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Julian Assange said to have racked up $5m security bill for Ecuador


Spelling / thesaurus check?

I found two grammar mistakes in the first couple of paragraphs.. El Reg forgot to proofread?

Aviation industry hits turbulence as Airbus buys into Bombardier’s new jetplanes


No market for 100-150 seaters

Except that this spat was started because Delta ordered a bunch of regional jets from Bombardier. Boeing doesn't make what Delta wants to buy but that still didn't stop Boeing to go running to the courts. There is a market for 100-150 seaters and if you read the article you'd have noticed that Bombardier and Embraer both make jets in this class.

Tech support scammers mess with hacker's mother, so he retaliated with ransomware


Current record about 2 hours

He called just when the hockey game was about to start. Said my PC had a virus. Told him that yes, it did seem slow and that I was having a problem running his software because I was getting popups. (I love Linux..!!) then told him to hang on while my "PC" booted while watching the first period. Making sure to check in now and then with strange "Virus" messages (telling him that I got a "Your PC is stoned" message is one not anyone has fallen for in like 15 years).

During the first intermission, I tried running his "program" and said it was installing. He asked me to type a few things in, to run regedit and said the response was all the viruses in the system. I asked if I should delete it and thankfully he said "NOOOOO"

During the second period, while waiting for the "program" to load we talked hockey, and what the job prospects at "Microsoft" and if he knew anyone.. when he finally started catching on, the missus (who is Indian BTW) picked up the phone and started talking to him. He was VERY forthcoming, going into detail about the company, where it was, how many people worked there, what the hours were and everything (even passing their phone number and address) until she asked for his manager and chewed his ear off. After a few obscenities he hung up, which prompted a call back, more yelling and then passing all of his information to the RCMP.

Good times..

You think Donald Trump is insecure? Check out his online store


Cheeto Jesus

But why make things difficult for Cheeto Jesus' Russian hack squad?

Apple Watch exec Bob Mansfield 'gets into secret Apple car'


iAuto features

It goes back in time and patents the car, phone, tv, watch, computer and pretty much everything else.

Nitwit has fit over twit hit: Troll takes timeless termination terribly


Re: It's all for the best

[quote]I'm sure there is a huge overlap between this group of reprobates and those that said that they were going to move to Canada if the candidate they didn't like was elected president.[/quote]

No thanks, we don't want them here either. We're taking donations to build a wall between us and the US.

GOP delegates suckered into connecting to insecure Wi-Fi hotspots


Re: Wow! 1.5% Windows Phone

[quote]Looks like we're all wrong, WP is alive,well and positively thriving.[/quote]

Well dinosaurs use dinosaur phones after all

Google licks Android Nougat


No.. that's saved for the iPhone 6SS

Brexit government pledge sought to keep EU-backed UK science alive


I love how Cornwall voted to "Leave"

And then said that they would like the EU money being sent to them to continue.


Google tribute to Jo Cox


White Helmets

Well the news site "exposing" the White Helmets is the same site that says that a "shadow government" pushing Obama to bomb Syria, and that the Orlando shooter's father was a "CIA asset". Also that there are alien structures on the moon (of course there are, they're called "science experiments" put by Apollo astronauts)

In the end, a group of people who go in and rescue people when the bombs start to fall can have all their work called into question by one person with a computer and a website. Perhaps check other sources for the same story before judging them, or as Voland's Right Hand said, support MSF or someone else.

Lone hacker claims to have broken into US Democrat servers


Dirty tactics?


I'm wondering if this is someone that the Republicans hired to do some dirty digging, and when they did they found a way to try to stop the Democrat's chances?

Just looking at "who benefits"?


SpaceX winning streak meets explosive end


Re: Points for effort....

It should be an A+ for the flight.

No bonus score though.

If it was any other space agency, this would have been an A+ launch.



I have a feeling that Elon has a bit of BOFH in him.

$10bn Oracle v Google copyright jury verdict: Google wins, Java APIs in Android are Fair Use


Help me understand?

As a non techie, I am trying to understand this. On an article I read, it said that that the Judge explained it this:

"Judge William Alsup, who presided over the case, once explained that the Java programming platform is a bit like a bookshelf. The API is essentially the way the shelf is organized, so that programmers can find the exact information they need. Google organized the Android platform in the same way to make it easier for Java programmers to write software for the operating system, the jury found, but, to extend Alsup’s metaphor, wrote all the books on the bookshelf from scratch."

Is this valid? I realise I might be so far out of my depth that I have James Cameron in a submersible beside me, bit I'm trying to explain this to someone even less techie than me.

CIA says it 'accidentally' nuked torture report hard drive


Is there a BOFH or PFY working at the CIA?

I suspect an "accident" where the disks were placed on an unusual "Yellow Pages" sitting on a desk..

Obama: What will solve America's gun problem? What could it be? *snaps fingers* Technology!


Re: No Quick Fix

I seriously doubt that the pro-gun lobby really read what is being proposed and instead cranked up the rage-o-meter to 11.

