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Sacked saleswoman told to pay Intel £45k after losing discrim case

Adrian Montagu

I have worked for many women during my career. I have to say that IN GENERAL I have found them better to work for than men.

I really cannot understand why there is this animosity against women in the workplace. I find working with women quite refreshing as they have a different slant on matters. It keeps your mind open to other options.

Hey Alexa, Siri and Cortana: Cisco says you’re bad at business

Adrian Montagu


I find the whole business of voice command technology quite frightening. You are putting a device into your home / business that is listening to your every word. Think about it!

Sci-tech wants skilled worker cap on PhD and shortage jobs scrapped

Adrian Montagu

My partner's son has a Phd in materials science and is engaged to a Chinese girl who is also a Phd in materials science. Britain educated her. She is currently employed in the UK but the visa / work / residence situation is complicated. One depends on the other to some degree.

My question is. Why did we bother to educate her if we are to make it difficult for her to live and work in this country?

Are we educating Chinese for the benefit of China? That seems like a strange way of handling things to me. Surely we must educate people for the benefit of THIS country.

Half the world warned 'Chinese space station will fall on you'

Adrian Montagu

Re: Finders Keepers

As far as I know, You can sell your vegetable patch anytime ... ...

US intelligence blabs classified Linux VM to world via leaky S3 silo

Adrian Montagu

Any Military/Intelligence system (old CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET or TOP SECRET) must not be connected to a public network unless seriously encrypted. The working network environment of the same should be on physically separate media.

Ignore this and you will pay.

Tech-for-insurers biz out of action for 10 days now. Hope they had, er...

Adrian Montagu

Power Outages

Power outages can have strange effects. If you have a large number of inductive loads like electric motors, the sudden disconnection of supply can result in a collapse in the magnetic fields and produce a reverse electric current a "back EMF (Electro-Motive-Force)". Any connected on this newly isolated circuit can be affected. This EMF will run in reverse along the neutral wires which may not be protected against surges. Anything above about 35 volts will zap a logic circuit device. The result is insiduous faults which may not show up at all, show up in 2 years or show up in 2 seconds. It becomes necessary, if this is the case, to replace ALL connected logic circuits to ensure proper running. I have also seen problems occur as a result of a lightning strike to the ground 150 yards away. This raised the ground voltage and fed current in via the earth wires which are connected to neutral wires in various places. The result is that the over voltage gets in and causes insiduous faults.

Surrey council plans to SAVE money by switching to BT

Adrian Montagu

PSN Madness

Why isn't top tier Government negotiatng with suppliers to utilise ONE firm for the whole of Public Services - Fire, Police, NHS, Local Government. This would make interconnectivity work so much better and drive down cost. Then STANDARDISE on a PKI to embrace all.

Build good foundations and the house will stand firm. Think LONG TERM.


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