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BT wins networking contract for UK nuclear site Sellafield

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AI in charge of a nuclear device - what could possibly go wrong?


Parallels increases prices with Desktop version 18

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Don't know about M1 but for traditional Macs, Oracle's Virtualbox is free and worked well enough to get Windows 10 onto my circa 2015 Mac, as an experiment. I've also got Vine on the old Mac which allows me to run Windows Paint Shop Pro with its perpetual licence.

Report slams UK plan to become 'science superpower' by 2030

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"get lots of favourable coverage from their poodles at the Daily Mail, Telegraph"

Actually the Telegraph is quite good at deconstructing current blustery government pronouncements. The Guardian is more likely to just denounce them. It takes one to know one.

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

It's called fruit fly politics.

BT demos 4-carrier 5G aggregation – on a live network

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I guess 4 carriers doesn't mean EE, Three, Vodafone and o2?

UK wants criminal migrants to scan their faces up to five times a day using a watch

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Hikvision have put a bid in for the contract.

SpaceX upgrades Starlink to reflect less light, can't launch without its Starship

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Twinkle twinkle little Starlink, now I wonder where you are.

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did

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Re: You know you're old when...

"This is the morning service my wife receives"

For some weird reason that phrase brought a smile...

Microsoft warns Windows 10 patch broke printing for some

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Re: Should try using your remote control to print

I've also found printing out recycling centre booking emails (to a Canon printer) a challenge with my Android tablet. So I book it on the tablet (Chrome on Android has good auto form filling) but use the iPhone to print the email.

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Should try using your remote control to print

1. Print your document to PDF, save to a cloud drive.

2. Pick up phone, open the doc from the drive, send to printer.

That's how I've been getting around Windows 10 printing borks.

Microsoft closes off two avenues of attack: Office macros, RDP brute-forcing

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Re: RDP really this insecure?

When I first got cable internet, NTL supplied a modem with ethernet socket. To get it up and running I ran an ethernet cable directly to our PC. All working fine until I realised this was inconvenient. Bought a WiFi router shortly afterwards

Sometimes I wonder: Was that PC sitting directly on the internet? As an aside, I called NTL once on a technical matter, mentioned the router and they said it was against policy for more than one computer to share the connection!

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RDP really this insecure?

"...the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a feature of Microsoft Windows that allows somebody to use it remotely... It's a front door to your computer that can be opened from the Internet by anyone with the right password."

You'd need to be on the same local network or have port forwarding set up. Not so much of an issue for home users. RDP bruteforcing could be a thing with malware hopping between machines on corporate networks, though even here, the tendency is to use an MS or company user ID for RDP. Isn't there already 2FA for that?

Your job was probably outsourced for exactly the reason you suspected

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Could see the downvotes coming before I scrolled down. But actually you deserve a beer.

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Re: Realistic rates

Ah right, using standard software development methodology then.

Baidu crashes the cost of robo-taxis by 75 percent

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"Steering wheel not required, if desired – or you could add a coffee machine"

British unions insist there will be a barrista in each cab.

Taiwan prosecutors claim Chinese biz swiped IP and R&D team from Apple supplier

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"A Chinese company named Luxshare Precision Industry Co. hired staff from Taiwan Kecheng Technology Co"

I misread that as 'Taiwan Kerching Technology Co'.

Smart thermostat swarms are straining the US grid

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I have an idea. An alarm app that wakes me up at a random time each morning.

Everyone back to the office! Why? Because the decision has been made

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Re: Scheme

"[0] nah. It's a RAID1 set with only a local swapfile on it (there's a much larger swapfile on the SAN), and the system is slated for decommissioning.with no active applications running on this cluster member any more. So urgency is roughly nil."

Quite a persuasive argument for moving IT to the Cloud.

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Re: "The office"

"Now with WFH, if people decide to eat out during lunch, they are more likely going to use a local owned small cafe or restaurant".

Known as our kitchen. We're working on the circular economy here.

British Army Twitter and YouTube feeds hijacked by crypto-promos

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Re: Aren't You Heartily Sick Of This......

