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Jeep Cherokee 2.2: Capable, comfortable ... but just not very Jeep


Its the same ugly Jeep Grand Cherokee they have been selling in the states for a year or two.

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft


Windows 10 is so awesome, I'm naming my next baby after it!


We really don't know how well MS is doing exactly. Unlike most other companies, MS doesn't report their sales count. Xbone? Nope - nothing after 10m... but apparently, sales are still down, even thou its $50 cheaper than the PS4. Looking at the attach rate of games, PS4 sells 3 copies vs 1 for Xone... selling also 1 for a 360. MS is also not stating which xboxes are being sold. So they are likely inflating.

Even if the Xbone was $200, I'd still not waste my time with it.

Ashley Madison hacked potential competitor, leaked emails suggest


Its like the owners of Ashley Madison are total dicks.

Could be worse... they could be News Corp.

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons


Re: Ted's Toy

And Amiga's AmigaOS came out a year later with color GUI and pre-preemptive multitasking. It would take the great MS another 10 years to make that for the masses.

Win95 did well since it was an OS, unlike Win3.x which was a GUI shell than ran on top of MS-DOS. IE: try running or installing Windows 3.x on a blank HD without MS-DOS. And of course the horrible 8.3 file names.

Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates


Re: Windows -> Linux


TurboTax? Quickbooks? Quicken?


One of the great things about Linux is that you don't have an activation key. You don't worry about finding the right disc or ISO that'll upgrade. Will you be allowed to upgrade? How much does it cost?

Nope, just download the latest version and run it... simple.


The future of MS-OS.

How I see the future of Microsoft from the actions of the past, the present and the near future.

Since Windows 3.x, MS had charged typical OEMs and upgraders about $100. (MS-DOS6 + Win3 = $90~95). They had command of the PC market because of the clone business, unfortunately. Otherwise most of us would be using Amigas today, considering it took MS over 10 years to even equal AmigaOS is some ways with WindowsXP. So since the early 90s, MS has controlled over 90% of the desktop business. This gave them control of the internet in many ways and office suites.

Every few years, new OS versions came out, with more requirements, more features, etc. Think about how much OS-X has changed since 2000 vs. MS-Windows... which had 6 radical changes is OS skin/operations while OS-X looks very much the same as it always has... and STILL more polished looking than Windows. But that doesn't matter, they own the market.

iPhone and Android changed the game on MS big time in ways we and microsoft didn't see coming. When the iPad was launched successfully around 2010, Steve Ballmer said "Its a fad" - yet look at what the first MS-branded computer is... A TABLET! Windows 7 was new to the market and selling well.

The use of phones and tablets by the masses showed the faults of Windows and MS-OS's history. In that the common person NEVER LIKED their shitty products. More difficult to use than they should be. Not state of the art quality programming of features. As my clients bought tablets - they STOPPED buying notebooks. I rarely ever work on anyone's notebook computer. I use my phone as a computer far more than my own ThinkPad.

While MS commands about 95% of the OS market for DESKTOP - the sales of desktops have been going down drastically, with PC companies like Dell, HP and others dropping like flies. Why? Because the overall user base has changed - with MS controlling about 20% of the OS market overall with Android then Apple in charge.

My wife rarely ever uses her notebook, but has gone through 4 phones since we've meet. That $700 Samsung Note Edge is a sale that HP or Dell or Lenovo didn't get (Okay, I would have built her a new PC desktop or bought a notebook). Hell, the screen resolution on her phone is higher than any of our Thinkpads. Thus, MS didn't make a dime... other than the BS scam they get from Android sales.

The MS solution was Windows 8. Its dumbed down for the masses, which made it difficult to use in business and for techs. The plan is actually good, or at least sounded good. Make a common UI for its Mobile, tablet and desktops. Since people are forced to buy whatever OS MS pushes out, Windows 8 desktop will SELL the Win8 tablets and phones (hence, buy Nokia) and they will rule the world! I too, thought it would work out well. I installed the preview – when the desktop mode still had a nicely updated Aero which LOOKED great, but after 15 minutes of use, saw so many problems many months before release that we all witnessed. MS was nervous enough to offer the CHEAPEST upgrade for Windows7 and Vista users - $50! What a bargin!

Like so many others, I didn’t touch the upgrade. Windows 8’s cons were more than the pros.

The failure of Windows 8 desktop resulted in the failure of Windows 8 tablets and phones. Win8 was to be their stepping stone to a new business model in which MS makes money from the app store, rather than the OS. With 8.1, MS forced its users to upgrade IF they wanted to get security patches. No if or buts.

