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What the duck? Bloke keeps getting sent bathtime toys in the post – and Amazon won't say who's responsible

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Re: Storks bring babies, not rubber ducks

Deliberate pun. El Reg style, IMO.

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This is how you piss people off with ducks. https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2168387-spiceduck-visits-hq

I was screwed over by Cisco managers who enforced India's caste hierarchy on me in US HQ, claims engineer

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Re: "HR" - there's your problem.

I always stood by the view that when companies had a Personnel department, you were treated as a person. When they became Human Resources departments, you were treated as a resource.

You know Facebook has an image problem when major nonprofits start turning down donations over political lies

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Re: I must express my opposition to this

Oh dear, Bob. Poor old Bobbity-bob.

Facebook HAS to censor speech. It has to in certain countries to meet the laws of those counties. Same thing as you can't buy Nazi memorabilia on ebay Germany.

Please stop thinking that the world is America.

The UK's favourite lockdown cheese is Big and Red but doesn't require a stinking great audit after consumption

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Sobeys used to have some decent cheeses last time I was over there.

On the flip side, having managed to source decent cheese curds here in the UK, I shall be treating my Canadian wife to poutine tonight...

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Re: American Cheese

Don't get me started on Velveeta either... that stuff's an abomination.

Far-right leader walks free from court after conviction for refusing to hand his phone passcode over to police

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How extreme was this licking? There are people that'll pay for that...

Does a .com suffix make a trademark? The US Supreme Court will decide as Booking marks its legal spot

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washingmachine.com lasts longer with calgon.com ?

The Great British anti-5G fruitcake Bakeoff: Group hugs, no guns, and David Icke

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Re: The higher the frequency, the greater the energy

Would the person that upvoted Kirk's post please make themselves known? :D

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Re: Income

Half a denari, for his life story.

Lars Ulrich makes veiled threats of another Metallica album during web chat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

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It's rocking horse shit rare that bands make megabucks on albums these days.

Tour ticket sales and merch is where it's at.

Anyway, I found out that I'm 20 minutes away from where Aleister Crowley was born, so I'm going to blast me some Ozzy while I go for a long walk.

Microsoft decrees that all high-school IT teachers were wrong: Double spaces now flagged as typos in Word

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Re: What's next?


Zuck loves free speech so much Facebook will censor 'anti-state' content in Vietnam after telcos 'crippled' access

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Re: Money money money

"Zuck off"

Baby, I swear it's déjà vu: TalkTalk customers unable to opt out of ISP's ad-jacking DNS – just like six years ago

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Virgin turned it back on about a month ago.

This hurts a ton-80: British darts champ knocked out of home tourney by lousy internet connection

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I've lost count of the number of WFH calls where "it's shit and slow" and you find that they're using WiFi and the router is in the front room and they're working in a bedroom on the 2nd floor.

"Go and sit in the front room and plug your laptop in using a cable. Is it better?"

"Yes, it's great".


As a generalisation, WiFi = Convenience, Cable=Stability.

Also UK stated ISP speeds are to the router, IIRC, not to any devices.

In case you need more proof the world's gone mad: Behold, Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels

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Re: Re Cycle Wheels


That is all.

Apple: We respect your privacy so much we've revealed a little about what we can track when you use Maps

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Re: "Beeston Pub Crawl Map"

Never done that as a pub crawl, but have been in every one of those places.

Stopped going to the Greyhound when it stopped being the Greyhound...

Vodafone chief speaks out after 5G conspiracy nuts torch phone mast serving Nightingale Hospital in Brum

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Black Helicopters


Corvids are ravens, crows, blackbirds, magpies, etc.

Unless you're suggesting it's the fault of birds ;)

From Amanda Holden to petrol-filled water guns: It has been a weird week for 5G

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Just remember that the spread of Covid-19 is based on 2 main factors.

1) How dense the population is, and

2) How dense the population is.

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Re: The B Ark.

I'm sure the Welsh and the Scots would be happy for it to just be England...

Minister slams 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories as 'dangerous nonsense' after phone towers torched in UK

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What's PDQ got to do with it? Perfectly reasonable app for software rollouts!

Not only is Zoom's strong end-to-end encryption not actually end-to-end, its encryption isn't even that strong

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Re: and you're already on a slippery slope.