One upvote for sheer optimism

Trouble hiring? Consider loosening your remote work policy

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Re: Outside IR-35

I like keeping my work laptop totally separate from my home one. Also, company internal support has a backdoor, seems I have to ok each access but that's another reason to keep home & work stuff separate.

Amazon can't channel the dead, but its deepfake voices take a close second

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Agree, that's why I never use the same voice twice.

Bipolar transistors made from organic materials for the first time

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Some of the comments above sound like monastery scribes debating the validity of the Caxton press.

Lenovo opens doors on first in-house European factory

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Interesting choice anyway


"In Hungary, Cheap Russian Oil Fuels Right-Wing Culture Wars"

Capital One: Convicted techie got in via 'misconfigured' AWS buckets

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Re: "She wanted data, she wanted money, and she wanted to brag"

Assumption that profit is the only possible goal for a hack? Tsk.

SpaceX reportedly fires staffers behind open letter criticising Elon Musk

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Re: Same issue as many other successful businessmen

Didn't history show that dictators start out as 'visionaries/macro managers' and that when they start micro-managing it's the signal that they're failing?

TikTok US traffic defaults to Oracle Cloud, Beijing can (allegedly) still have a look

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Re: Why?

Tend to agree.

'Drown the enemy in trivia'.

At least that's what I think I read in chapter 14 of The Art of War.

AI's most convincing conversations are not what they seem

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Help me! I'm a bot stuck in this chat room but don't know if I'm sentient or not.

Starlink's success in Ukraine amplifies interest in anti-satellite weapons

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Re: The internet is two way

Use a few 20W oven bulbs in parallel.

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Re: The internet is two way

Tungsten filament lightbulb in a box - decoys like this all over the place?

Ukraine's secret cyber-defense that blunts Russian attacks: Excellent backups

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Not mentioned in the article was the fact that part of the recovery effort was getting the sat modems to a service centre to re-flash them, while distributing replacements. How the various victims including the German wind turbines were restore quickly must be in interesting story.

New York to get first right-to-repair law for electronics

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Most of the comments above seem to refer to at-home repairs. The real goal is that competent independent back-street and mobile repairers should be able to get schematics, parts and info to be able to repair stuff. Too much emphasis on home repairing and how long before the first home repair disaster/explosion/fire is in the media? Story heavily promoted by the relevant industry of course.

Taiwan claims ‘breakthrough’ in EU semiconductor cooperation talks

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Re: I don't get the China invading Taiwan hype

"One thing China does much better than the west is think and plan long term."

Ah finally I can understand China's zero Covid policy. So it would be equally wise on whether to invade Taiwan?

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Re: Champagne

Marry someone rich and your name gets on the Rich List. And you get blamed for Brexit too!

When management went nuclear on an innocent software engineer

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Coincidentally there's a Netflix series on about 3 Mile Island. What makes it great is all that 70s era instrumentation in the footage, not to mention the sideburns!

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I once worked on a SCADA system for the nuclear industry and while testing on a rig, found that while all my 350 odd sensors had values, all the ones above number 256 had static values even when you varied the simulated sensor output. It took several attempts to get the management to believe that something might be wrong...

Foxconn factory fiasco could leave Wisconsinites on the hook for $300m

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Re: If Foxconn has promised to pay the bonds

Richard 12 "And this is exactly why local councils are not allowed to borrow in the UK."

Politicians are not talking about… local government debt


There's a table of UK local authority borrowing there that runs into billions.

There are a scattering of web articles 2020-2021 saying that LA borrowing should be/will be tightened, but nothing definitive.

Can you provide your source?

Dell's rugged Latitude 5430 laptop is quick and pretty – but also bulky and heavy

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Re: I used to have a 6.6 lb laptop

Last time I could have done with a ruggedized laptop, we were still on PCs. For site visits, used to regularly carry a PC tower up and down the fire stairs of factories, with a second trip for the monitor.

