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Renault intros e-MPV

Pete Hampton
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You can't polish a turd

Bad looking or otherwise, they are betting on the wrong tech. Battery cars are fundamentally flawed and are not what is going to move the green revolution in cars. For that we have to use Hydrogen. Honda and others have already proved the case for the vehicles themselves and Shell and others have already got the capability to produce the fuel.

For governments around the world to take this problem seriously, they have to back a technology that will be readily accepted by the populous at large and for that I'm afraid, my garlic munching chums, is not 19th century battery cars.

Hydrogen can in the words of a marketing suit, deliver throughout the whole of the supply chain. Dedicated "Green" electricity generation ( Wind, Solar, Wave etc etc ) could be used to create the Hydrogen from sea water. Oil companies already have the delivery infrastructure, they're called Petrol Stations and the vehicles take two to three minutes to re-fuel to provide a 250-mile plus range. It's almost a no-brainer, yet these clots still want to pursue a tech that will never gain popular support. The only way to move forward is to deliver to what we expect today.