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Cognitive computing: IBM unveils software for its brain-like SyNAPSE chips


Re: Data Flow...

Maybe the program tests itself? Like 90% Errorcorrection/Detection and the rest regular operations? Or maybe Errors are wanted / needed in this kind of environment, after all, this was designed to handle big data

Can't agree on a coding style? Maybe the NEW YORK TIMES can help


Re: Putting the first one at the end of the line is just stupid.

Every halfarsed compiler would shoot you to the moon for that, this is not an argument against using



} else {



German engineers demo ROBOT APE



Why are we trying to imitate nature? I get that nature had a pretty long time of figuring out solutions that work and solutions that don't, but I doubt that there are no more efficient means of traversing diverse terrains... Some engineers have to sit down and come up with the most efficient way of movement, that works on most different terrains (which does exclude standalone wheels btw.). Bro-tip: Flying is PRETTY efficient. Anything that conserves inertia is also very good, for example kangaroos can move very energy efficient...

Doctor Who? 12th incarnation sought after Matt Smith quits


Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Carlyle would be pretty interesting.

Both would be a bit grittier than the current ones and would maybe lift doctor who out of its childish appearance and make it look more mature.

Herschel Space Observatory spots galaxies merging



Isn't Herschel supposed to be dead, because its coolant supply ran out?

They WANT to EAT YOUR COMPUTER - welcome your ANT overlords


Home Security

Wow, good thing I don't live there... If I had a house there, I'd dig a burrow around my house, fill it with kerosene constantly and have it burning 24/7 :D

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again


Have they ever even tried?

Have they even tried to use a touch screen on a PC (that is about half a meter away from your chair) for several hours? not only does your back start to hurt, but also your arms get tired VERY quickly, its all in all a VERY uncomfortable solution. They should've thought of that earlier.

Lasers capture 3D images from a kilometre away



I love how no one here seems to notice that black absorbs light and reflects utterly little, you'd probably be invisible on this thing if you were wearing black clothes, anything the camera would pick up (because there is of course no true black and far from good black clothing) could be called measurement error by the software / user, rendering you invisible ;)

Climate shocker: Carry on as we are until 2050, planet will be fine


Re: I see what you did there...

But should we safe millions? The earth is grossly overpopulated and population MUST be reduced. Several reasons: We are Methane / CO2 factories (but we only account for so little, its practically meaningless), but we are also having issues with food: Soon we can't produce more food than we consume and we will start to have less and less food, unless there are less people to feed. Then we destroy many eco-systems, that would wouldn't have to destroy for greed and other puny reasons...

Asteroid mining and a post-scarcity economy


Re: hmm

Sadly such a virus is rarely very selective...

Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows


I feel misrepresented by this Article.

I am a cold, heartless, dead inside person, and I'm a computer engineer. I now feel misrepresented.

Boffins build elastic wires with liquid metal


Fluid dynamics

Have they tried it vertically?

Opposable thumbs for FISTS, not finesse, say bioboffins


End of line

Humans are the end of line for evolution. Not because we are particularly well developed, but because in our society EVERY specimen, however unfit for his environment gets carried by all the others and is allowed to reproduce (Speaking of first world countries). Every individual step forward a person makes will make no difference because for 1 person developing forward, there's one doing the opposite. Other Species on this planet will eventually evolve higher than we are, if we don't blow them and us to hell.

ITU to EU: We don't want to control the internet... honest


Yeeees, because we need deep packet inspection for our... hmm... safety? no, that doesn't tag along so well anymore... against.... child pornography? nah, this has been dragged through the mud already... ITS FOR THE WAR ON DRUGS! LETS DESTROY THE INTERNET AND WHEN WE ARE VICTORIOUS, ALL DRUG CARTELS WILL SEIZE TO EXIST!

Cambridge boffins fear 'Pandora's Unboxing' and RISE of the MACHINES


Cylons b comin


boolean main( targetObject obj ){

if(obj.type == human){

return false;

} else {

printf("Kill all non-Humans");


return true;


Surface RT: Freedom luvin' app-huggers beware



Hey I'm a C++ and Java Dev and I wonder whether or not you can compile and run your own applications on the Windows RT thing and if there are even IDEs / Compilers available in the Microsoft Store. Thanks

Profs: Massive use of wind turbines won't destroy the environment


Re: Nice

German guy speaking: The ditching of Nuclear Plants was a stupid Idea of our Government. Most people were actually against it and know it to be stupid, but the green party think that Nuclear Power is the root of all evil and they just needed to convince the other parties (who are also very much incompetent) that getting rid of nuclear power is a good idea that'd get them elected... In reality getting rid of them has nice side effects for us: France is building Nuclear Plants near the Rhein, the High-Tech-Fortress that is Poland is getting excited about Nuclear power and may even start building Nuclear Plants also (near the German border of course, so exporting is as cheap as possible and when something should blow up, the winds carry the radiation to Germany)



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