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Terry Pratchett's unfinished works flattened by steamroller


Re: I'm touched by the weirdness of this request...

There are a number of recommendations, depending on taste I guess...

The article below may give some good suggestions?


UK regulator set to ban ads depicting bumbling manchildren


Re: This is a bad thing

Ant the fact smoking can cause cancer...as can second hand smoke?

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Re: Canadians vs Americans

Have a lovely upvote for the cracking spelling error

Flaming gins all round!

Avast closes AVG buyout


Re: News to me, but not that surprising

Till it puts in some extra modules you didn't ask for or need...

Sex ban IT man loses appeal – but judge labels order 'unpoliceable'


Not the Police

the CPS, it's their job to build the case and present it

Database man flown to Hong Kong to install forgotten patch spends week in pub


Re: Paid to do... nothing! :D

We went there for our Honeymoon, still is a beautiful city!

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?


I hope you described in graphic detail what you are going to do in the pub

HTC teases yet another make-or-break comeback flagship


Re: I only see one speaker!

I love the dual speakers on my one M8, it was the reason I jumped ship from Samsung and I love it for when I'm cooking!

I think my next phone will be with dual front speaker as well...time to start researching!

Ant-Man: Big ideas, small payoff


Re: At least...

Yeah, true, the plot is roughly similar but the bits in-between are what makes the film, how the protagonist with triumph (even though we know that they will), the small unexpected parts that give the film a bit of character (small quips, or linking into the larger universe such as the Avenger cameo, which I didn't know who it would be till I read this...so thanks for that)

I do like these kind of films, but at the same time enjoy meatier fare, it depends on my mood at the time...horses for courses and all that.

I like the Anthony Hopkins quote regarding Rocky 'Rocky is kokey but sometimes people need hokey' - this is paraphrased from Sky advert tho... :)

Although bad news about the idiots at the cinema...I hate that!


At least...

Put in the title that you're basically going to state the plot of the film plus any slightly enjoyable cameos/fun bits rather than ruin it for people who don't want stuff like the spoilt...

HSBC takes Twitter tongue-lashing over failure to offer Apple Pay


That's a pretty big issue really...

Brandwatch's Marcus Beard told The Register that since the survey Apple Pay's vibe has taken a plunge with the news that if your phone goes flat on the Tube you'll get a penalty fare when you can't bonk to get out.

And if you use a charger at the station you'll likely be arrested too!


150,000 angry Redditors demand Chairman Pao's head on a spike



Had to join in...

Never downvoted before...it felt cathartic

Vodafone hikes prices to 37.5p/min – and lets angry customers flee


Re: EE are charging more - 44p

Excluding according to their website (just checked the link as considering upping sticks myself)

Wearable fitness tech: Exercising your self-motivation skills


Re: Another failing Magic Fitness Pill?

We have an exercise bike in the house that now masquerades as a clothes horse, instead we looked at what was actually needed for substantial and lasting change (positive habit building and not seeing dieting as dieting, but changing how we view food and what we eat and changing one little thing at a time)

Managed to shift 2 stone for my wedding last year, but more importantly those habits that I;d built in the year previously ensured the weight has stayed off...


Re: Talk about...

I use a sleep tracker/alarm on my iPhone, it's so much better than a conventional alarm as it wakes you up within 45 mins of the alarm when you are nearly awake. Instead of jolting you out of that nice dream you were having.

Only thing I worry about with those alarms is if they wake me up later than the time I set...

Stolen an Apple watch? Want to pawn it off? Good news!


Re: I have an idea

While it may prevent theft, robbery is a different matter

Trading Standards pokes Amazon over 'libellous' review


Re: Perhaps

I can now imagine their impotent rage as they hear the recorded message:

'If. I. Could. Only. Press. *.5'


I suppose if you're dialling 999 then checking the veracity of the callback CLI wouldn't be top priority

Are you sure there are servers in this cold, dark basement?



Because people don't break the law when they leave their job?

Streaming tears of laughter as Jay-Z (Tidal) waves goodbye to $56m


Re: Streaming? more like Steaming

Google Play...

It allows me to upload my music and create a playlist on my PC - which will then work on my phone, but crucially, it will cache the tracks as well!

PLus I have a couple of gigs of music on my SD card as well

Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy


Re: I feel sorry for her unborn kid

I feel sorry for her unborn kid


That's an awful name for a child...

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett: Discworld author finally gets to meet DEATH


A sad day indeed

Used to read Terry in my formative years and he was my first brush with celebrity (replying to an email I sent while at uni).

A truly great writer and the world is a poorer place for losing him. I'll continue to revisit the Discworld from now on, but it will seem a slightly less rich place I fear.

THREE MILLION Moonpig accounts exposed by flaw


Re: I can still log on

Checked mine this morning after that little horror story - thankfully it's definitely gone!


Re: Response to my request

I'd also be interested in the response!


Photobox too

So is there any further news that Photobox is a potential issue too?

I'm hoping that there are different back ends (I'm not the most techy but I try) but you never know...


Pretty Shoddy

Went the same route just now...there's not even a warning on the website - nor has there been anty communication with their customers?

