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You thought watching cat videos was harmless fun? Think AGAIN

Richard J

Feral Cats

Think of it as evolution in action.

(Penguin as they'd probably eat them too.)

ITU signs off on H.265 video standard

Richard J

4K and 8K?

When did we change to measuring resolution horizontally instead of vertically?

2K and 4K UHDTV, surely.

Sky watchers prep for early 2013 asteroid fly-bys

Richard J

Re: wait isn't Apophis...

You are saying that Apophis was essentially like the 'hard man' down the pub. All talk and no action, who everyone laughed at? Guess that explains his total failure in Stargate then.

(It's the one with the Goa'uld symbiont stitched in to the back of the jacket , please.)

Richard J


Always preferred Footfall to Lucifer's Hammer, but then I've always been a fan of big space tech.

(Mine's the one with the boot in the pocket and the Fithp buying us drinks in the pub BTW.)

Pioneering spidernaut snuffs it after short Smithsonian stay

Richard J

Peter Parker

I wonder if she bit anyone before her untimely demise?

Mine's the one with the web spinners up the sleeves.

Yahoo! To! Sell! Home! Gene! Test! Kit! In! Japan!

Richard J


Gattaca isn't really SF any more is it? Interesting times...

Oldest unreadable alphabet yields to 'tablet' computer

Richard J

Re: Translation

I'm pretty certain that your translation is wrong.

From my knowledge of proto-Elamite*, the top image translates as "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike".

The bottom image translates as "You have been eaten by a grue"

*Mine's the one with the "proto-Elamite for beginners" tablet in the pocket.

Oregon farmer devoured by own hogs

Richard J

Re: Hogfather

Organleggers. Larry Niven wrote about this 40 years ago.

Downvote for the last paragraph though.

Mine's the one with the tasp in the pocket.

Curiosity photographs evidence of ancient streams on Mars

Richard J

Re: Are you sure this is Mars?

Pretty certain that this is actually a cropped photo of Lester's back yard. The original photo undoubtedly shows a JCB and a newly dug well in the background.

Richard J

Re: This shit blows my mind!

You are SarcasticRover and i claim my 5 Quatloos.

Shuttle Endeavour buzzes the Golden Gate Bridge

Richard J

Re: Pfft

I seem to remember watching a drama documentary where a spaceship did this. Didn't work out too well as I recall.

'World's first' dog to sniff out pilfered cabling is Brit black lab

Richard J


Are you sure that isn't the Essex lion on the second photo?