MS made several improvements with 10. I was even interested in trig it out on a dusty notebook. Making it FREE made it very inviting. Really, a FREE MS-OS?! Windows 10 will always get free Windows upgrades. There is something they are not telling us.

We learn that the following:

1 – After 30 days, your Win7 or Win8 backup will be erased. Making return difficult for typical users.

2 – Many uncertainties concerning Win10 activation… ie: you replace the motherboard or other failed part or want to do a clean install, etc, etc.

3 – you have NO control of the updates. You get them, no matter how bad they are. PERIOD.

4 – MS is data-mining everything.

Also, MS says you’ll always get free Windows upgrades for as long as you have your computer/whatever and other vague statements rather than simple answers.

Look at the new browser, EDGE. Changing out the engine doesn’t require changing the product name, we’ll get back to that later.

So, MS is making Windows10 a free upgrade for a limited time for Win7 and 8 users. That’s a loss of revenue, but MS has billions, so think long term. They promise that future Windows will always be free upgrades.

With Windows and Office being the ONLY revenue generating product for the company (Xbox, bing, Surface, etc always lose money and continue to lose money) – its important to make money from them. MS is so desperate to keep people on MS-Office that they finally made it available to Android and iOS in which how hard is it for Linux access? As we know, MS-Office only offers Outlook and a few polished features over Open Office, which has the high price of $0. Yes, I agree that OO isn’t MSO in many ways – but is it $400 better?

Win10 has to succeed, and making it free is their best chance (reminds me of Tron Legacy heheh). Win7 has only been available for PRO/business systems. How long will that last? That will continue as long as business REFUSE to use Windows 8 or Windows 10. MS rather make some money than none.

We can assume that MS will get most of the Win8 users to upgrade. It is a better OS in most ways. But imagine if they got 50% or more of the Win7 users to upgrade as well? That could push Win10 to over 50% market share in a year. As of July 2015:

61% = Windows 7

16% = Windows 8.x

12% = Windows XP

5% = Mac OS X

1.6% = Linux

1.6% = Windows Vista

By year two, with Windows 10.3 or whatever, XP should be down by 8%, Win8.x by 1%. Windows 7… who knows? Depends how much people like Win10 and willing to deal with the trade-offs. Yes, some nice new features, DX12, better use of modern technology… all for the sake of your data and security. I think they’ll get more than half by then.

So maybe around year 3 (2019) or so, a new OS will come out. Win7 will be approaching EOL.

Only, it won’t be called Windows 11 or Windows anything. (There are no Windows in the Win8 TIFKAM UI)

I’ll call it “MS/OS”. MS/OS should have obvious improvements over Win10.x. It too will be a free “upgrade” of course. But with the added expectations.

1 – Win 7, Win 8 and Win10 mainstream support will end by 2020. (8 & 10 have extended till 2023/25).

There is no “free upgrades forever”. Wind7, 8 and 10 have expiration dates.

2 – MS/OS can be expected to be subscription service. Why not?

3 – MS/OS will continue to data-mine and spam you to buy video and music.

Can MS survive by not making a profit off MSO and MS/OS? No. Luckily for them – they are doing quite well with MSO360. Its on par with GoogleDocs Pro in terms of pricing with more features.

If Win10 is successful in the market place, that will be the future. If Win10 fails… which I personally hope will happen, what then? Linux? Maybe… GoogleOS? MacOS? Maybe Android…? Tablets with keyboards, a mouse that can run office docs in the could – we do that today, will it be more so in the future?

As MS attempts to push the whole WindowsOS into the tablet formfactor, how well can the Android be made to work in a more desktop fashion? Like a 24” display or your TV via wireless and the ability to run 2-3 apps side by side the way you can with WinTablet 8 and some Samsung and LG products.

The success or failure of Windows 10 upgrade process will determine if MS fails. If IT and business lose more confidence in MS/Windows – then they’ll look more seriously at other solutions. Their concerns “training staff to use a new OS” is silly as the differences between Windows 7 and Linux Mint is far less than Win7 from Win8 or Win10. Of course, as long as IT professionals know only MS and not Linux, that will also continue to help Microsoft. But with MS’s goal of total control of all desktop computers… who needs an IT dept in the future?

MS will continue to lose market share for the home user market. The business sector is their last battle ground. Since the 2009 release of Win7 – My PC has been upgraded once using the same Win7 license and I don’t see any value or reason to bother with Win8 or Win10. In that time, I’m now on my 3rd Android phone in which I’m looking to get a new Moto X in the coming months. I’ve not bought a new notebook or whole PC in over 6 years. Maybe in 2-3 years intel will make a CPU that is noticeably faster than the i5 2500~5500 series CPU? With the gaming market also in control of the Playstation 4, why do people need desktop computers?

