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Apple Vision Pro has densest display iFixit's ever seen, and almost-OK repairability

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F-35 Jet Fighter Helmet

Apple Vision Pro $3499 + AirPods Max $549 and you come close to a civil version of the $400k F-35 Jet Fighter Helmet

Tesla Cybertruck gets cyberstuck during off-roading expedition

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Re: Land Rover owners rejoicing

Regarding road whales ...

Give me the sensuality, the soft warm touch and future vision of the Range Rover design, hands down ( ooo thank you, thank you Mr. Massimo Frascella )

over that, that ... lifeless, cold, sterile, aggressive design of the Tesla Cybertruck. Just look at that windshield wiper, just look at it !!! man man ...

Frank Stephenson articulate it perfectly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjPi6Cn4D5M

Will anybody save Linux on Itanium? Absolutely not

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Raymond Chen reads TheRegister...


Windows Pinball on Itanium ...

Sorry Pat, but it's looking like Arm PCs are inevitable

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Re: Server market could switch from x86_64 easily

We could also argue that Microsoft is more and more a Linux shop/investor/enabler (surely with Azure and its services) and they are less and less focused in the windows part of their empire.

Oracle at Europe's largest council didn't foresee bankruptcy

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But but you forget to bring into account that as Stocks pointed out, the current Oracle system created " 27 additional jobs " and this just for the cash management module....

Microsoft’s Dublin DC power plant gets the, er, green light

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nuclear power plant

But like in the Nederland’s where used power of the cloud provides is approximately equal to the power of the installed wind mill park .. we are getting to an end and we need new solutions.

So that’s why I think in the next decade these mega cloud providers will have their own or shared nuclear power plants to power their mega farms.The minimal residue power will be sold against the actual power plant operators.

We already say that cloud service providers are utilities ...

The legation needs to be up do date to get these new players play save and see that incase the go broke .. that power plant still can be operated in a save way for the generations to come. (you can’t have a on/off switch at the reactor side). However I’m sure that with these new cloud players embracing the nuclear powerplant they will bring innovation, safety and shaper price also in these field.


and there is legit concern of https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/small-nuclear-power-projects-may-have-big-waste-problems-study-2022-05-31/

Microsoft kicks Calibri to the curb for Aptos as default font

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Re: Goodbye, good riddance

Helvetica is a big yes but my favorite is " Nokia Pure "

US watchdog grounds SpaceX Starship after that explosion

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Re: They may call it a success...

From my humble perspective it looks like (at least at this stage) that the option to go for an cluster of Raptors engines has the same outcome as the USSR had with the N1/L3 rocket in 1967.

Software issues cost Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess his job

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Expert in Burning Platform

Maybe Stephen Elop is the right guy for the job. He create a lot of customer and sharehoulders value...

Broadcom in talks to buy VMware: multiple reports

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Intel should buy it

I always found that Dell inc & VMware are satellites/creation of Intel.

Their (Dell-VMware) products, future visions are in my opinion articulated around Intel moves. (there is a reason VMware is late in the ARM world). I also think their culture are quite similar. Booth companies Intel - VMware could boost each other strength. Maybe the regulator(s) will say too much of monopoly risks ... but a Swiss vision and better integration of the different products / stacks could be a win win for the end customers small and big against the 3 massive cloud giants and Apple.

DARPA says US hypersonic missile is ready for real world

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Re: Sooo...

An under-lighted aspect of the hypersonic missile development is the chemistry of the propellent.

and maybe its on that aspect the Russians made the technology gap between us. The " speed " of the flame /reaction of that specific (synthetic ?) fuel mixture is key (even if you slow down the air in the chamber ) and that is really top notch chemistry. (maybe a topic the author can enlighten us more in a next article )

Nvidia outlines subscription-fueled journey to $1tr revenue

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Re: Paying $£¥€ to keep hardware I bought to keep doing what it did when I bought it

All that subscription sauce we are being served in the IT-hardware world at this moment is it a sign these OEM's are at a plateau of growing their customer pool and so the cost allocation is getting higher and higher ? Or are we getting to a technical plateau of the hardware (lithography, power, platform architecture, soft integration, …) ?

