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HALF of all Bitcoin-investing Winklevoss twins predict $400bn market for the currency


Re: @ Spoddyhalfwit

True, so just invest in things you personally would use (or can imagine using) and believe in.

I would never invest in a "smartwatch" company for example, as I think this will just fail miserably. I can't see myself wearing this and so I won't even bother looking for companies to invest.


Re: Josh Zerlan

Oh no, I have received my orders in full. Just half a year too late, not meeting the specifications advertised, after beeing stuck in the "2 weeks loop of infinite agony" for a very long time. The pure arrogance that is Josh Zerlan has disturbed me more, than not receiving what I ordered remotely on time.

I mean: Who promises to donate 1000 Bitcoins to charity if the power goals aren't met?

Of course the power goals were not met and BFL was forced to donate these bitcoins from a PR standpoint. Now 1000 Bitcoins was a lot of money then already, so Josh Zerlan to the rescue, does this guy set up a Foundation and donates these 1000 Bitcoins to himself. The day is saved.

This is a classical Josh. Also of course cancelling orders for no good reason.


Re: a crypto christmas @ Dave 126

Vendors don't necessarily have to deal with bitcoins, even if they accept them. Many use payment services like coinbase or bitpay. The vendor may accept bitcoin, but all the bitcoin stuff is handled by the payment service and at the end of the day (or week, or month), the vendor just gets a normal bank wire transfer with £££, to the amount the bitcoin was valued at, at the moment of the transaction.

To the bitcoin deflation: I regularly buy things with bitcoins, just recently I bought a new GPU. Also I buy the humblebundle every week with bitcoin. I never regret buying these things, I don't think about the exchange rate before or after I buy these, I just ask myself if I value my bitcoin holdings more than the physical (or digital) goods I could buy with it and purchase on that decision. I can't speak for everyone tho.

As to the bitcoin pre-mine: That wasn't necessarily satoshi. It could've been anyone. Thats just the basic principle of first come, first served. There was a 1 block official pre-mine and then the source code was released and everyone was free to mine the coins. True, I think its possible that satoshi mined a couple of hundreds of thousands of coins, but so could have anybody else, if they had shown interest.


Re: a crypto christmas

Well, that is the beauty in bitcoin isn't it? Even if he wanted to get all this money, he couldn't. He has no access to it, its simply impossible. Nobody who doesn't hold the private key for an address can access the balance of this address, even if he was the creator or lead-core dev himself. I don't care how greedy you are, there is no way to get to this money in a non-legitimate way, where the only legitimate way is, that the holder of the private key sends you this balance.

I do agree tho, that there is a possibility of an alt-coin overtaking Bitcoin, because of perceived risk and psychological factors.

Edit: It is of course possible that you gain access to the private key through illicit methods like blackmail, robbery, threat of death, malware or a weakness in the private key random number generator

Currently there are no known weaknesses in the random number generators used, but even if there were, a new generated address without this weakness can easily be generated and the balance moved to the new, secure address.


Josh Zerlan

Really? Josh Zerlan? The most untrustworthy person to have ever walked the path of bitcoin is quoted here? Please do not repeat that mistake, dear Reg.

Just because he is an employee of one of the biggest bitcoin scam companies, doesn't make him a good source.

I hope the price drops further and stays low until january, so I can buy some, to profit from the inevitable bounce upwards.

'High impact' Gmail password security hole blew accounts wide open



Isn't that how phishing works? I mean, what could google possibly do to prevent phishing mails like this? Also I doubt that this is a bug in their system, and much rather a bug in their users...

ROCK FROM MARS FOUND in Africa, reveals Red Planet's SECRETS


Re: Ok, excuse me for asking but HTF do they know it is from Mars?

But its a good question: The only thing we can compare those rocks to, is current data from our mars rovers, or recent meteorites with trajectories confirmed to be originating from mars. Also of course atmospheric measurements by either orbiters, rovers or spectral analysis from earth or earth orbit, but they can't confirm what mars' composition was 4.x billion years ago, afaik.

Bitcoin price soars after US Senate hearing on 'legit' currency



And falling and falling.

Eeeexcellent. Soon, cheap opportunities to buy will arise :)

File-NUKING Cryptolocker PC malware MENACES 'TENS of MILLIONS' in UK


Re: Ingenius software

Why not? Its a sound business model and its well executed. Of course its unfortunate for people affected by it, but honestly, if you click on anything and don't keep backups, don't be surprised if one day you don't have any data left.


Ingenius software

I personally think that CryptoLocker is some ingenius piece of Software, and I am surprised nothing like this has emerged sooner, and I am disappointed, that I didn't have the idea to make it happen myself. Kudos to the developers, don't get too greedy.