This is what keeps MS and intel up at night.


Re: Windows 10 Sales: (Off Topic)

That means Linux will be the future for people who want privacy and control of their own computers.


Re: Insider preview

I have Linux Mint on one of my notebooks, its quite nice. You know it won't come with SPYWARE, ADWARE and JUNKWARE to constantly upgrade behind your back.

Other than a few programs like Intuit and Adobe software, why the hell do we actually NEED a Microsoft OS?


Re: Windows10 is malware

Yep! what a load of crap from MS. To constantly keep trying to install the Spamming Upgrade "updater" constantly. WTF! What, the first 3-4 times wasn't a CLUE we don't want to install your next shitty operating system?

Now Ashley Madison hackers reveal 'CEO's emails and source code'


They shouldn't have been hacked, even for such a scummy company. But hey, taking the money from cheaters who WOULD cheat anyway, why not?

AM did not create the cheaters, they made it easier to do so and make a profit from it, nothing more.

Leaked images claim to show BlackBerry's first Android phone


There is a big hint that this is true. Blackberry did NOT state that the rumors are false. When someone uses the "no comment" phrase to a simple question - you got your answer.

Farewell then, Mr Elop: It wasn't actually your fault


Ah, a former ally! :) And I'm from the States too. I had a good VGA monitor attached to my Amiga 3000. The De-interlacer in the A1200/4000 was substandard with its slight "bars" effect running down the screen... also, you needed a more expensive special monitor to use that mode - rather than the A3000's simpler dual VGA / RGB output. Once I saw the A1200, I bought the A3000 and hoped someone will save C=/Amiga. I preferred the detached keyboard of the A1000 & 3000, having grown up with Apple II and Commodore VIC and C128. The A1200 was a decent price, but the A3000 was discounted to the same $800 USD price on closeout + it included more memory. The A4000 was priced out of my price range and was butt-ugly. White and brown? Really?

But yeah, many of us were shaking our heads... WHY! WHY were people buying MS-DOS and crappy Windows 3 PCs when for a cheaper price, the Amigas kicked their ass?!

Software and business networking. C= wasn't willing to pay and work like a business. Apple paid for development of software conversions. C= counted on US, their customers to grow their business.

They couldn't keep up with rapidly better technology because they didn't get their heads out of their butt. Still counting the quarters they made from making C=64s in 1992!

They were on the right path when they introduced the Amiga 1000. No C= logo. New styling. Then they threw it away with the replacements. They had the low-cost A500 and the way-to expensive A2000 without a replacement in between for the A1000. They Should of made an A1200 too. For $1000, basic like the A500 with 1 or 2 internal slots (ZorroII) and space for a single HD.

Commodore never should never have bothered with the damn PC-slots/compatibility on the A2000. (unless it could actually make use of those PC cards in Amiga mode). It really added about a year of down time making the Bridge work between the ZorroII and PC compatibility. Then the A2000 would have been smaller overall with only 6 slots instead of 8/9 (depending on how you look at it) and a smaller and lighter PSU... and of course a lower-cost computer too.

How many Amiga users ACTUALLY used those PC-slots with PC emulation? I'd bet less than 1%.

People voted me down on my previous post. Sorry, but MS-DOS was pure crap. If you actually used AmigaOS back in 1986~1992, you'd know these things. It's like comparing Windows7 to Windows3.0.

- AmigaOS had multitasking in 1986. Which felt natural, it was awesome. Then going to a MAC or DOS was horribly counter-productive.

- AmigaOS/Hardware had PNP since 1986. For which MS didn't have it until late 1995 with Windows95 - and it was horrible.

Amiga had stereo audio sine 1986. In which the PC didn't catch up until the 1994 version of Soundblaster, which was a $125 audio-card add-on. Otherwise, you had a buzzer. oh-wow!

It really did take MS 15 years to equal the Amiga, with WindowsXP... and in some ways, it was still sub-standard to AmigaOS. When you first install the OS on an Amiga with an HD, you had a GUI panel to format your HD, name it, partition, etc. With XP, you boot into a DOS-type screen with very rudimentary tools.

The past is a fact. MS won the PC war with brute business force. Congratulations! But not with talent. Amiga lost because they had NO business sense whatsoever.


Sorry Dave, but I'm afraid you won't like the answer.