Or is the actual stuff just good enough for the foreseeable future and the new stuff is getting just too expensive to develop, produce for a shrinking customer pool who needs it and are willing to buy it because all heavy applications/work you just do it on a rented cloud service ... ?

Azure pulls in front of AWS in public cloud adoption

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AWS OfficeSuite

Is there a business case for AWS to bring its version/view of Microsoft Office 365 ( and CRM-ERP- HR ) to counter Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services or is there no business case for them to go in that market ? Will they need to first introduce there own browser based on Chromium ? If they do it lets hope its based/compatibel with LibreOffice ...

Microsoft poaches Apple chip expert for custom silicon

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Re: ARM on Azure and...

Wouldn't surprise me that the next version of Apple TV is a stealth Xbox, Play station.. with more than enough Umhp

and this in combination with a "clever/unique " interaction from Apple watch, phone, glasses and there different services it could result in a convincing product for the game box users and game studios to shift to Apple.

Amazon stretches working life of its servers an extra year, for AWS and its own ops

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Stupid question

At which point in the future does it make economic sense for AWS, Google, Microsoft, etc

to develop and/or operate there own mini, small nuclear power plants? Are there rumors of any plans ?

The amount of energy these players consume is crazy and still growing fast just as the rest of the market..

and actual supply has to be shared with other industries and end-users ...

and we are at the beginning of the EV-cars energy needs .

15 years ago non of these cloud-players where into developing and making there complete hardware stack form CPU to network gear ...

and now there the biggest server builders on the planet.

RISC-V CTO: We won't dictate chip design like Arm and x86

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Re: Industry work in Europe?

I guess Yes with the Finish project at the university of Tampere " SoC Hub-consortium "

and with some help of the Belgium Imec

take a look at => https://sochub.fi/

RISE with AWS? Adidas migrates SAP S/4 HANA to the fluffy white stuff, snubs SAP's lift-and-shift programme

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DB migration

Would be interesting to know on which database, data-warehouse even servers the actual SAP ERP ECC 6.0 environment is running on..

If its Oracle then that's again a big company which they lose to SAP and AWS ...

Zuck didn't invent the metaverse, but he's started a fight to control it

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Re: "a holographic interface for WebEx"

Amazing - Aerosmith (November 1993)


Amazing that after 28 it still a niche product .

Zuckerberg should have had the gallantry to invited Miss A. Silverstone to introduce that Metaverse concept of him with the song of Aerosmith on the background.

Xiaomi builds a robot dog out of smartphone cameras and an Nvidia edge AI board

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UPSTART Xiaomi , sarcasm ?

Can the register give their definition of what is an Upstart ?

Xiaomi is 10 years old

Revenue in 2020 US$43.36 billion

Number of employees: 22,074 (31 December 2020)

As Europe hopes to double its share of global chip production, Intel comes along with $20bn, plans for fabs

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Re: When they say EU

I guess and wish it will be in the city of Leuven (Flanders +Belgium) next to Imec and KU-Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven)

“Europe has two jewels,” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said in an interview in May. “One is ASML, the most advanced lithography, and the other is imec, the most advanced semiconductor research in the world.”


Micron announces EUV fabs by 2024 as it flogs Utah facility to Texas Instruments

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Motion control of the Optics

If you look how far we are in the motion controls, precision, speed, material knowledge etc of the optics in these Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Machines its crazy.

The register crew should make a article of that hidden tec

UK gets glowing salute from Bezos-backed General Fusion: Nuclear energy company to build plant in Oxfordshire

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Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion ...

Any news about Lockheed Martin compact fusion reactor? Did they made real progress with there prototype?


G7 nations aim for global 15 per cent tax on big tech and bin digital services taxes

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Where are the min taxes for NGO's & Religion corporations ?

Question ... how much fiscal engineering does an multinational retailer as Oxfam do ? At least I guess it receive a lot of local Tax money for its different local "noble" projects here and there ... It must be, other wise how can you pay the rent of all these shops in top places around the world and to pay all of its many many marketing campaigns for its political views ...

