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America wastes gazillions with always-on PCs


Interesting thread - s'wot I do....

I leave mine on but turn the 2 monotors off because we run a 24 x 6-and-a-bit newspaper printing business. I'm on 24x7x365 remote support and need access to my PC cos its already got most of what I need running on it, but the office users turn their PCs off overnight and we use a NAS for file storage that gets full backup over night to one of 2 500GB removable HDDs - more space than tape, faster than tape, and SOOOO much CHEAPER!. RAS/VPN and RDP sessions do not a monitor need. Turn it off when you go home. Use Wake-on-LAN if you have to.

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista


I want to thank Microsoft for Vista

I want to thank Microsoft.


I'm serious.

They have done more for Apple and OSS by releasing Vista than ever before. It is making more and more people realise that there ARE alternatives, and globaly widening the whole OS platform and therefore the take-up of Linux and OSX. The very best OS that MS ever produced was 2000 Professional. I still use it at work and at home and (yup - really) LIKE it, but I also dual-boot Linux, as I have since the mid-90's. My wife prefers Linux, my kids prefer Linux, I prefer Linux. I'd love to look at OSX but sadly have never used a Mac, but my brother is a graphic designer and will not use anything else.

Luv ya Redmond. Keep up the fantasic work!!