This might even have a positive effect on people who just click anything thats mailed to them.


Re: Bitcoin is the problem

Anon for obvious reasons. You, sir, are mentally challenged. Cue downvotes.

Who’s Who: a Reg quest to find the BEST DOCTOR



I don't know any of the doctors before the 2005 reboot, and I didn't enjoy eccelstons performance that much, so its gotta be Tennant for me. Very good performance in my opinion, better than Smith every day, altough Smith isn't bad either.

Bitcoin mining rig firm claims $3m revenue in just FOUR DAYS


Re: If you missed the early landgrab, don't worry

Well, they exist. In the dozens. And still none have overtaken Bitcoin. (Look at Litecoin for example).


Re: well @lorisarvendu

No, your Transaction will be confirmed within approximately 10 minutes. (It can take one minute or half an hour, but it will be somewhat close to 10 minutes)

The Bitcoin protocol balances its difficulty level in a way, that transactions get confirmed around every 10 minutes on average. If more people are mining, it gets more difficult for a single miner, but because more ressources are available, it won't take the entire network longer. If people stop mining (and no others take their place) it will become easier for a single miner, but because less ressources are available again, the overall time to make a block will stay the same. Every 2016 mined blocks, the time taken to mine these 2016 blocks and the time expected to mine these 2016 blocks (20160 minutes) is compared, and when the time taken is lower, difficulty will be raised by an appropriate percentage, when the time taken is higher, the difficulty will be lowered by the appropriate percentage.

When I bought my last Humblebundle with Bitcoin, it took about 30 seconds for my transaction to be confirmed, and when I sent a couple of coins to a friend, it took half an hour. There's a deal of randomness to the time it takes for transactions, but these average out.

Keep in mind tho, that in ten minutes, to half an hour a lot >can< happen in the bitcoin world. But your transaction would never take several weeks, as long as you have an appropriate transaction fee included in your transaction. (Free or cheap transactions are possible, but Miners may reject those transaction, or enqueue them in the back, so these tend to take longer than transactions with higher fees)

Microsoft won't run Skype in China - a new JV partner awaits


Re: A useful warning

What's that word before "communications"?

Reding: NSA, friends don't spy on friends. Europe, let's team up for our own SPOOK CLUB


Middle East

Or just do it like the middle east: As soon as a foreign intelligence agent / spook is revealed, he should be executed on the spot. Might act as a deterrent and it also avoids lengthy prisoner exchange negotiations.

How mystery DDoSers tried to take down Bitcoin exchange with 100Gbps crapflood



The more often the system is attacked, the more resistant it gets. I'm not talking about server infrastructure here, I am talking about Bitcoin and its exchange rate. The last big DDoS crashed it massively, but the more often the DDoS attacks keep coming, the less people care. It's just publicity and may actually have the opposite result than what was planned...

Apple ban win: Now you can't buy Samsung gear no one was buying


Time for the rest of the world to start protecting themselves from american businesses then. As anyone should know you can't ever trust an american company under any circumstances, why not just stop importing american goods. All they really have is IP. Everything else can be done better, elsewhere.

NASA Juno probe HOWLS past Earth - and goes into HIBERNATION


Actually our decreased rotational speed would send us out to a further orbit, strangely enough.

New Terminator-style 'bots can self-assemble, leap, climb and SWARM


Re: These are not the robots you are looking for

I also immediatly thought about the SG Replicators...

Surprised Mantrid drones weren't mentioned. On the other hand, they don't have such a nice small form-factor. Really hope this project develops into something.

Redmond expands fanboi trade-in program to include iPhones


This is good news for thieves: Selling stolen iPhones is much easier now.

WET SPOT found on MARS: NASA rover says 'high percentage'


Healthy water

Because distilled water is known to carry many healthy nutrients.

Boffins have constructed a new LIGHT SABRE. Their skills are complete

Paris Hilton

Re: As I understand it (if i can read properly, etc) ....

Think of it as a dry-dock for a ship? Once they leave the rubidium the structure will collapse and the photons will carry on travelling on their own again. The point is: Is it possible to construct a structure complex enough, that the structure would "survive" exiting the rubidium and remain in its "shape"

Greece ends extra hols for civil servants forced to use hated computers


Productive as a German

I as a German feel humbled to read this, while procrastinating on El Reg at work!

City of Munich throws Ubuntu lifeline to Windows XP holdouts


Re: I bet a lot more people would switch if...

Linux doesn't really support NTFS. Only sort of. That may be caused by NTFS being proprietary closed source stuff.

Forget Mars: Let's get someone on the Moon – NASA veteran


Solar Power?

