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HPE pushes white label kit for 5G edge computing to tempt all the telcos still crying over WhatsApp and pals

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Re: "White label kit?"

Postman Pat, Postman Pat,Postman Pat and his translucent, non gender specific, self affirming entitled cat........

And whilst I'm on the subject Black and White aren't technically colours. True black is the abscence of light.

There, I just solved Racism, thank me later.

Apple owes us big time for bungled display-killing cable design in MacBook Pro kit, lawsuit claims

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Two Words

Louis Rossmann - check out his you tube channel

He's the guy that fixed it.

If you want to know all the terrible engineering that goes into a Macbook. (Lenovo may not be much better I am typing on one that has 3 new motherboards and a new 'Power Switch' daughter board)

Alternatively if you want to know how bad i/phone/pad devices are check out Jessa Jones

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Re: Even those guys knew

water damage - its your fault

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Serves em right. Buy apple pay the price and then later pay the included, determined repair or upgrade price. Oh is your data tied to your now broken device because we only have soldered on storage - Hope you have a backup, in iCloud that you are paying for..........

Two words



View that you tube channel and buy apple - you get everything you oh so richly deserve

Transcript leak: Inside Facebook's secret crisis meeting, where Zuck and Sheryl race to save social network's rep

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I love coding (tm)

I wish i could go back to uni and steal my friends ideas. errr coding I mean I wish I could go back to coding

Australia's Snooper's Charter: Experts react, and it ain't pretty

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Re: Still Puzzled!

I agree, but my post was in answer to "Still Puzzled", more of an exercise in working through the intent than the exact details.

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Big Brother

Re: Still Puzzled!


I don't want to get into a war of words about it but there's no such thing as completely untraceable, you, a friend, a colleague, your cat, whatever, will, at some point, make a mistake. I'm not saying its quick, easy or cheap, but if they think your activities are interesting enough they will find you, it just takes time.

Think back to the way they caught Hector Monsegur (Sabu) and then dismantled lulz sec / anonymous.

Maybe Bob's auto-updated browser became leaky or able to be fingerprinted, maybe they manage to stick a tracer cookie on Bob's machine from the public board he is posting on, the management of which will almost certainly be changing their underwear after a visit from a 3 letter agency. No amount of VPN hops, TOR layers or proxies will save him from that.

It's always the soft squishy bits that give the gig up. Book codes, Enigma, Lorenz, Steganography, Quantum Cryptography. Take your pick they are all (practically) un-crackable as long as people don't get involved,

The cat and mouse is never ending.

In the OP's example the public board will be seen as a provider and will get visited / spoken to. Even if they tough it out and refuse to allow monitoring tools on their server the various agencies involved can legally demand logs from them. Once they know where the post came from, they get the IP of the VPN connection used, and yes the VPN may not keep logs but once the cops have that info they will start to watch and break the traffic in and out, BAM up pops your identifier. I cant speak for all countries but you can be sure that every packet that leaves Australia is reflected, analysed and recorded. Are they going to go to those lengths if you are downloading the latest Hollywood blockbuster or called the Prime Minister a snot nosed prick - of course not, but they might if you are a journo talking about a big scoop you are investigating concerning the government.

Now re-read my post and you will see where I was coming from.

It will just take a few high profile stories to allow them to be, as you so eloquently put it, "Controlling the population at large and leaving them as piss-weak financial cattle to be milked."

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Re: Still Puzzled!

As far as I can see the spooks are perfectly within their rights (under the proposed jackboot, sorry legislation) to pop around to see Bob and demand the original clear text or more likely the keys / decryption method that Alice is using. If they don't? 5 years in the chokey for both of em

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VPN's? Journalists right to protect their sources for, say, telling Australia what a bunch of scumbags their own govt/military is.

Is the suggestion here seriously that the govt can legally and without a warrant install a piece of malware on one of my users laptops, have them bring it in here, gather a bunch of keys, hack a bunch of info, potentially use that to get at their target and then ..... what? When the investigation finishes they remove said malware. Advise us its happened and that we should zap said laptop. Obviously like the US they would ensure they don't 'accidentally' gather information from say my UK or Dubai office and accidentally realise they have a big fat pipe to those govts to accidentally advise them whats going on, and of course there would be no danger of non govt sources accessing my now compromised network. AND it definitely isn't a backdoor.


Thank you for your attention :-)

UK chip and PIN readers fall ill: Don't switch off that terminal!

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"There is literally nothing that I can't pay for on card"


An amazing sunset

The love of a good woman (debatable I guess)

A child's first word/step/solid poo

A stimulating conversation

Lying in a field looking at the stars

The smell of cut grass

Spending time with your family

Laughing at a really good joke


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The cashless society

The thing with cash is that:

It never runs out of battery

It can get run over by a lorry

If keeps working when the internet is down

No system admin in an office can fat finger something and stop cash working

It keeps working during backups/system upgrades/equipment replacement

It doesn't wait until bank processing cut offs to be transferred from one place to another.

If a shop takes cash it doesn't have to pay 2% to someone else to process it.

When the fire sale happens cash will still be working.

It makes it real hard for the government/google/whoever to track what you are up to.

It's been stress tested in the production environment since early man started using rocks and beads

You can fold it in half/tear it and put it back together with sticky tape

If you lose it you lose just the cash not your identity/everything in your bank account.