So they close the loophole allowing people to buy guns at gun shows with no background checks. How does that equate to "government coming to take my guns"?

And they close the loophole of people on terrorist watch lists being able to buy guns, or people with mental issues. How does that equate to "government coming to take my guns"? Are all gun owners on the terrorist watch list or mental?

So they advocate for more safety and regulations. How does that equate to "government coming to take my guns". AFAIK the second amendment does call for a "well regulated militia".

But if poor Mr. Ahmed Mohammed bin Laden wants a gun with no background checks, watch the "rage-o-meter" get turned way down.


Re: In the spirit of Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz, SNL)

Yes but the secret service are trained to use guns, know about gun safety and are pretty much registered.

Not so for the people leaving their guns on the coffee table for the kids to shoot someone with.

When was the last time a secret service agent shot himself accidentally or shot someone by accident?

Better regulation doesn't meant that "they're coming to take the guns away", it means making sure the person owning a gun is able to in a responsible manner.

Let's shut down the internet: Republicans vacate their mind bowels


Ted Cruz is being investigated for revealing classified information.

The end bit of the article, between Rubio and Cruz is now being investigated to see if Cruz divulged classified information.

Which pretty much means that they do have the capability to monitor everyones calls, all the time.

Apple – it's true: iPad Pro slabs freeze when plugged in to charge


Its a feature

It makes the tablet more secure while you're charging it.

7 million Apple Watches just buried the competition – Canalys


Fitness band for me

I searched all the different makers for a wrist gadget to suit me.

None of the android watches focus enough on the fitness part for me, and the apple watch is more bling than useful.

Finally settled on the MS Band 2. Waiting for it to get here, but from what I see it really does what I want it to, integrates well with Android and has a purpose that I don't currently have a gadget for.

I can see fitness bands outselling watches by a large margin, not sure why they aren't considered in statistics.

I still have yet to see an apple watch on anyone's wrist. Forget that, I still have yet to see an actual physical apple watch.

Steve Jobs movie gets October release date


So the "Jesus making" starts.

I mean isn't this how a normal guy with some good ideas became shrouded in myth and elevated to messiah status?

In a hundred years, people will look to these moves as a documentary while the new religions begin.

Burn all the coal, oil – No danger of sea level rise this century from Antarctic ice melt


The problem is

Most of the climate change deniers will now use this guy as the "even scientists agree that its no big deal" example.

And any attempts by other scientists to validate his data or offer a rebuttal will be taken as "a government conspiracy".

We're pretty well and truly fucked. This year we've got the biggest El Nino on record. Can't wait to see how that ends up for everyone.

Fugitive UK hacker turned ISIS recruiter killed in Syria


I guess the last thing that went through his mind...

... was a Hellfire missile.

Sad. He should have suffered a little bit first.

Ashley Madison hack – Tory MP Green denies registering account


Re: And we expected ...

The "wasn't me" defense..


And it begins: Ashley Madison bonk-seekers urged to lawyer up


Ah yes.. the "It wasn't me" defense.

I'll let Eddie Murphy explain it.


Apple Watch is such a flop it's the world's top-selling wearable


Re: They need to fix the bugs

... in other words,

"You're using it wrong"


Man in India claims his new iPhone 6 combusted in his car


Re: Samsung exploding washing machines

Because any screwup by Apple should immediately be compared to Samsung.

Where is Samsung in the article anyway? Why not any other example of a product failing? Recalled meat? Firestone tires?

So this is what fanboi smells like..

All right, who guessed 'street mapping' for those mystery Apple vans? Congratulations


Street View 2.0

I suppose this will go just like any sequel. No matter how much you try or how much money you throw at it, it will always be compared to and worse than the original.

ISIS command post obliterated after 'moron' jihadi snaps a selfie, says US Air Force


Re: Why do we tell them this?

Well maybe that'll make them think twice about posting things online. Might put a dent in their social media efforts at least.

So win-win?

Factory reset memory wipe FAILS in 500 MEELLION Android mobes


Re: In other news. Windows 98 is easily hackable.

Windows has committed.

Google has not. There's nowhere where you buy a phone where people say that they are going to be giving you free software updates. Apple doesnt, Google doesnt, Blackberry doesnt, heck, even Windows Phone doesnt.

Why the expectation for them to?

Computers are being used for longer, there are still people using windows 98 and windows XP. Just because their systems are vulnerable should they go screaming at the media? Even after the support window has expired?


In other news. Windows 98 is easily hackable.

Can we get Microsoft to send out updates to fix all the bugs in Windows 98? Or how about Windows ME?

You can't put a price on LOVE, says Apple after court's Samsung payout slash


Knee jerking..

How does that work.

Or am I doing it wrong?

Canada passes controversial spook-powers law


This is so badly worded and the definitions so broad that pretty much anything can fall under this umbrella..

