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Evernote taken out by DDoS attack


Credit where credit is due.

After reading so many stories about passwords etc. in plain text being stolen, we now see that where a company has done the right thing, it's being put down to "luck"!

"although luckily passwords had been stored in salted hashes rather than plaintext."

All roads lead to Darwin ahead of solar challenge flag-fall


micro-cephalic idiot? Surely not here!

Why don't you ask at the ABC site?


Passenger number confusion

Richard says it must have three seats, the ABC article says, must have at least two forward facing seats, manager Gerry Paay in the ABC video says two or more seats and the car has three seats but the World Solar Challenger site says Driver / Passenger: 1 / 1 both facing forwards.

It must be Monday.

Apple's iOS 6 maps STILL muddle Mildura


Perhaps a map wouldn't help?

As they must have passed signs indicating the way to Mildura.

One news report I read indicated that they ended up near Rocket Lake which is a long way off the bitumen and along a rough dirt track. If they can continue down such a track looking for Mildura, I doubt that anything short of a guide could have helped them.

The Register lands in Australia


Antipodean name

Not at all impressed by the suggested names for your southern edition, bland and uninspiring.

Perhaps "The Wedgie" would be a better name. It reminds one of that other great bird that feeds as much on carrion as live prey, the Wedgetail Eagle and that "fun" game of grabbing the back of someone's jocks and pulling them up high.

Australia won't back away from data retention plan


Re: Morons

Shirley you're not naive enough to think that a Liberal/NP government wouldn't do as much if not more?

But you have provided a pretty good example of the level of political thought that goes on in Australia.