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First rigid airship since the Hindenburg cleared for outdoor flight trials


Ironic how an ideal job would be...

collecting Airbus parts from around Europe, and dropping them off at the factory in France. Doesn't the current Airbus wings have to do a barge-boat-truck trip from Wales to Toulouse?

Vertical take off and landing from hanger door to hanger door with minimal packing would save lots of hours and £££.

Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%


Err really?

It may be true that *some* people can use BYOD, and *most* senior execs who can, do tell the IT dept to get stuffed and use their iPads for work, but for the 99% of coal face workers on Windows XP/7 working on PCs, the future isn't going to change anytime soon. TV for a screen? You're lucky if you can squeeze a second sub $150 screen to spread the work over the bigger desktop. I'm writing this on a 'screwed down' $600 laptop, with a basic install, hardly any access rights to the computer settings and MS Office only. The % of people I know (mid level drones) are in the same situation, and with money being the way it is, the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. I'd be very interested to know the GS Author's own machine specs... I'm guessing 'big brand laptop, with Win 7 and Office 2010'... And I don't know of a single Co. that has migrated everybody from PC to Apple/Linux - I'd be interested to hearing about any such 'reference' sites.

IBM drops Lotus brand from next version of Notes


How timely

Having been developing Lotus Notes, then Lotus Domino apps for 14 years, this is basically too little too late. Sadly too many herberts associate Lotus Notes with a clunky email client that wasn't as 'slick' as other offerings back in the 90's and early 00's. Lotus, then IBM never showcased the really neat bits. Like saving the design change on a live server and having the VB dev sitting next to me ask when I was going to 'recompile it' :-)

IBM never drove Domino sales into the "less than 50 employees" market, never had a clear purchase path or easy to decipher pricing plan. One of the reasons MS is so ubiquitous is that you can buy their software so easliy.

As I'm being made redundant soon, my interest in IBM Domino is probably only going to be academic, but the shame is that, whilst it had it's problems, it was pretty adaptable and with the right mindset, very powerful for the money. However MS has always been better at marketing, and that is what wins market share. Changing the name won't make a difference unless IBM back it up with serious $$$ and £££

Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)


Simple thing to improve your VM Superhub

It was a right pain when I first got mine - reading forums and alike I've now put the power supply on a timer, so that the thing has a 30 minute break every morning at about 5.00am... And I've now got a mini-hub hanging off one of the UTP cables providing wifi in the house, with the SH wifi switched off... It's a bit of a mish-mash of a solution, and I shouldn't really have to do it, but I'm happier with both speed and wifi, which I wasn't for the first 3 weeks of owning the thing. The previous CableTel modem & minihub worked for the best part of 11 years without an issue...

"Don't make them like they used to..."

Office 365 turns Lotus eater


Notes has moved on...

In my current job 10 or so devs and admins currently support 4,000 users+ round the world who are, as far as they can see, using web based project management and content management solutions - 'Cloud hosted, "No SQL", Mobile enabled' etc.

It has been suggested that we port it over to MS Sharepoint, but that went away when they realised what the application actually does, and the specs of servers that it does it on.

I guess a lot of people use Notes based apps via the browser each day, without knowing it.