If you want to steal it from me you are going to have to mug me or rob my house.

Its a lot harder to 'clone' than a card/phone.

If I'm on a night out and I run out of cash I generally know its time to go home.

I have to pay attention to how much I am being charged if I have to hand over notes instead of tapping something on the area of the device that is displaying how much I am being charged. I'm looking at you taxi drivers.

As for hygiene have you looked at the crack between the glass and body of your phone, you know the thing you hold against your face. Personally I have to be really really drunk before cash touches my face.

Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking'

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@Ratfox - Yes

MyHealth Record rollout saga shambles on: ALP wants it put on hold

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Health insurance will demand it.

Whats the betting that your health insurance will sky rocket (more than it does every year anyway) if you don;t have a my health record. It would be a top notch way to weed out all those pesky customers who might actually use their health insurance and cost the insurer money.

I had a record created, I have no idea how, and I had a hell of a time deleting it. Its not obvious.

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"My" Health Record

Should be renamed under the trades description act.

Ideas anyone?

Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave

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Re: > "And Google technology is far more pervasive than Microsoft's ever was."

Apple doesn't interact with handset designers/manufacturers, it designs and manufactures it's own iThingies, uses all of its own closed source code (well mostly), sells through its own stores and website and runs its own app store so yes it is in fact a totally closed ecosystem. I despise Apple and their practices but I don't think you can put this in the same basket.

We might be skimming the Surface, but it looks like Microsoft's readying a wallet-friendly device

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Surfacebuntu - Called it

When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?

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Not Google related

The grown ups know what and where their infrastructure is, they know how it works and they have it it on an appropriate support package, that goes double if its a multimillion dollar company. They also know how and where its all backed up and where the electronic version and paper printouts of the BCP plan are. We are going to see more and more of this as 'the cloud' gets more 'efficient' (i.e. cheaper but with crappier service). At some point you will discover you are paying more to protect yourself from your cheap cloud provider contract than you are saving by not doing it properly. Of course your beancounters won't see it that way until it all falls in a heap.

Just keep the emails somewhere safe that's my advice :-)

Right, I'll just fetch me coat

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it

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Re: Gitiup

That has Git and ihub - Apple would sue :-)

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For the Aussies

Universally Grabbing Great Source (UGGS)

GitBucket or BitGit - For the Atlassian fans

Men are officially the worst… top-level domain

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Paris Hilton


To get a .com.au you have to have a company registered in the country. Not a total turn off but it costs AU$500(ish) to set up a company so its quite a good deterrent.

Why Paris - We aren't seeing enough of her

I've got way too much cash, thinks Jeff Bezos. Hmmm, pay more tax? Pay staff more? Nah, let's just go into space

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Bezos innnnn spaaaaaaaaaaace

For the really old among you (alright among us)

US spymasters trash Kaspersky: AV tools can't be trusted, we've stuck a probe in them

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Better them than US (see what i did there)

I would rather have my info flowing to Russia than the US.

Redmond reveals Hyper-V 2016 beats vSphere's RAM and CPU count

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In other news

My new homebrew hypervisor that I built out of some Cobol, Fortran and Pascal code, some stickyback plastic and a Blue Peter badge is able to use 8000 squillion, billion, trillion, hundred of the new gvCPU's and 400 Trillion TB's of nvrRAM (What do you mean you dont know what that is?)

And those figures are totally as relevant as the ones mentioned in this story.

I recently worked for a big data company that squished numbers for some very large companies. They didn't get close to troubling VMWare's current maximum numbers let alone the new ones.

Boffins computerize giant cyborg cockroaches

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IT Angle

Aston Martin's new DBR(oach)

I wonder if Aston Martin could breed one that went really really fast, looked absolutely fabulous, was covered in the worlds best carpet, and had hand beaten wings?

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All we need to do is breed em with stronger legs

By the lord Harry - this is a game changer. Forget the whole cat/curry monorail situation. This is the start of a new world order.

The possibilities are endless.

Public transport – fixed. Strap a few to the bottom of your shoes, control them from your smartphone

Mass transit – fixed. Jetsons style moving walkways, with ‘roahes under metal sushi-train style plates, replace motorways in a jiffy

City Pollution – Fixed. No more cars or mass transit, fewer delivery vehicles, taxi’s etc etc.

Shopping – Fixed, attach a bag to the top of a few with a note and some cash, add the optional GPS unit and send it to the shops .

Fast food delivery – fixed – see above but replace with a plate, hmm do you want a roach delivering food – maybe not

World Debt – Fixed, everyone in the west will be able to pay off the 3rd world debt what with everyone no longer using cabs/buses/trains, having any delivery costs, transport costs, buying cars, motorbikes etc.

City council and government debt fixed - They can stop spending their cash on anti pollution legislation and technology and ‘roaches don’t care if a road is tarmaced or not.

Everyone can move to ‘the country’ and we have a lot of that here in Australia!

They can be fed food scraps so that fixes food recycling

And of course the biggest innovation for humankind

You could get it to go to the bottle shop / off llicence* and bring back beer!

I for one am moving all $3.84 of my earthly wealth into 'roach farms. Now, where's the number for my broker......

*delete based on geography


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