Say what you like about the likes of eBay and Sony - at least they've been a bit timely when it;s come to data breaches...

Three expat Brits explain their move to Australia


Re: My 2c

Just a quick thanks for the comment - no interest in emigrating to Oz, (I really like the look of Canada) but a great and balanced critique

Stale pizza, backup BlackBerrys, payroll panic: Sony Pictures mega-hack


Re: So...

By the sounds of things, it's hubris of a massive scale, hopefully the following incumbent will have an ounce of sense about them to at least mitigate or audit what went on


Re: 75% of servers were destroyed

I can't allow you to do that Dave

Buses? PAH. Begone with your filthy peasant-wagons


Re: Driverless. It's the future don't you know.

And what if the last 'customer' has left it full of their crap?

Not a such a pleasant journey then


Re: Has the author not heard of TFLs Live Bus Arrivals?

Upvote from me!

I live in West Yorkshire and hate this...how hard is it to show a different symbol for cancelled? Really?

Buy Your Own Device: No more shiny-shiny work mobe for you


Re: Not so sure about this one

Doubles up as a self protection device too...double your value!

Mighty Blighty filter tilter causes communications chaos


Re: Mission creep

yeah, but the story states that it was related to false Identity documents, I'm pretty sure that Counter terror agencies would be interested in that?

Samsung to boot out Shin after Galaxy S5 tanks – report


Re: Samsung's Problem

That;s what I jumped to!

Never looked back!


Samsung's Problem

Is that it's been happy enough to rest on it's laurels since the S3.

After losing my iPhone 4 at a festival I was swayed by the S2 and picked one up - I was impressed with the specs of the phone and how it was better than the iPhone in every way, I was impressed enough to upgrade to the S3 with it;s larger screen, extra memory and SD card expansion.

Then the S4 happened and I didn't feel that the improvements warranted a purchase and then the S5 caused a similar lack of impressedness with a lack of innovation with the design and the extras (airtouch? Fitness? even as an avid gym goer these didn;t float my boat).

What I ended up looking for was a phone that had the externals that I wanted, at a price I was happy with so the things that matter to me:

SD Card slot

Front facing speaker (as I use my phone as a radio when cooking)

I think that Samsung's issue is slavishly sticking to a form which it can produce but showing no changes in ideology for how the sound is produced by the device (possibly the lawsuits didn't help either), and lack of updates for Android OS for the phone.

Oh yeah, and producing duplicate apps of all the cones supplied by Google too...

And the award for the world's most tech-savvy country goes to …


Re: Teaching using IT

I suppose it;s also indicative of funding and investment in education - more money equals more expenditure and usage of IT resources?

Apple surges in on the BYOD wave


Depends on Restrictions

We support a number of iPads for our users in the department where I work and for the most part it works fine...until your MDM software isn't updated to be compatible with the latest version of IOS and iTunes is disallowed from being installed on laptops as the top bods think that it'll be used to listen to music all day and don't actually realise that iTunes is a necessary requirement for doing some diagnostics with an iPad...

Other than that, I can see why people in business like to use Apple products, it;s the same reason that I recommended my mum goes with Apple - it just works (most of the time)


I moved from the Apple camp to the Android camp about 3 years ago - but can still see the benefits of both OS'

Space Commanders rebel as Elite:Dangerous kills offline mode

Thumb Up

Re: Standard mistake to make

Just wanted to say awesome comment.

I played Destiny Beta on the Xbox, here's how the 'MMO' worked out:

I spawn and run round shooting baddies

I look to the distance and see someone else shooting MY baddies that I want the experience for

Baddies near to me respawn and start shooting me again...

No coop to be honest, just loads of people running round shooting stuff? what's the point?

REVEALED: Apple fanbois are 'MENTALLY UNSTABLE' - iShop staff



Were you Disambiguated??

Loving the latest addition on there


Read the post

Looks like a massive Apple love in, it needed some more balanced views of the crap stuff and less people saying 'Ooh, we love you Apple employees so much'


Re: Be nice to shop workers

And restaurant staff...

It's the only way to avoid trouser food

Apple's strap-on will set you back just '$5,000' – what a BARGAIN!


Potential Cross Sellng?

Is there a chance the network providers will offer their customers the option of 'pairing up' when they buy a new iPhone with a suitably enhanced premium if the customer wants the watch as well?

Feds investigate Homeland Security background checker security breach


They do a decent Christmas sale

Call of Duty, GTA V do not make youth more violent


Re: spoonerism?

Dropped one in too...just to be sure

Russia to ban iCloud.. to protect iPhone fiddlers' pics 'n' sh*t


Does he also have a ban on mimes?

No nudity, please, we're GAMING: Twitch asks players to cover up


Re: Humdrum Entertainment Inc.

Sounds like there's already been a lot of truncheon waving...hence the new t's and c's?

Whisper tracks its users. So we tracked down its LA office. This is what happened next


Re: Phone Apps

It may have been a doddle to replace the screen, but what about the damage to the road??




Is cracking for a pub crawl!

Think that the locals will be making the most of that whilst T'internet is down!

'Theoretical' Nobel economics explain WHY the tech industry's such a damned mess


Integrated States?