Who gave dusty Soviet-era spacecraft that unwanted lick of paint? It was an idiot, with a spraycan, in Baikonur

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Paris 1989


I saw the Buran in all its glory on a the back of the massive Antonov An-225 Mriya with open bay. And in my opinion when the USSR showed the Buran as an Technical-Might PR-stunt (after the withdrawal of Afghanistan) at Paris, they basically knew they lost the technical race.

It was in the suppliers halls of Le Bourget - that you could clearly see that the West was accelerating its technological advance on the USSR. The exposed USSR chips, e-card etc where clearly behind. And more importantly every Western supplier who exposed at the fair had to show they where already developing future parts on CAD-CAM stations. The Bull, Nixdorf, SUN, HP, Digital, SGI, etc station where on every corner. CAD/CAM was already a common tech in the western supply chain.

NON at the other side.

SAP community suggestions for on-prem database canned as app giant looks cloudwards

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Should be free

Call me naïve but if SAP really want to migrate there customers base to there SAP-Cloud

& take market share form others . Than shouldn’t the HANA DB be free if you migrate you’re MySAP, R3, SAP B1, etc to SAP Cloud?

That they ask extra for there cloud customer who still wants to use there SQL-server, DB2, Oracle .. databases I can get it.

But for me , moving to the SAP ERP in the cloud ... HANA DB should be free idem as OSX is free when you buy a Apple MAC. ( even with uprade etc )

Pat Gelsinger promises Intel can go back to the future – in memo to staff shared with world+dog

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Re: The time in now

Yep and in my humble opinion Intel should milk out the X86 platform

And surprise the world with a Intel range of top notch risc-v based system on a chip

Which are target at vertical market . (automotive, mobile, medical, etc)

with specific added modules like AI, GPU, integrated modems (give these specific add-ons modules a specific marketing name like they did with Core 3, 5 etc )

and start backing chips for OEMs like TSMC does for VW, Bosch, Nvidia, Sony, AWS, AZURE etc

Seagate says it's designed two of its own RISC-V CPU cores – and they'll do more than just control storage drives

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Re: No, this is the decline of x86

Micro Magic 64-bit RISC-V core broke that 5Ghz barrier I think


Honey, I shrunk the battery: Something's gotta give as iPhone 12's logic board swells to accommodate 5G chippery

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Infineon’s Wireless Solutions Business...

Any news when or not Apple will integrate there own develop G5 modem in there products or even in there SoC ?

That ex Intel-team must be working overtime to realise it (on the single chip and on software side) , No ?

Oracle adds Arm-powered servers with up to 160 cores to its cloud – must be why it sunk millions into Ampere

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Re: workloads that can thrive on modest resources

Isn't it because AMD cannot supply enough CPU's at actual time point?

There production capacity isn't that big to supply demand ... so if true

its makes sense that Oracle and other big players are using AMD only for low volume service/ products

Facebook apologizes to users, businesses for Apple’s monstrous efforts to protect its customers' privacy

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Re: I'm confused

Mr K. McCarthy should communicate which Coffee he is drinking.. I will buy a box or 2 of it

So darkly good ...

I enjoyed reading it and be informed

Nvidia may be mulling lopping Arm off Softbank: GPU goliath said to have shown interest in acquiring CPU design house

Porco Rosso

Re: What is the point ?

you have point

Porco Rosso

Re: What is the point ?

Isn't Bill Gates or Microsoft the biggest shareholder of Nvidia ?

so its basically Microsoft buying ARM ...

Nvidia is a better candidate than an Chinese state owned conglomerate.

even better would be a European private one (Nokia, Ericsson or the car boys Bosch, HERE! ) from my European point of view ..

for once we have a Jewel in IT better keep it ..

LibreOffice slips out another 7.0 beta: Spreadsheets close gap with Excel while macOS users treated to new icons

Porco Rosso

Any news of a Libre_mail client

Its nice to see them improve the suite and accelerate the development.

a big thank you.

but is there any news if they will develop/create/integrate an Outlook/Lotus Notes/Thunderbird/Zimbra alternative ?

I find it a big missing point in the suite.

It's only a game: Lara Croft won't save enterprise tech – but Jet Set Willy could

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Re: ZX Spectrum != Legacy corporate IT

Where is the time you bought a game-book in your local supermarket as a 9 year old ..