There is a history of failures and some of us are old enough to know what they look like. I ask that you do a bit of research on something called AMIGA. (I'll try to be brief)

back in the mid 80s, when a typical personal computer was an 8bit AppleII or Commodore 64, maybe the slightly more powerful Atari 800... The original Mac was a year on the market at about $3000, the 8bit company known as Commodore bought, developed and released the Amiga 1000. This computer was a 16/32 bit system for $1200 (256k / 880k floppy drive - 640x480 / 16 out of 4096 colors) - it was state of the Art in 1985. Mac was already more advanced than MS-DOS, the Amiga - had color, higher resolution, stereo sound and multi-tasking. Something MS wouldn't have until Windows 95 and Apple with OS-X in 2000. The games on the Amiga were top notch. It was cheaper than typical PC clones. Over the course of 5 years, the company moved slowly to update the Amiga platform.

Even Windows 3.0/3.1 was a joke compared to AmigaOS 2.0. A 7Mhz 68000 Amiga with 1mb of RAM could out-perform the more expensive 25mhz 386 w/4mb. (In those days, you paid about $200 per MB). I paid $125 per floppy drive. The original 2MB ram expander for my A1000 was about $1000 new (I got it used). Hell, I used to run a Mac emulator (software), that allowed me to run pretty much 99.9% Mac software (there was nothing that failed for me). I even had the more advanced Amiga 3000 as my last model. But by 1992, some of us saw the writing on the wall.

The company never matured from a 70's~80s computer company to a 90s+ computer company. Hell, they were STILL making 8bit Commodore 64s for some markets! The Amiga line at 1992 still included the 1987 Amiga 500, actually in production... with an out-dated OS. Really, you could walk into an Amiga PC shop, look at the various models that came with OS version 1.3 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 3.0. I even ran 3.0 on my 1985 Amiga 500, it was that good of a hardware design.

Macs were not as expensive ($1500, rather than $5000+), the PCs were selling by the millions... SVGA was standard, of course the $100 Soundblaster card was still a joke compared to Amiga.

Games were growing on the PC side. Doom came out, which was beyond the abilities of the latest Amigas... Commodore went bankrupt... took almost 2 years to find a buyer, as they TRIED to get the best deal - their technology was rapidly becoming "old" and was losing value why they haggled. A German/Euro store bought the company - then failed. Then another company... then Gateway 2000 (yep, Gateway USED to own Commodore/Amiga for a year or so) - then was owned by a cable company... on and on.

I think Amiga hit about 3~4 million at its peak... maybe 10, I don't know. But I went to PC with Windows95 (which was crap compared to AmigaOS... but it kind of worked. Windows XP finally surpassed AmigaOS in most ways) and my Amigas started collecting dust, but they still work.

I watched as Amiga Fans waited, worked, spent money keeping the tech alive... making THEIR own technology, dealing with legal issues of the trademark that really has no value, anymore. I told a group - their best best was to make a Linux fork, with a heavy Amiga inspired UI. (AmigaOS is based off of Unix, but easier to use) and to go with cheap standard PC hardware. But they re-engineered their stuff with Motorola PPC CPUs (same used in Mac computers back then) - because to go Intel or even AMD is like sleeping with the enemy.

How stupid is that? Rather than using low-cost motherboards (off shelf) with $100~400 CPUS, they went with custom motherboards with modified PSU to use more expensive PPC CPUs. By mid 2000s, I think the G4 was the last PPC... before Apple went **gasp** intel. Oh, a customized ATI card for non-standard Amiga "modern" hardware in 2006 was about $300, yet its GPU was classed for the PC side as a $75 card. UGH?!

The Amiga fans were in trouble of course... PPC CPUs dried up... but have no fear, they make the AmigaOne or some wack thing, that uses a CUSTOM CPU (HST? I'm not going to look it up) - anyway, its a PPC CPU lic. design chip which is made for military / spacecraft uses... cheap? no. But its PPC compatible! Apple buys out that company (not to hurt the tiny Amiga community, but for its IP for various reasons).

Amiga really died when Commodore went bankrupt, its doors closed at its corp office with no buyers to quickly buy out the IP, talent and products. Their talented employees burning effigy of their ex-boss/CEOs. outside as they close shop and look for new work. Thats around 1993~1994... and its been a rotting zombie since then.

I love my Amigas... they were AMAZING technology, at the time. Since then, I don't care if its AMD, intel, Nvidia, MC, Samsung or even Apple. If it does what I need for the price I can afford, I buy with no loyalty to that company. I *DO* like Windows7, only MS OS I care about. I love my ThinkPads because of their quality... thats about it.

WindowsMobile/Metro 7~8 was supposed to work... and I think WP8 would have been a success if Windows8 Desktop wasn't such a complete failure (along with Office 2013 / xboxOne debacles). As an app developer now, I only look at Android and iOS. Blackberry - nope, its a zombie... WP? unless something changes - doubtful. But more likely than Blackberry. Firefox? Why? Enough things to do, dealing with Android and iOS.