Helium mining: Yes, we need lots of helium on earth, because we are running out. But we have no way of transferring electricity generated on the moon to earth. The only thing that should be solar powered on the moon are helium factories.

Also: The "dark side of the moon" is more viable for solar power than the earth oriented side. The earth oriented side will go dark every month for half a month PLUS everytime the shadow of earth covers the moon up, this may not be very often but it happens. The dark side of the moon will only be dark for half a month, but because its always facing away from earth, it won't be blocked by earths shadow ever.

Give us a break: Next Android version to be called 'KitKat'


Re: Nestles parody - read the small print?

PR is getting better in some companies it seems.

Btw. Milka ( I don't know if you know this stuff, its a german brand apparently ) is a brand of Kraft Foods which is a US-based company. However in my honest opinion there is no better chocolate than Milka chocolate and I have tried a lot of chocolate by many manufacturers, including Crayola/Hersheys.

Boffins confirm quantum crypto can keep a secret


Great Idea...

...lets bring another single point of failure (charlie) into the mix!

Apple tries to trademark the term 'startup'


Die Partei

In germany there's a (satirical) political party. One of their goals is to further complicate the german tax laws in such a way, that it becomes impossible for even the most gifted Lawyers to figure out loopholes.

Maybe this should be applied to patent / trademark law worldwide ;)

Microsoft: YES Windows 8.1 is finished, but NO you can't have it


Re: Msdn devalued

Correction: I said "...can run x86 Applications..." when I really meant "...can run x86 windows binaries..." excuse the mistake, I am of course aware that competing desktop systems can of course also run x86 applications.


Re: Msdn devalued

You are aware that it was Microsofts goal all along, since the development of Windows 8 to destroy their company, right? There are several pieces of evidence leading me to this conclusion: For one: Windows 8(.1) with its many disadvantages compared to pretty much all other Desktop OS. Sure, it can run x86 Applications and Games, which are pretty much the only reasons Windows is still used, but it makes these things inconvenient.

Then there's the XBOX 180, if you haven't heard the privacy outcries, you're probably deaf.

Let's look at Windows RT for a moment, it does nothing Users expect from an Operating System (Run Applications that were not necessarily distributed through Windows Store for example) and barely works as a fondleslab, if at all. You can browse the internet with it and have it show you the weather, oh gee.

Then there's of course Windows Phone 8, I can't go into detail on this one, because I personally do not own one and have no experience with its functionality, but complaints on various online forums suggest it's not the best pie in the oven.

Apple sucking triple the phone switchers as Samsung – report


Re: And more "smart" people use Samsung

And yet the survey tries to convey, that android is synonymous with Samsung, but ONLY if its convenient for them.

"The data, based on four quarterly reports between June 2012 and July 2013 from analyst house Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, showed that 33 per cent of people who changed phones to Apple were previously Android users, while just 11 per cent switched from iOS to Samsung."

Android -> Apple 33%

Apple -> >>>SAMSUNG<<< 11%

Of course that number is a lot lower, because Samsung may be >the< major player in Android, but there are still A LOT of other Android users that DO NOT own a Samsung Device, but for example HTC, Motorola, LG and whatever else there is, which are still ANDROID, just not Samsung. Yet the survey compares a company with a product when its convenient for them, and when the same comparison would be inconvenient, they compare their company with another company.

Green German gov battles to keep fossil powerplants running


Re: What a lot of hot air !

If you take the Rhein for example, there are dozens of hydro-powerplants there, the problem is: they are absolutely unprofitable and barely produce energy. Also you can't just put infinitely many hydro-powerplants on a river. Entropy ring a bell? ;)

WTF is... backend-as-a-service?


Customer as a Service

I should freelance and get paid for offering Customer as a Service.

'But we like 1 Direction!' Rock gods The Who fend off teen Twitter hate mob


Eltern haften für ihre Kinder

In Germany there's a way to shift legal liability from underage and not prosecutable people to their parents, as to make them personally liable for anything their offspring did, as long as they are not at legal age. Does this exist in the UK also? if so, this may be a nice way to educate parents about parenting on your little island. Then maybe even your Great Pornfirewall of UK may become obsolete!

Oh, those crazy Syrian hackers: Now Wash Post, CNN, Time vandalised


Yeah figured that...

...when I went onto to do some "research" yesterday and after a couple of clicks around found myself on a SEA defacement site...

PC market hits the ropes, but Lenovo's still standing


Re: Is it Lenovo?