Type the code over and on your fathers ZX 81 and later his Amstrad or your uncles Commodore

To play that game ...

Atari was big no no for my parents

Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!?

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Re: Which is it

Apple should kick FB apps and the ones who use there service off there App Store for 2 months.

But Tim hans't the .... to do that.

and true more and more business users are sending enquiry's by Whatsapp ..

SPARCs fly as Oracle recharges Arm server processor designer Ampere with $40m

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end 2011 - Oracle Promises a terrific licking for 'Mister Blue'


or T5 & M5


I thought Sparc + Solaris servers main target was IBM System Z mainframes ecosystem...

and not X86 and Arm cloud infrastructure...

IBM struggles to sign up shipping carriers to blockchain supply chain platform – reports

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CMA CGM & MSC or in

The transport giants are in on the platform CMA CGM & MSC


Where there's a will, there's Huawei: US govt already eases trade ban with 90-day reprieve

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Captain Stephen on its ship to resceu Huawei

They should hire Mister Elop as ceo

He has a superb skill and leadership to do that job.

Volkswagen links arms with Microsoft for data-slurping cloud on Azure

Porco Rosso

The Digital CarPass

I truly hope VW gives owners of the car an option to permanently delete all these Services and to

to rip out these IOTA -tracking module and its local HD and WIFI uplink to Azure out of the car

and that we can still drive it ...

SAP hopes to blow the doors off Salesforce with a block of C/4HANA

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So Coresuite (from Coresystems) add-on for SAP Business One is also bought by SAP ?

Hubris, thy name is Oracle: So, cloud is still totally for nerds, right?

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So basically you can say that the cloud is already a de-facto monopoly ?

No 2017 bonus for you, HPE tells employees

Porco Rosso

Our employees are critical to HPE's success,

is this sarcasm ?

Tesla hits Model 3 production speed bumps, slides to loss

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Musk decission to skip "beta" production testing is a flop

Tesla computer simulations of production tools is a big flop,

and the rest of the industry is watching this test very very closely.

Guess they used Siemens PLM and had to skip the Official Beta production to keep the pyramid-game sorry Wall street going with the promise they would be ready with the Tesla 3 this year...

Musk has big balls to take this risk and he knows he can get a way with every fiasco and a lot of bullshit ... because of his Green guru status .

( they are now in Beta production => 250pieces / month and only for the employees of Tesla )


NASA lights humongous rocket that goes nowhere ... until 2019

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RS-25 turbo pump

has any one an idea how many liters per second the turbo pump of RS-25 pump ?

just as an order of grandeur ...


SAP Anywhere goes nowhere, reaches commercial cul-de-sac

Porco Rosso

migration to ...

the will try to sell SAP Business One ...

Apple's zippy silicon leaves Android rivals choking on dust

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Not a phone but an appliance

Apple is in this moment the best builder of an mobile computer appliance if you want it or not.

Sadly no comparison about this mobile pc's with ARM against mobile pc's with X86 cpu's ...

should be really interesting to see how close booth worlds are at this point...

HPE CEO Whitman says everything's 'on the right track' as sales are literally decimated

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Re: No HP in 5 years?

Cisco John Chambers predicted said it in 2014


And I guess IBM & HPE are the two who will be gone,

if you look how there respective Captains are steering and managing there Big Tankers to new harbours its crazy. They don't even now to witch harbours to go ...

Booth company's management are more busy to play the HedgeFunds game than to be 100% focused to transit there company and troops to the new IT reality.

If USA wants a say in 5G, Cisco HAS to buy Ericsson

Porco Rosso

Naivety agianst Chinese mercantilisme ...

" Huawei, which has Chinese government support and gains the lion’s share of Chinese contracts "

Like Chinese steel and aluminium etc etc

Promoting open market without strict control if we play by the same rules (like here in Europe) is stupidly naive and destroying allot of wealth creation...

And so the losers ( common people like me and you ) will go for politics who sings songs of the virtue of closed market ...

Yep in the Western World we are now at this point I guess ....

Cisco president: One 'hiccup' and 'boom' – AWS is 'gone'

Porco Rosso

is Cisco President reading Contra Corner or ZeroHedge ..?

M. David Stockman is telling it for more than a year and I think hey is correct.