Your phone, that you love so much... is a zombie. So, go out, play with handsets and find something that you REALLY like. I very much like the Motorola X (even the G) phones... they fit well in the hand, the feel good, the UI is minimal changes from default Android. Its clock/alarm UI easily blows away EVERYONE. Apple, samsung - them too. Its camera is avg at best, thou. Needs more software tweaks. LG makes nice phones. HTC makes a nice looking phone - but it has issues IMHO. Its shocking that SONY isn't able to make any market headway - considering how many phone designs they used to make! They made some of the best feature phones you could buy. Samsung finally did up their game with the S6. (the S3 / S4 / S5 look identical, other than size).

Good luck!

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


Re: Don't install it !

Seems that Win10 is going to be a cluster-f-mess really soon. :)

When Win7 preview came out, I put it on a test system - liked it. Then I even put it as my MAIN OS on my main desktop... it was so solid, that I didn't bother with the retail version of Windows 7 until my preview versions expired. That *IS* how solid Windows 7 was / is.

My interests in Win10 was there... it is FREE... but it seems like a lot more headaches are in store... and likely MS is data-mining us like never before.

Need to continue my migration to Linux...

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: I'm confused

I was responding more about the decade... not the 60s~70's mini-computers in which the PDP-11 used to be State of the Art.

But by mid-80s... MSDOS was very much rooted to 70s tech since its a bastardized version of CP/M when you get down to it. How much did Bill Gates pay for that reverse engineered OS again?

So yeah, I do get it. Lets look at the GeForce Ti 4200... a very kick ass card in its day. Yet its faster(cough) "replacement" the Geforce 5600 was obviously sub-standard (never-mind the pure crapola known as the 5200, which sold for many many years).

I still have some of my 8bit and Amigas... I wonder if they still work?

I'm pretty much sure the data on my 5.25 and 3.5" floppies have long flaked off... :( I'm afraid to find out.


Re: WMC removal?

But the Japanese version of the Wii did play DVDs just fine.

It would have been great for my kids to have the Wii play DVDs, rather than attach ANOTHER device to their TV. :(

Meanwhile... PS3 plays everything.. so its all good.


When you go to the MS website to see what the Update KB-3035583 is, it says NOTHING about Windows 10. Not a single word.

Just that it's an important updater for Windows 7.1 / 8.1 computers (pretty much).

That kind of bullshit is why I don't like MS and I'll continue my migration to Linux while I stay with Windows7.

Come'on MS. How hard *IS* it to say: 3035583 = "Window 10 upgrade tool, to verify and UPGRADE your 7.1 or 8.1 system to Windows 10 for free, via background downloading. Requires 10GB of free disc space".

Nope... it just lies to you. Its like your wife, saying "I'm not having sex with another man" as she goes back to giving some other guy oral sex in front of you.


Re: No gadgets?

1 - an update removes them...

2 - There are useful gadgets out there... ANY program can be a security risk.

3 - The removal of gadgets was a marketing ploy. Giving Win7 users the finger.

Think of live-tiles as replacements.

The legit gadgets get good reviews, no complaints about infections, etc.


Re: Thanks for spamming me Microsoft

Here is a little tip...

Don't have your computer AUTO-INSTALL updates! I wait a week or so later, for those time when crap like this happens or a bugger patch is released, then pulled.

Do a manual update and you can deselect such nonsense.

I suspect MS will have another "update" to fool people. That update patch info even lies to you about its function. On the MS website, its a "update to the update function of Win7/8" -basically.


Re: I'm confused

Uh, only crappy 8bit computers or that very crappy MS-DOS had 8.3 File names.

Amiga computers had 64~128 character file names (I don't remember), that could even be "###~.4.4" ie: "Great Ferrari Card.jpeg"

Macintosh computers, also had long file names.

It wasn't until Windows 95 (1995) - 10+ years after the Amiga and Mac, that they had semi-long file names (in the CMD window, it was back to 8.3) and WindowsXP that MS made a modern mainstream OS for the massess... 15+ years after Mac, Amiga.

Behold the Lumia 535 NOTkia: Microsoft wipes Nokia brand from mobes


Seems kind of stupid that MS bothered at all with this...

They bought out their mobile division... fired pretty much everyone, sent the manufacturing to China... to end up selling phone again with MS stamped on it... like the previous Windows Phone.

People didn't buy "Microsoft" phones before... doubt they will now.


Re: Conspicuous by absence...

The original Amiga was like that... barely any C= commodore info anywhere. It had the better logo, shorter name... cooler font, etc.