Maybe they prefer the pre-installed Windows7+Bloatware because they don't have to purchase an extra Win7 License then? They can still play on their own image, but re-use the OEM license without a problem, whereas if you bought Win8+Bloatware PCs, you'd have to play on your image + buy a corporate Win7 license, all the while having dozens(/hundreds) of PCs with an unused, but paid for, Win8 license

GitHub code repository rocked by 'very large DDoS' attack


'How do DOS attacks help probe for vulnerabilities?'

Just speculating here, but maybe the DDoS is causing the Servers to use a lot of RAM, Cache and CPU-time increasing the likelihood of a stack/buffer-overflow?

Osama Bin Pwned: Al Qaeda mocked in Twitter counter-jihad


Sesame Street

I smell trouble for the guy who "suggested" sesame street. We all know the US authorities can't handle sarcasm... Remember the story about this one guy who got arrested for making a sarcastic comment about League of Legends who's been sentenced to 4 years in prison?

Lawsuit claims Microsoft misled investors in Surface RT fiasco


What a job

Wow, I should really become investment banker and just invest into anything, whenever the stock price of a company falls, I'll simply sue them and get my losses returned, when the stock rises, I will collect my winnings and call it a day.

Zombie PCs are for crimelord chumps: Fear clusters, says infosec ace


Re: Big Iron Improves Badware shocker

Thats because his attacks do not involve Denial of Service. His way of doing things is focussing on SQL Injection vulnerability testing, password cracking etc. which can be done more efficiently in a well managed system. Because there is no outbound malicious network traffic, there will be nothing left for anyone to trace him by, except maybe the company doing the cloud hosting.

The whole point is, that the companies being attacked won't even notice that they are, the results of the attack will then neatly be stored in some logfile for later >actual< malicious use

BlackBerry hits 88MPH, goes back to the future with NEW old 9720 mobe


I always say: If Nokia started producing the Nokia 6210 mobile phone again, now with µUSB jack and higher capacity batteries, but same old hardware that made the phone so very durable, they'd have their business right back on track.

I mean same processor, same display, same keypad, same software, just new battery technology and new charging interface. If there can be improvements to the processor and display, that make them last longer while still creating the same experience, I'm sure people would be fine with that, too, but these are the kinds of things, that people would really pay for, and not too little I might add.

Also changable batteries, like the olden days. Its a horrible idea to build in batteries into phones and not allow users to change them.

Obama appoints intelligence boss to run 'independent' review of NSA


Its a strategy to appoint him and its working good: Obama appointed the least possible fit and will let the public ramble and rant around and have an outcry, then he can simply backpaddle, select someone who is *almost* just as bad, but a noteably lesser evil. (Like for example someone from the Ministry of Interior (or whatever its called, I'm german, I dunno sorry)) . Because the first choice was so horrible, people will be a lot more likely to accept the second choice without much ado. There's some psychology for you! ;)

Paris Hilton

You just made my day, and my day is almost over already.

Also I love the spirit of irony subtitle, thanks Mr. Reg Hack

Deutsche Telekom launches 'NSA-busting' encrypted email service


Wouldn't you rather be spied on by the chinese? At least the Chinese government has no interest in sharing with your government, what political views you have and what protest you'd like to attend / organize etc.

Google ups ante to $5,000 for Chrome browser bug bounties

IT Angle

Re: How much do security researchers...

Google pays interns around $6000 per Month, so this is entirely possible. Also security research isn't peanuts, or as easy as simply programming / developing code (if you separate this from debugging, which pretty much is still easier than finding security leaks in third party software)

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow


And on Mars, most of those problems wouldn't exist, as Mars doesn't have plate tectonics and thus no earthquakes. Also because Mars has a low pressure atmosphere already, maintaining a low pressure inside the tubes isn't as hard as it is on Earth. Sure, the Terrain of Mars is pretty rough, but that shouldn't be the problem. I can see tho that getting work-force and material up there could be quite difficult, but isn't that what SpaceX is for?

New blinged-up 'iPhone 5S' touted by Jobs FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE


There also was a lot of sensational speculation about the 3GS and the 4S and look where it ended. There will be no fingerprint sensor. Its just rumors, smoke and mirrors

Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'


Re: Jimmy has been listening to radio 5 live

@Zombie Womble

Wouldn't it be funny if all the ISPs decided to "enforce" the blocking laws by simply shutting down all routers entirely for 24 hours?

Sure there'll be lawsuits for days, but in the end it would probably still be cheaper than having to run the hardware for logging and filtering all DNS requests long-term ;)

Or maybe not a complete shutdown, but a shutdown for private users, not companies. If necessary masked as technical difficulties with implementing the filtering methods

Android bug batters Bitcoin wallets


Re: virtual risks

Some numbers that are currently worth $104 per BTC



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