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White House 'deeply disappointed' by Europe outlawing Silicon Valley


All ready

No thank you Staci has done it in the past!!, stay away form our files!!

US Treasury: How did ISIS get your trucks? Toyota: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What a Feeling Toyota!!!!!!!

Maybe they should asked E-BAY they were on a Bit . End of the year tax hundreds of Toyota , Drive away no more to pay!!!!!!!!! easy finance!!, pensioners welcome!! .See your nearest Toyota car dealer .Hurry many left but not for long!!!

Toyota What a Felling!!!!!!

PETA monkey selfie lawsuit threatens wildlife photography, warns snapper at heart of row


My photo my copyright

What a total of BS from PETA ,one can not believe who will come up with an idea as bad as this one , this is extortion at its best if not one of the better ways of extorting money from some one that loves his work and working hard at it .

A lot of people think is just press the button , nope is more than that, it is finding the subject matter, going there like in some hard working conditions so some of us can enjoy the world and see it in a beautiful image .Me I work at Music festivals with the media and everybody thinks that I just press the button and bingo photo and I set on my ass for the rest of the festival .

Like for most of the photographers after they shot is post editing in which if it is only you it might take some time and if you are in woop,woop land you might have to get back to home base some “months/weeks/days” later and work on it if you haven't got an “assistant” to do editing for you plus sending the camera gear away to get it clean if hasn't got damage by water ,humidity ,dust ,cold,heat or anything else , and it will cost lots of money and hoping it doesn't get stolen or lost on transit or confiscated by some zealot at the airport on some far away land while explaining to customs that you taking photos of wild life and you not a spy or what ever they might think of you , not taking into account insurance for your gear and making sure it is the right insurance that it will cover against anything that might happen to the camera gear and it can be expensive if you are doing wild life and going to unsellable areas or war zones .

It is the photographers who bring news to the rest of us which some risk to their lives in making people aware of issues from environmental ,human rights , war , fashion , music entertainment etc.

So please most of us work quite hard for our work to see it been stolen by some idiots that think of the right of some monkey that doesn't understand what is like to be a photographer and looking for the next job.

The U.S should make a sign for every international airport : “WELCOME TO THE U.S LARGEST MENTAL ASYLUM IN THE WORLD HOPE YOUR STAY WILL MAKE YOU AS CRAZY AS US”

'He's F**KED with the wrong nerd ... I warned I'd go public'


Yes Eric

In my samsung Androied note 2 galaxy phone I connected my gmail and then google went to download all my photos which were in google+ and more it went get all my contacts list from my phone with out asking if I wanted to do it or give permission to do it .Besides as well it use up about 600 MB of my data package which was part of my contract as well it does it every time I swicht to the net if I want to surf the net .

So about privicy issues and surveillance Eric look at you own GOOGLE that it uses everyones private information and images to spin money for GOOGLE put you mouth were your money is .

Microsoft, Adobe, wilt during Australian price gouge grilling


And the result

As the Pirate Bay Ship sails into the sunset leaving Adobe,MS CEO looking from the shore of the beach where they were dump by the Pirate Bay Ship crew.Taking with them all the loot from Adobe and MS and not be able to stop them from looting them .

HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US


I want my Mac whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Out of curousity I went and check the video card price on the Mac tower and found out that it use ATI video card so I got the model number that was posted on the Mac web site in what sort of hardware in the Mac tower , now get this " IF YOU BUY FROM MAC IT IS $250 AUS BUT ON EBAY IT WAS $125 AUS " same video card half the price and besides Mac Books use SAMSUNG SSHD on the Mac pro book stamp Mac.And most of the IPHONES have old technology go to GIZMONDO and read it there in what the Iphones have as hard ware besides Mac is Mac and you can't do things that I like to do with phones you are lock in Mac .I like Nokia is been good to me for many years.

And I'm 57 years old so I have been around computers long enought to know is all marketing and thats it .If you like your electronica and it works and fits your needs and is relaible then is ok just don't follow fashion be original in you.


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