Re: Finland should consider itself lucky

HEY! I'm an American!

But sadly, you are right. Most of the Americans who are shitty their pants over Crimea don't know what content it is on... some think its next door to us. They watch a lot of NewCorps crap - sorry you got the same pricks in your country.

Also very sad, is that a lot of Americans THINK that China is NORTH of the USA... Not Canada.

Virgin 'spaceship' pilot 'unlocked tailbooms' going through sound barrier


Re: Governments won't get us into space to any degree that matters

The budget for NASA is soooo tiny, its a tiny fraction of 1%. Lets say you had $1000USD, NASA would be about 25 cents.

Hell, the US Govt. spent much more in IRAQ to run air conditioners than NASA operations. The USA would be far more advance if we spent less on KILL toys and more on education and science.

Russians hear Tim Cook is gay, pull dead Steve Jobs' enormous erection


Re: This post has been deleted by a moderator

There are so many closet gay republicans in the USA. They were public about anti-gay laws and rights... then they were caught with their pants down... Ted haggard, Rush Limbaugh, Republican North Carolina Senate candidate Steve Wiles, George Rekers, a man who helped start one of the most powerful anti-gay lobbying groups in the U.S. during the 80s = gay.

Ted Haggard was outed by prostitute and professional masseur, Mike Jones.. married, a father.

Ed Schrock vehemently opposed gay-rights issues during his two terms in Congress. From same-sex marriage to allowing gays in the military, he was 100% against anything gay happening anywhere on, or near, the grid. Meanwhile, off the grid: August 30, 2004, Ed Schrock dropped out of the race for his third term in Congress after being caught on tape soliciting sex from a gay prostitute.

Former republican chairman of the Cumberland County commissioner, Bruce Barclay, believed homosexuality to be a sin of nature. Was found with hundreds of tapes of himself having sex with men. The list goes on and on...

Putin... is so flaming, he setting off fire alarms.


Re: This post has been deleted by a moderator

Dude... you got issues. You are worried that some GUY wants to look at you the same way you look at woman and fantasies?! Guess what, you maybe right. Even when shopping with my wife, I'll still notice hotties and my man brain goes "oh yeah! Giggity"... and does it means I get to touch her, talk to her, rape her or anything else? no. Do you have sex with every female you see?

Gay men are men. If you are NOT gay... its a none issue. I have gotten compliments from gays, asked out a few times... which were scary awkward for me when I was teenager (I was asked by other boys). But I've grown up. I have friends who are gay... both men and women.

And to make you blow a fuse. I helped a shy lesbian who is in love with a "straight woman" to be open about her feelings to that woman, and now they are a happy couple. The other woman has NEVER been with a woman before, but she was not doing well with guys and sending out mixed signals. She wasn't CONVERTED... she simply didn't know her self and it took years.

Hell, I've run into men who are gay and father of children, who came to realize they were gay after many years of adulthood.

Dude, if YOU THINK gay people are deviant because of their choice... your logic is flawed. You have a choice to believe in the bearded guy in the sky. But NOBODY chooses to be gay!

If that was true... then someday, maybe next year - you'll have a few drinks too many and decide to try out gay sex... right?


Re: This post has been deleted by a moderator

And why *DO YOU* care about what goes on in other people's pants? Why are you so concerned about some other guys penis or anything else? I've actually met a gay couple who don't even do backdoor sex. And guess what, a lot of women also *DO* backdoor sex... and you can easily see that in porn. And there are guys out there (who are not gay) who have their wives perform back-door sex on them.

Here is truth: There is NOTHING that gay people do, that hetrosexual people do that is different in the bedroom.

Mind your own business.


Re: Cheap dig

And what details of his sex life did he make public?

"I'm gay" is not a detail. No more than me saying "I have a wife or girlfriend" (I'm a guy with a wife who also likes chicks). Details would be:

"I unbuckle her pants, pushing them down to her ankles... gazing at her flat tummy and the prize behind her tiny panties. I am aroused by her aromas and see arousal and I grab the sides of her panties and pull..." Or insert her for "his amazing six pack and purple jockys" etc...

That and more would be DETAIL!

Saying "I'm gay" because people are gossiping about his personal life that HE NEVER brought up in public, no makes a difference on how he runs the company.... *sigh* stupid humans. We got much bigger problems in the world. You know, a raging closet homosexual with nukes who is invading countries.


Re: Cheap dig

One of the typical ways to deflect "homosexuality" is to be a major homophobe. It happens a lot in US politics. Nobody is saying YOU are gay...

But Putin... he is TRYING very hard to look "manly"... which is what some gays look like.

