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IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL


Re: Ummm...

NHS Direct exists for a few more months yet with 111 being phased in across the country. 111 is not yet available for a significant proportion of the country.


Netflix shares jump as outfit adds 10 million subscribers in 2012


Re: Netflix is good but ...

Can you show me the law that states it is illegal?

You have signed up with Netflix using a UK account, paid using a UK credit card and access their US site. The agreement for where content is distributed lies with Netflix and the relevant content owners. The fact that you can access is their problem and they could put an end to it if they wished.

Regardless, Netflix have themselves posted on Twitter in the past about using a VPN to access content from the US.

Is this possibly the worst broadband in the world?

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Re: Reg hack uses site to raise beef with BT?

I'm with vFast on their 15Mbps package. Regularly get between 11 and 15Mbps. This morning:


Service is reliable. In the two years I have had the connection, I have had 3 occasions where I have had no connection to the internet yet could ping their gateway. In itself, a few hours lost over 2 years not a big deal. My only gripe: Support was quick to deny there being any fault with their systems claiming an engineer would need to come out to fix something my end yet they mysteriously resolved without an engineer visit on each occasion.

Microsoft-Netflix bid rumours feast on froth – and logic


Re: Only if...

Netflix is already Silverlight?

Google skids car insurance comparison engine onto rivals' lawn

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I've just given this a whirl and haven't received a single email. Found me a quote slightly cheaper than who I just renewed with. If I linked with topcashback I'd make a slightly bigger saving. Makes a change from the hundreds of emails and calls you normally end up getting.


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