I tried line dancing - got hit by a train.

Then I tried tap dancing - fell in the sink...


Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution

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Re: Understated..

Nobody is stockpiling Izal. That's a fact.

What's inside a tech freelancer's backpack? That's right, EVERYTHING

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Re: unpacking order...

Got any nails?


Then have you got any grapes?

Like a Virgin, hacked for the very first time... UK broadband ISP spills 900,000 punters' records into wrong hands from insecure database

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"I give any post addressed to 'The Occupier' to my Israeli housemate" - Shappi Khorsandi

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Re: Gdpr

They've got 99 Breach related problems, but the beach ain't one.

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IIRC, a few years ago a number of ISPs were storing passwords in plaintext.

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Virgin are telling people to use strong passwords.

The password policy on their accounts is 8-10 characters, numbers and letters only. No spaces. First character must be a letter...

Go figure.

We regret to inform you there are severe delays on the token ring due to IT nerds blasting each other to bloody chunks

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Been there. Doom and ROTT after work sessions.

EU court tells prudish IP office to fack off for balking at 'fack ju' trademark application

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Re: When non-natives attack



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Re: Fucking video!

You need to watch this then.

Grand Tour - Wank, Kissing, Petting, Fucking, Wedding


HP Ink: No way, Xerox. We're not accepting your takeover. Well, we'd never say never. Maybe even maybe? Hello, you still there? Please?

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Re: "the current Xerox acquisition offer is not in the best interest of HP shareholders"

Spot on. As I commented in an earlier piece on the HP-Xerox fun, you will also never see anything done for the best interest of the customers

Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month

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Re: But, but

Nobody's getting the Brexit they voted for (or against).

Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police

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Didn't HCI outfit Scale have a video of a child (IIRC of one of the directors) setting up VMs as part of their marketing material to show how easy it was?

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Re: Kali

Ah, the same amount of fun you can invoke by telling an American Fundamentalist that the Son of God couldn't be a white man.

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Re: Be a government informer! Betray your family and friends! Fabulous prizes to be won!

They always reminded me of a rudimentary Bat'leth

Startup Mycroft AI declares it will fight 'patent troll' tooth and nail after its Linux voice-assistant attracts lawsuit

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Re: Come to the UK. We're open for business on very lucrative terms.

Read the first line as Jules (Samuel L Jackson) and the second as Vincent (Travolta) a la Pulp Fiction. Repeat :D

Who needs the A-Team or MacGyver when there's a techie with an SCSI cable?

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I'm now curious as to whether "Bobby" was working for an Accountancy firm in the early 90s as I'm sure that I recall one of the regional IT Managers telling a story like this.

Social media notifications of the future: Ranger tagged you in a photo with Tessadora, Wrenlow, Faelina and Graylen

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and so's my wife!

Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'

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Kilt. A Scottish word that means "What happened to the last person who called it a skirt".

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it

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That's what the snipping tool/snip & sketch are for, surely?

Cover for 'cyber' attacks is risky, complex and people don't trust us, moan insurers

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Re: Define "hack"

I got a reply from amanfromMars1 !

I feel honoured.

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Define "hack"

I've seen quite a few policy documents and the wording worries me.

There's usually some guff about paying out if you get hacked, but they don't define what "hacked" means to them.

Given that most people use the word "hack" in a completely inappropriate way, I suspect that's where the biggest get out clause is. If your data is screwed because you willingly gave your user credentials away, then whilst you might think you've been "hacked" in reality you haven't and I'm sure the insurers will also take that view.

Artful prankster creates Google Maps traffic jams by walking a cartful of old phones around Berlin

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Re: How easy it is to fool

The last remake wasn't in Italy and there wasn't really a job.

Coming to a cinema near you ... "The"

Need 32-bit Linux to run past 2038? When version 5.6 of the kernel pops, you're in for a treat

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Don't know whether to laugh or scream at the Busted reference.

In deepest darkest Surrey, an on-prem SAP system running 17-year-old software is about to die....

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Re: Pedant mode

For a minute I thought you mean SCC (https://www.scc.com/), not SCC.

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!

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Re: HP drivers...


a) They do


b) They're now oned by HP.

'No BS' web host Gandi lives up to half of its motto... Some customer data wiped out in storage server meltdown

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3-2-1 rule always applies, regardless of where your data is.



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