Whatever the case, Putin with his dictatorship of Russia as a country in general are nothing but a bunch of dangerous assholes. With such power... he gets crazier by the year. hence, modern countries don't let people serve as leaders for life or so many years... 10+ years of power has rot his KGB brain.

Lumia rebrand begins: Nokia's new UK web home is Microsoft.com


Nokia, Microsoft... whatever, its still the phone that is sold in the dark dusty corner of every cell phone carrier in the USA. A busy store may sell a single Lumia for every 300 Android and iPhones.

NYC, LA mayors hammer Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger


It can only get worse

And on top of this... Rupert Murdoch, the nicest old man in the world is looking to purchase TWC!

Like the USA needs more control given to that fascist.

Windows 8 market share stalls, XP at record low


Re: If you actually USE the systems then the answer is obvious

The win 8 OS is fine. The UI is shit in operation and visually. I and many others do NOT love XP. It is the first modern OS that ms made for the masses. Yet in many ways it was still substandard to 1990 version of Amiga DOS 2.0.

Business are not thrilled to spend money on stupid touch screens and training..

your statement about people not having experience with touch screens it's quite chilly. Everyone and their grandmother has a touch screen phone. like Samsung TVs that use hand gestures to control a a crappy user interface is simply a crappy user interface. Windows 8 is just ugly on top of crap to boot.


Re: The Win 8 Car Crash

I would like to add, at the time when I first tried windows 8 preview. I have been using Windows 7 Phone interface on my samsung galaxy 1 S phone which is Android 2.x. Because the Windows Phone interface for simple slick and work very well. So I had high expectations for Windows 8 and was planning on buying a Windows 8 Phone replace Android. I still think metro is a good PHONE UI... And have installed Launcher 8 on novice users phones. (Launcher 8 is more advanced than wp8 in some ways - with its individual custom color icons that users can choose and rotating icons when you put your phone to landscape. This is something that it has done since launcher 7 and Microsoft never took the hint, how stupid of them)

after using Windows 8, I change my mind to never buy anything "8" from Microsoft ever again. And as of today we can see the results of their mistakes that they have been warned about long before 8 ever shipped.


Re: The Win 8 Car Crash

Before Windows 8 first came out, I thought the idea behind the user interface being common between the phone, tablet and desktop was an excellent idea. In order to get phone & tablet sales, people would love win 8 PC desktop experience and will buy those mobile devices instead of Android.

then I used the preview version of Windows 8 and after 15 minutes, realized that it was pure shit. But I kept it for a few months to see if it will grow on me. I also showed it to other people and most of them hate it more than I did. Using Windows 8 made me do something I have not done and over 10 years, and that was to try Linux. on the same computer, I'm murdered windows 8 and installed Linux Mint. And guess what, it booted just as fast as Windows 8. Finding the settings and downloading applications eer... programs was easy and fast. And I have not read any help files or have to look anything up on the Internet to set it up. My wife uses it as her work computer and as a novice she has no problems using it. like many people today or primary access to the Internet is with her phone, an Android phone.

(my response was typed and spoken into my Android phone). for most people, I see no reason why they need to buy a Microsoft product ever again.

Philip K Dick 'Nazi alternate history' story made into TV series


Nazis in America?!

Have you guys seen what Murdoch's Newscorp does in America? Straight out of the Nazi handbook. And a huge chunk of the American population eat it up. Every show from morning till night says the exact same thing.

Is it like that in all countries that Murdoch sticks his old dick into? I was hoping the old fart would go to prison with the computer and phone hacking scandal.

Fascism sucks and its alive and well in America.

AVG stung as search revenue from freebie scanners dries up



Use the ninite.com downloader... it installs software without the ad-ware add-ons.

What bugs me now are the Register ViDEO ADs!! They won't bloody shut up! Really fun when a browser has 3-5 tabs on your site and on top of that - each page has TWO Videos ads?!

Lets see $35 a year or when I install, I click OFF the option to install add-ins... not hard.

Nintend-OH NO! Sorry, Mario – your profits are in another castle


Wii U blows for many reasons.

The Wii-U has soo many faults. Being that its last-Gen technology with current Gen pricing with a huge controller (Hello... kids?! Small hands! They like small light controllers!)

The $300(US) Wii-U doesn't equal the feature set, the titles, the flexibility of a new $200 PS3!! $270 gets you a PS3 with a 500GB HD and a game. Want to play DVD or Blu-Ray on your WiiU? Nope.

If Nintendo *WAS* smart, the would have not bothered with its dumb-tablet controller. Just improve the Wii-Controllers (PS3 levels) and sell it for $250 about 1-2 years earlier would have done well.

For many people... $300 for such a thing, is not worth it. A $400 PS4 is easily 10x the better.

