perfect is fairer than first past the post (but STV(not the broadvaster this time..) would be better still, IMO of course), but apparently the whole country, that is, the UK, were 'too stupid' to understand it, at least that was the general feeling I got from the press around the time. Anyway, that result didn't turn out so well so I feel like this referendum is the next best chance.

Your remark about Salmond and co.'s lust for power may ring partially true (they're politicians after all) but what do you mean by 'cutting it at UK level'? They've got a decent approval rating of the way they've been running the things they are in control of up here and obviously they aren't going to gain 300 seats in Westminster. I very much doubt I'd vote for Salmond in the event of a Scottish general election mind you - people up here aren't blindly voting yes because he's promising unicorns, it's about getting your voice heard - the opportunity to choose who represents the people.

Anyway I was just hoping to show that there are people up here who love the UK but are so dismayed by its current trajectory that a Yes is the best thing to do. Yes or No, I hope this gets enough people up and voting across the UK, because we really need reform (again, IMO) but voter apathy is a tough nut to crack.


Looks like many are missing the point

Judging by the most popular comments, most people on here seem to be confusing this vote with a vote for a political party. It is not. Were Scotland to vote yes, then that would come after. A vote on voting differently if you like.

This is a vote to determine where the power should lie - no for London, yes for Edinburgh. An analogy I saw earlier was this:

"It’s like the difference between running your own household and living with your parents."

I suspect a lot of people commenting on here have not had much exposure to the debate, other than the main media outlets. I can't speak for satellite, but terrestrial channels BBC and STV have been proven to to show bias north of the border[1], so I can imagine it would be similar elsewhere.

[1] - http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/1052

(Oddly enough it seems searching for 'Fairness in the First Year?' only draws results from pro-yes sites and no national papers, despite it being an impartial study and report from a lecturer at West of Scotland University, fancy that. I tried to pick the most impartial looking one with the figures quickly to hand instead, but searching for it also turned up a BBC response and strong defence by the lead author in question, standing by his methods for impartiality.)

I'm not a wordsmith but the below site is as close as I've found to represent my position:

http://reasonablyraging.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/fuck-scottishness-im-voting-yes.html (summary: electoral reform in the UK is needed and this is about the only way anything's going to get done about it.)

'I think photographers get TOO MUCH copyright for their work'


Re: Bollocks

Apple through to Hundredweight?

You'll find Yoda at the back of every IT conference


Looks like Google Translate wouldn't make a good heckler

In an effort to hear just how that Boll-OCKS should sound, I turned to Google:


I suspect that might not be quite right but maybe that's how it should sound after a soya latte?

The fresh Mint of dwell there: This is a story all about how 17 is here for a while


Re: How do you pronounce Lefebvre?

Thanks Psmo! Mainly replying to testify that it weren't me wot thumbed you down. Not quite sure how your comment could be taken objectionably..


How do you pronounce Lefebvre?

le febber? lefe bure? lefebivver?

Hyper-V telling fibs about Linux guest VMs


Re: Fud

Which when using that meaning (by adding an 's' to the end of the abbreviation for the grammararians) generally makes articles/comments more entertaining. The first comment on this article being a fine example.

We MUST be told: How many Bitcoins do I need to kill a melon-head?

Paris Hilton

Re: Meh.

How much is enough?

Not trying to be a smartass - more likely being a dumbass - I'm curious to know what happens to monetary systems if an absolute ceiling is imposed?

Say all 21 million are out there and I have 1. My 1 bitcoin buys 1kg of Civet coffee beans, fast forward a year or two, how many BTC would I need for 1kg of freshly pooed (poo'd?)?

How would a larger or smaller arbitrary ceiling affect this?

BitTorrent seeks patent on distributed storage technology


Erasure codes

"BitTorrent is not the only outfit keen on erasure codes [...]"

A lot of people love to hate BitTorrent but a little respect is due for tackling this issue..

TWO THIRDS of Retina iPad mini shoppers will weep this holiday season


Re: Lies, damn lies,

Indeed, from that graph the total number of iPads shipped (by my very rough count) is 155 Billion.

That's over 20 tablets for everyone on the planet (in 3 and a half years!), leading me to scientifically conclude that either:

a) Amazon have just built new warehouses to squirrel away all the iPads they've bought so that the Kindle Fire can flourish, or

b) Apple's grand marketing plan is to have users buy dozens of the buggers and install one app per device. "there's an iPad for that."

or maybe c) IHS are talking baws.

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly


"The M7 is an always-on appendage constantly monitoring attitude and acceleration..."

Oh no they di'int! Nuh uh!

Google's Project Glass headman answers most pressing question: 'Why?'


Re: I mean, it *sits on your face*.

But does it tell you that it loves you?

NASA plots Chelyabinsk plume


Ominous sounding ending!

"... by potential future and even bigger events."

Sounds like he knows something!

After Leveson: The UK gets an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for real


Not a bad argument from your corner, but..

I take issue with your statement:

"Politicians played up the myth of Murdoch as a power broker, even though he only ever backed winners who were already winning."

It is most certainly not a myth, as you go on to show by saying:

"A drip of revelations showed cosy and highly questionable relationships between NoTW publisher News International and the police."

and then quoting Ian Hislop re: NI & politicians.

I'm sure you're not naïve enough to believe the he had no idea what was going on and that his visits to Downing Street have purely been because of the lovely cream tea and scones they serve there.

Branson, Berners-Lee, Google, £2m: LET'S SAVE THE WORLD


Re: Am I being cynical .....

Should have added the privacy section too. Naturally they slurp as much data as they can.



Re: Am I being cynical .....

Here's the weaselese from the rules:

13. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: The Organisation retains ownership of all intellectual and industry property rights (including moral rights) in all materials submitted to the Challenge Site or to Google or its representatives as part of its Application, including, without limitation, photographs, comments, information, text, video, feedback, creative ideas, suggestions, or other materials (each a “Submission” and collectively, the “Submissions”). Organisation hereby grants Google and its affiliates, partners, and representatives a nonexclusive, royalty­free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sublicensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, copy, and display any Submission, in whole or in part, throughout the world in any form, media, or technology now known or hereafter developed, including all promotion, marketing, publicity, and any other uses thereof, without notice or attribution to you, the Organisation, or any other entity or person and without obtaining any further permission or license or making any payment whatsoever, and you acknowledge that Google has no obligation to use your Submission.

Not sure if that'll make you more or less cynical though..

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal


Re: Where to go then?

Indeed, where? I'm not sure where I'll be in ~6-9 months so don't want a long contract, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative without paying an extra £10 or so a month (currently paying £24 for phone and broadband)

Any suggestions that don't involve BT, Virgin or Plusnet? If not it's looking like Plusnet for me just now.

Ten 3D printers for this year's modellers



I can download a car. Get that up ye MPAA!

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP



What the hell goes on at the USPTO? (?!?!) Shouldn't someone be investigating their approval process?

Google fills in the blanks on North Korea map data


Looks like they've been enlisting Cupertino's help..


Curiosity finds organics on Mars, but possibly not of Mars


Call this news?

Who cares about this when Wills and Kate are going to be parents?!

Will you soon be fingering your seven-incher?

Paris Hilton

Can someone explain that 4Dice cube video to me

..slowly and with small words please? It's bending my mind a bit.

Booksellers club calls in Kobo to aid indies


Re: If only Kobo eReaders weren't trash

The new ones very recently announced have apparently addressed this issue. Tempted by them but would like to have a hands on test to verify.