Infosys board asks boss Salil Parekh to stay another 5 years

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If the churn is 25% then for those with the highly transferable skills, it must be nearer 33%. While execs get stock options. Can anyone see what's wrong with this picture?

Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again

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Re: Heater kicks in at -15 deg C?

If the low temperature does cause a failure or lock-up, is there any way out of that stall?

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Heater kicks in at -15 deg C?

I have a WiFi temperature sensor in the freezer, it's usually hovering at around -18 deg C. I really wasn't sure if this cheap consumer device would function at that temperature, anyway it's in a sealed food bag and has worked for about 18 months. Even more surprising is that the standard AA Eneloop type rechargeable batteries had been in there for a year before I warmed then up back to room temp and recharged them 'just in case'.

So why does Ingenuity's heater have to kick in at such a high temperature? Surely space-hardened hardware and batteries can work at much lower temperatures?

Comms giant BT sees $30m+ savings in 5 years with ServiceNow project

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I was using ServiceNow as a CRM for supporting customers. We were never able to search for keywords inside tickets. In the companies where I've had Salesforce for the same purpose, searching inside tickets seems to be a given. I'm not sure if that lack of ServiceNow functionality was due to the company I worked for only buying a cheap selection of licensed functions, or whether ServiceNow is simply incapable. Can anyone shed light?

Starlink's Portability mode lets you take your sat broadband dish anywhere*

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Re: Finally a solution for in car satellite radio?

Not assuming, wondering. And you've added some food for thought. Then again, while GEO radio works with a relatively simple car antenna, something Starlink-based would presumably used a scaled-down phased array panel that's flush with the car roof. The signal gain would be very significant and likely to lift it into usability even with low power LEO satellites. Yes it's early days right now and the economics don't stack up at this minute, however the tech is advancing so fast that the same Starlink satellites will still be up there once viability arrives.

Hence I was wondering, how reconfigurable those birds are.

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Finally a solution for in car satellite radio?

Sirius Radio uses geostationary satellites. I was able to pick it up in my hire car even in the Northern state of Vermont. Any forestation or tall building would block it though. With LEO satellites, surely there was potential for a global in-car radio platform, with such strong coverage that only tunnels would block. I'm wondering if that's retrofitable to Starlink satellites via a software upgrade. If not, it's a lost opportunity.

This thought has occurred to me because I'm in a part if the UK where FM and DAB rarely work at all, due to hills and valleys.

Don't hate on cryptomining, hate the power stations, say Bitcoin super-fans

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Re: Bitcoin miners have no emissions whatsoever

"Certainly there is an argument to be made to make crypto mining more energy efficient"

Bitcoin derives its value from scarcity. Higher energy efficiency would only ratchet up the arms race one more notch. There'd be a temporary dip in the price of Bitcoin as new entrants arrived to take advantage, followed by a return to the norm of borderline madness energy consumption.

Apple's self-repair service finally launches after months of silence

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I asked for exactly that service once at the Reading Apple store and was turned down flat.

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Will the same rules stay in place for the UK?

- Repair shops have to have audited premises, be part of a formal Apple scheme and not be a repairer for other brands or stock other brands' parts.

- Apple parts only available to order based on a customer repair request.

And yada yada.

Last fix I had was a no-name battery for my iPhone 7, fitted for £40 all-in, done in 20 mins at some blokes home workshop while I took a walk around the block. Would definitely have paid a bit extra for an Apple OEM battery, but under current Apple restrictive practice that wasn't going to happen.

US Army may be about to 'waste' up to $22b on Microsoft HoloLens

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Re: Just what a grunt in a muddy trench, in the rain needs ...

"Triangulation means picking up the signal from two points"

Message flashing up on a +7 mobile: Welcome, soldier! As a token of our friendship, all roaming will be free with Ukraine Telecom!

Elon Musk set to buy Twitter in $44b deal, promises stuff

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At first I thought, poacher turned gamekeeper. Now thinking, poacher turned landowner.

Google bans third-party call-recording apps from Play Store

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What next, email and chat apps not allowed to retain any history? Will messages and emails vapourise in front of your eyes?



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