PS: Reg.UK = PLEASE stop using he video ads!

Facebook goes down, people dial 911


Same idiots as

These are the same idiots who NEED to have a label printed on their phone screen "Peel protective cover to see display" on new phones.

Microsoft blasts sueball at Samsung over Android patent royalties


Cool with me

I would love to see Samsung bite off Microsoft's balls...

Nadella: Apps must run on ALL WINDOWS – PCs, slabs and mobes


Re: Call Scooby and the gang!

Guess they keep Nokia engineers and simply send the manufacturing to China... as usual.

the whole thing seems stupid.

Wouldn't have been cheaper to have paid a Chinese company to make a phone with a MS logo on it?


Hence, I'm going LINUX... already started migrating. PS4 will be my gaming system and Linux to do desktop work.


Re: I prefer Noddy

That is because MS, like others tech companies of the 80s (Apple, Commodore, Atari) have lost their founders. Jobs, Gates, Tramiel were creating new things... C= died 20 years ago because of stupidity (Tramiel was kicked out of C= who then bought Atari Computer)

There is simply less and less reasons to continue supporting windows/Microsoft.

Shields up! Nvidia crams Tegra K1 into gaming slab to rival your PS3


Sony Playstation TV does streaming and includes a controller for $100. Plug it into any TV... a 1080p 32" starts at $225.... a lot cheaper than the $400 shield (w/ controller and stand)

Ninten-DON'T: Wii U bomb blows Mario Kart giant off track – but new console promised


Re: Sony lost more.

Nintendo has no real choice. IT doesn't matter if they make 20 game titles if there are ONLY 7 million WiiUs in the world and no more. Nobody will BUY new units to a dead end platform.

For example, off the top of my head. There are about 80 games planed for the PS4 this year (including those already out). And about 25 announced for 2015.

Meanwhile, for the WiiU, only 25 games for 2014 and 1 for 2015. YUCK!

So... how is Nintendo going to survive if NOBODY is buying the console? The money spent on R&D is not recouped without money from 3rd party royalties. They sure can't afford to build a whole new Modern platform to compete against the PS4.

Now, a stripped down WiiU (DVD rather than blu-Ray) without the tablet sold in China for $150 may do okay... thats about it.

OR, Nintendo can make games for the PS3 and PS4 and have access to 90million customers vs. 6 million WiiUs.

WiiU is Nintendos last console. (Not including their degraded China and Fitness consoles). Or the following option... based on the 3 options that Nintendo has.

1 - Nintendo tries to sell the WiiU for the next 2-3 years = goes out of business. Sells off IP.

2 - Makes their IP titles for the PS3 and PS4. (Why bother with MS? No Xboxes in Japan)

3 - Hold on for another 2 years, release a WHOLE new console that can EASILY smack down the PS4/Xbone because their new console has 2-3x the CPU & GPU horse power.

Option 2 is safer. Option 3, they maybe dead before then.

Microsoft throws Kinect under a bus, slashes Xbox One to $399


Blah! Even if the Xbone was $350, I will still pay $400 for the PS4.

Other than a few MS game titles, all games are available for the PS4 with more power.

Also, the Xbox is like an ugly 80s VCR, just like the 80's looking Windows 8.

Moto E pops up with £89 price tag – alongside new LTE Moto G cuz


Other than the camera, it seems the G-LTE is almost on par with the Moto X... which is what I own. Its handy that the user can buy and switch new backs whenever they want... unlike the X.

But I needed something with a decent camera, which the X does include. Not as great as HTC, but still very good by Motorola standards.

Feature-phones aren't dead, Moto – oldsters still need them


The phones for seniors need improvement. Anyone with an older mom/dad, etc can barely use these cheap phones. The PROBLEM is that they make these phones TINY with TINY screens.

A good senior phone list:

- 2" Screen with good dpi. 320x320 at least.

- larger buttons, and not all the exact same shape. (Function buttons not same as dial)

- Dedicated speaker button. Better yet, a default option for Speaker always on. (yuk)

- Standard headphone jack.

- flip phone means no Lock is needed as much... but they have their own issues. My last DUMB phone was a Sony slider that was quite nice. Good size.

Firefox, is that you? Version 29 looks rather like a certain shiny rival


Just went to 29

Ooops. My FF updated to 29.0! Its not so bad... and hit the CUSTOMIZE button on the bottom of the menu box... and you can turn ON / OFF the title bar and Menu Bar. There is some user customization... its weak, but its more option than Chrome. FF 29 Tab Grouping is VERY weak and crumble-some to use compared to Operas... which is elegant, smooth and easy to use.