Last year, during the pipeline protests, the government remarked that the "environmentalist" were threatening the economy of Canada. Officially, they are now "terrorists". The new Alberta government threatens to tax the oil companies who are threatening to take their business elsewhere. The government could now be considered a "terrorist".

First nations, who's treaties with the government designate their land as "sovereign" meaning that the government can't run a pipeline through their lands threaten to stop the pipeline. They are terrorists now. If the Bloc Quebecois still want separation, they are "terrorists" now.

There is no oversight whatsoever and they don't have to report to anyone.

People are still fighting against this, and Harper is pretty much out of Ottawa come next year.

EU says dominant Google illegally alters search results


Re: "Convince us you ain't"

Oops he deleted his post..

Saying something like that is tantamount to accusing someone for instance:

If I went to the media and said that I believe you were a sex offender but I'm getting the evidence together, how would the media treat that? Do you think that it may bias someone who might be looking to hire you for a job?


Ah so it's just like "Prove to us that you don't have WMD" then

Nice to know that the EU is falling in line with the US of asking people to prove a negative.

Tests show HTC, Sammy phablets BEND just like iPhone 6 Plus


Re: In other news…

Finally a sensible response...

Just WALK IN and buy an Apple Watch. Are you mad?



Similar to my experience with the Apple store.

Wife had an iPhone with a dying battery. We go to the store, it isn't terribly busy so we try to approach the counter. iPlod blocks our way with an iPad in hand saying we need to make an appointment to see someone. Ok.. so we ask, when is the next appointment.


Wife looks at her watch. It's 4:30. Shrugs her shoulders while he makes the appointment.

You may now proceed to the counter.

Uppity twats.

Google and Obama: You’re too close for comfort


Re: Sorry, I don't get the sentiments

And yet, you're here, signing in, leaving a comment detailing your views and thinking posting as AC will keep your information private. Why do you trust El Reg?

Aren't you concerned that someone will hack them and get YOUR personal information?

Want that awesome new Apple TrackPad? Don't get a MacBook Pro


At what point does it become more economical for Apple and the folks at the Genius bar to just throw the old computer away and give the customer a new one?

I don't see the guys at the service section trying to undo glue..

And wait.. what? GLUE?

Studying humans for science? Wrap your eyeballs around our fine print, says Apple


Evolution of WebMD

So now you'd have millions of hypochondriacs signing up for things thinking they have them..?

Will that skew the data? Will it need to be filtered somehow?

Google gives spit n' polish to world's most expensive Chromebook


Re: built....

Definition of iRONY : iTARDS calling people gullible.

$17,000 Apple Watch: Pointless bling, right? HA! You're WRONG


The $17000 is to make the other watches look like good value

In restaurant menus, they have the prices of wine (for example):

Most of them are priced around $40-60 for example except for one bottle that costs $400. The cost of the wine in most cases is $10 at most.

The reason the $400 one exists is to make the $40-60 bottles look affordable. People come in, look at the price list and noticing the $400 bottle, think that the $40-60 ones are a good alternative. And the house makes $30-50 a bottle.

I would expect that the cost to produce the actual watch is probably around $50-100 at most. When you consider one model at $17000, suddenly $350 doesnt sound so expensive, although almost all Android Wear watches are better and less than $350

A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK


Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

Of course it can run XCode. Its an Apple device.

Its like saying I designed a car that can get from place to place. Of course it can, if it couldn't it wouldnt be a car.

If this couldn't run XCode, it wouldn't be an Apple Device.

Oh look, my Samsung phone can run Android. Whoop de do.


I get it..!! Finally

A computer with no abilities to connect to anything. Everything can be synced to the Cloud.

So this is basically Apple's take on a Chromebook?



Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

"or wait till you get home.

or get a macbook pro."

Ah.. the usual Apple excuse. The problem is you.

So any Apple user who has one of these can only take pictures with an iPhone and sync it to the cloud. How much data is that going to be exactly?

Besides, if everything was meant to be on the cloud, then Apple have just come out with a glorified and expensive chromebook.


Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

All the hipsters taking their pictures, videos and movies, how do you think they're going to get all of the data on their new macbook? Bluetooth? Pencil and paper?

Apple Watch: HOT WRIST ACTION plus slim $1299 MacBooks - and HBO TV


Re: The 'Pink Pound'. Dollar, Euro, etc

A good idea for autocorrect programs everywhere. If someone types "Not being a prick here", the system should autocorrect that to "I'm a prick..!! I'm a prick..!! I'm a big hard raging PRICK..!!"


Re: hahahaha

So you need a separate connector if you want to charge your laptop and use a USB stick?

I think thats a ripoff. Especially if that "connector" costs $50 and doesn't work with anything else.

Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!


Re: Need a bigger laptop bag

"Some people don't use USB drives very much these days, especially people used to tablets, wireless printers, Dropbox, and 'good enough' phone cameras that don't require an SD card. Those who do can buy the Macbook Air or Pro."

Ah so it's just a $1200 iPad with a keyboard attached. How innovative.