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Elon Musk reveals Mars colony rocket capable of bringing pizza joints to the red planet

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Re: Fuel on Mars

"close to outright fraud"?

Please explain (remembering than SpaceX is a privately held company)

Watch: Nasty JPEG pops corporate locks on Windows boxes

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Re: What’s going on here?

It's on Vimeo not YouTube and I doubt the researcher was involved in the decision on how the web conference was to be recorded and eventually shared.

Amateur image-wrangler reveals stitched snap of Saturn's splendour

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my thoughts too, those cloud rings just look like bad quantization artefacts on the shading of a smooth sphere

Boffins spot LONE PLANET roaming interstellar void

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Re: Purely as an aside

I wouldn't call a button that requires an entire page reload "inline". How about some ajax?

Chinese PLA soldiers 'mastermind cyber-espionage Cold War'

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Re: Not sure I buy it, but...

How about:

4) Based on the the total number of ip addresses in the world .ru and .cn are bigger numbers just due to population.

Just because you only saw one scan from .ad doesn't mean that Andorrans are somehow cleaner than the rest of us


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